Cheese takes a while.

You gotta age it.

Been a while since I posted a something here, and I can assure you that this post is likely to be pure cheese.

Aged of course.

For some reason, WordPress keeps unfollowing me from my friend RooBeeDoo’s blog. One day I’m following her blog, the next day not. Have no idea why it keeps doing this so I thought I’d pop over to my own WordPress blog and see if I could see what is up with that. WordPress doesn’t seem to be automatically unfollowing me from other blogs as far as I know, so the next logical step seemed to be to check my account.

Interestingly enough, when I started checking my many thousands of followers (10 to be exact, and 2 of those are very recent) I discovered that WordPress was showing that I was not following some of these blogs that I know for a fact that I am indeed following. Or was at some point.

To complicate matters further, if I go to a blog that I know I was previously following, and the little thing on the bottom right shows up as “follow blog” or whatever, I can refresh the page and that little control will change from “follow” to “following”. Weird.

On top of all of that, many of these blogs appear to have their own “cookie notification” pop-up, and I must accept the cookie policy in order to see the “follow/following” control because it is hidden behind the cookie policy pop up.

Seems kinda weird that I should have to accept a separate cookie policy agreement for every…single…WordPress blog.

All that said, it appears that WordPress has some weird bug or something were blogs you follow are not always showing up as if you are following them, even tho you are…except not. I know that Roob’s blog is kicking me off somehow because I don’t get email notifications when she’s made a new post, and Bogdan’s blog was also showing that I was not following it, but I’ve been getting email notifications like clockwork. The only different being that when I refreshed Bogdan’s blog, the status changed from “follow” to “following”.

I’ve taken the time to point this out because you WordPress users may want to start keeping a better eye on both your followers and those you follow. If you start losing followers and/or you start to notice you are no longer following blogs you were previously following, and your first inclination is that “WORDPRESS IS UP TO SHENANIGANS AGAIN!”…well, that may be so but maybe just via some bug they haven’t fixed yet or perhaps some bug they are unaware of. Or, maybe, yeah, shenanigans of some kind. /shrug

Erring on the side of caution is usually the smart move.

^Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman – I Like To Move It (Official Video)^

There’s indeed a lot of weird shit going on currently with “social media”. Hell, just the other day, Twitter got banned from Nigeria.

rofl…Twitter…got banned…by Nigeria. The entire country banned Twitter. Twitter appears to have deleted a tweet by the President of Nigeria, so Nigeria retaliated by banning the entire Twitter service from the whole country. (sure is gonna put a damper on those Nigerian confidence schemes, yeah?) 😉

Twitter then proceeded to complain about being banned from Nigeria, which makes the whole damn thing even more funny, because Twitter has somewhat of a reputation for deleting tweets and banning accounts with impudence. Not sure how accurate that is, but they do appear to engage in some quite hefty account pruning from time to time where shitloads of accounts will simply vanish.

To be fair to Twitter tho, people do have a tendency to have more than one Twitter account. Some individuals actually have many Twitter accounts, and maybe even hundreds of accounts. They use these accounts for all sorts of purposes from a shade naughty to downright nefarious. Point being, don’t be doing anything you shouldn’t be, and you’ll probably be relatively safe from being banned or silenced or whatever on Twitter. Maybe stop trying to stack the deck in order to have a bigger footprint/bigger impact and maybe stop trying to make yourself look like something you aren’t, and just maybe you won’t have to suffer the wrath of the liberal Twitter banhammer.

I mention all this simply because, in these strange times of ours, WordPress appearing to automatically unfollow me from my friend’s blog repeatedly is a shade suspicious. I’m not an active WordPress blogger*, I don’t have very many followers on WordPress, I don’t follow very many blogs on WordPress (even tho I do read a lot of WordPress blogs), so I could assume that I might be flagged in some way as a potential “trouble-maker” type account. Meaning, I don’t really contribute to the WordPress community, I’m not out banging the drum for WordPress and its services nor its blogs and bloggers, so I could be viewed by them as a kind of “what in the hell is that guy doing utilizing our services when he’s not actually utilizing our services?” kind of thing.

*I actually am an active WordPress blogger, just not on my own blog. I have written almost 200 blog posts for The Library of Libraries, so yeah, I am indeed an active part of WordPress, just not here on my own blog. 😉

I can understand some of these services being a bit paranoid. Or even being quite confident in their decision making yet appearing paranoid or erratic to the general public because these services are making decisions based upon information the general public is unlikely to have access to nor even would the general public understand it even if they did have access to it. To relate, you do certain things in your life based upon information that only you have. Hence, you make a very intelligent decision that appears completely insane to others for the simple fact that they do not have all of the same metrics that you do. Companies are the same way. They have private information, usually referred to as: “proprietary”, and they don’t release this information because it’s their private stuff and they don’t have to tell you. Some might, but don’t count on it because it may potentially be a can of worms they don’t want to open for a myriad of reasons. Discretion potentially being at least one of them, but yeah more likely proprietary stuff.

As to whether a lot of this crap is nefarious or not?


I can look at history and take a guess tho.

^The Hustle / VAN McCOY / Dance / Perfume^

The first thing I noticed on popping over to check my account was that I haven’t posted anything here in almost a year.


Not that I’ve ever really used this blog much, but…damn. A year? Has it really been that long?

My main thought was centered around the fact that I only created a WordPress account under the auspices that I would use it to help my friend when she was having difficulty with the WP editor or a post or whatever. Not that my friend is a dope or anything, because she’s actually extremely smart, but I do have a technical background and anytime that she has a problem I figure I could go in and tinker around with the editor and maybe help her out a bit whenever she’s having a problem.

As such, only 17 blog posts have been made here.

Not that I ever really figured to be making a great number of blog posts here, but what kinda got me to thinking this morning was…damn, been a year since I tinkered around at WordPress?

They must be doing something right.

I haven’t had to troubleshoot a problem for my friend in quite some time. So the only possibilities are, either my friend has become so wizard that she no longer requires assistance, or maybe WordPress has gotten to the point to where their editor/service has so matured that problems are the exception and not the rule.

Of course, I must entertain that both may be possible.

She’s smart, they’re smart, everyone is a fucking wizard.

Of course, I have to keep in mind tho, that the only reason I popped by today was because WordPress appears to have an issue that either 1) they are unaware of, or 2) no one is talking about.

I guess we’ll see yeah?

^E.L.O (Electric Light Orchestra) – Don’t Bring Me Down^

c Y a




^2 Many Dj’s – Satisfaction In Da Club^

P.S. – I have no idea what is going on with the WordPress editor. They seem to have made it damn near impossible to embed images without the images getting wonky af.

I Feel Like Doing THIS…Gonna Do THIS Instead

June 6th came, June 6th went.

I didn’t see a single mention of Operation Overlord until June 7th.

It’s now June 11th, so I guess none of it matters much now.

^Front 242 – Happiness (Dub Mix by Underworld)^

Don’t you DARE contradict them…

My bad….don’t you FUCKING dare contradict them.

My guess is that they’ve been labeled autistic, they’ve labeled themselves trans, and they don’t like that some people don’t like these labels and maybe also tend not to like the people these labels are attached to. Ultimately, it would appear they don’t like that people have their own likes and dislikes. #JKR is in there somewhere. Also Australia. And people in Australia who standing with #JKR and her recent Twitter comments.

Holy shit…what a tangled mess.

^Depeche Mode John The Revelator HD^

This tweet is kinda weird because of the name

“The scary trans the media told you to be afraid of”

Is saying…what? The media is both lying and telling the truth at the same time? Monsters are real?

So confused…I am.

^Егор Летов – Товарищ Горбачёв^

This thing is gonna be short. Started it the other day just to see if I could even make/edit posts here on WordPress anymore.

Both WordPress and Blogger are touting “new editors are coming”, and I get the feeling that one, and maybe both, may prevent me from posting for a while. Until I can get a new computer at least.

But, for the time being, the digital slum-lords are allowing me to continue to live here. And there. Dual citizenship.


And I’m still writing from time to time on The LoL.

I get around.

^Baxter Dury – Slumlord (Official Music Video)^





^David Bowie – Rebel Rebel^


After being completely unable to access WordPress for the past few weeks, I can now get back in. Lucky you. 😛

Most of my writing is done over at my Blogger blog or at The Library of Libraries. But still, nice to have this additional outlet. I’ve nothing against WordPress, it’s just kinda…weird.

I had all but given up hope. Fortunately for me, a certain someone made a tweet a little while ago, and she was talking about the fact that she had not disabled comments on her blog. My immediate impulse was to bop over to WordPress and see if maybe I could see why comments are showing as closed on her blog. BUT WAIT!!! I can’t troubleshoot the issue because WordPress hates me. /le sigh

Being the tenacious fucker that I am, gave it a shot anyway…AND BOOM!!! Here I am.

Now all I gotta do is see if I can figure out why a WordPress blog might be showing comments are closed, when in fact the site owner wants comments to be open.

Oh, and it’d be damn nice to figure out why I am no longer able to click “like” on comments on WordPress blogposts. I can slap a like on the blogpost itself, but I cannot like comments made on WordPress posts. A weird problem to be sure, but I know that I am not the only one that has encountered this issue. Prolly some weird WordPress logic for moderating comment-related content/interactions that is completely b0rked.

Anyway, I hope that you’ve had a wonderful weekend, be sure to check out mine and RooBeeDoo’s “30-Day Music Challenge” posts over at the LoL, and a special hello to my two new followers here on The Unseen Synchro-WP. Howdy to you and the other few who for some reason choose to endure my various spiritual and other assorted nonsense types of meanderings.



^Mango – Friday Coffee (Paul Keeley Remix)^

Coup Laid



Ya know, I really don’t know what I’m doing here.

Do I have a WordPress account? Yes.

Do I use my WordPress account? Not really. It’s primarily for emergency use only. I created a WordPress account so that I could troubleshoot WordPress issues when my friend and co-worker RooBeeDoo was/is having issues. Maybe utilize WordPress in a remote way to give remote assistance to my remote friend. See what she is seeing. But you know what? Roob has not complained about WordPress in quite a while.

Do I have a problem with WordPress? Not really, no. Google provides me with a free email account. In fact, I have quite a few GMail accounts, have had them for years, so why not show a little loyalty/customer appreciation if Google offers their own free blogging service? Google has given me something, give something back. As long as the damn thing does what I need it to do, no real reason for me to use WordPress…right? That is of course, unless I’m a writing snob and WordPress is filled with writing snobs, in which case I might wanna turn my nose up at Blogger and use WordPress.

Do I write WordPress blog posts? Well, yes…kinda. Have written damn near 150 blog posts that were posted on a WordPress blog over the past few years. The blog in question is not mine tho. Belongs to someone else who asked if I’d like to write blog posts for her blog, and her blog is a WordPress blog, so yeah…WordPress, I have no problem with it.

We’ve come full circle in the internal information loop.


Q: What am I doing here on Monday 25 November 2019 writing a blog post on my WordPress blog?

A: Not a fucking clue.

Had an urge, here I am.

^Front 242 – Official Version – 02 – Rerun Time^


Not even been here in months. So why, when reading my Blogger stats this morning, did I have a sudden urge to not just and only pop by WordPress, but to come here for the specific purpose of writing a blog post? More than that, do you the reader care? You may care about your own impulses, but not mine.

And no, I did not get laid last night. Just been thinking about kool-aid the past few days.

Kool-aid and the people that drink it.

What’s the generic term for kool-aid? Flavored drink? Artificially fruit-flavored drink?

“Drinking the Kool-Aid” is usually associated with the Jonestown Massacre.


Jonestown – Deaths In Georgetown

K, so, yeah, I have some ideas about maybe why I’ve been thinking about kool-aid, and the need(s) for it to not only exist, but exist in some different flavors/flavours. But no, why I felt the urge to write about it here at WordPress…no idea.

Lets share the kool-aid I’m thinking of after a break, courtesy of Mac DeMarco.

^Mac DeMarco // “Ode to Viceroy” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)^


Coupla days ago, did a search on YouTube for “documentaries” (without quotes), and stumbled onto a video about the above topic(s). Had never heard a name nor names for the phenomenon, but I instantly knew what they were likely going to talk about, and that was “connecting/reconnecting with the planet we live on”. The fact that they’ve give it a name and/or names? Yeah, kinda heartbroken a bit, but I understand why they might try and label it. Might even understand why they’d try and package it. Maybe even why they’d try and sell it. The problem is, whoever these people aren’t going to be the only interested parties.

Mineral Wells, Texas

Fort Worth Stockyards


Lithia Water

Crazy Water

Crazy Water

Acqua Pazza (Food)


Lithium (Medication)

Lithium Toxicity

Lithium-Ion Battery

Snake Oil


Grounding (Metaphysics)

Ground Loop (Electricity)

Ground (Electricity) (Redirected from Earthing)






What Do Doctors Do When They Have No Idea What’s Wrong With You

When Doctors Don’t Know What’s Wrong

“Nutric People:” How to Recognize and Attract Them

5 Awful Lessons I Learned Living With a Mystery Illness


Now that we’ve got a base in basis, Here’s the documentary.

Oh, and if you are wondering what’s up with all the contextual references? Welp, if you want a picture, I suggest you paint one. We’re dealing with picture puzzles here, not necessarily pictures. Not to mention, there’s likely to be some scars and scarring.

Was is was, and that’s all was is anymore. Sorry. 😦

^The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding (full documentary)^

Le sigh. Lots of good stuff in there, but yeah…le sigh. Why am I sad? Easy, the process is the important part, and not the people. The process has already become so important, that only the message matters.

  1. Get in line
  2. Pick up the product
  3. Now, get lost.

Someone found the well, gave the well a name, the contents are being packaged in a coll and slick way, distributed, and no one gives two fucks about the consumer. Well, cept the happy ones. I saw only believers and converts in the documentary. And for a documentary of only 1 hour and 15 minutes, it’s a pretty goddamn short documentary. Seems like there should be at least some real estate in there for the negative side(s).

Wait…the believers and converts in this case ARE the negative side(s). It’s the positive ones that were in no way, shape or form, given any representation. How bout that eh? Might come back to bite the filmmakers down the road. Just sayin’. Just digressin’.

I’ve been on this exact path for about 11 years now. Yes, grounding. Or earthing. Or grounding/earthing. Or whatever in the fucking fuck. Just call the goddamn thing “SO” for “shoes off” or something. Don’t make the implication that people are required to purchase gadgetry for their homes and elsewhere in order to participate. And yeah, I’m talking about those grounding pads for the bed and floor, plus whatever all that other stuff was that they were hooking up to people’s hands. No direct mention that you needed to buy these things, but there sure as shit was a lot of allusion to the fact that you needed to get some. Only one mention of “free” in the whole goddamn doc, although I admit that there was also allusions to simply taking your shoes off and/or rolling around in the grass naked.

If you haven’t guessed by now, yes, I’m looking for kinks in the armor. That’s my job. Find weakness(es), and explore them. Wring it out. Put my own ass on the line to test and try. Do everything I can to break the fucker in any and every possible and conceivable way. This ain’t a popularity contest. Not for me it ain’t.

^Gary Numan – Metal^

Would really cool to know why in the hell YouTube videos show up so fucking huge on my WordPress blog. My guess is that it’s the template that I use, but even then, seems like WordPress would want whatever wrapper they are using to embed the videos to have some maximum sizes that are a little more…less large.

That’s another reason I don’t use WordPress more. I selected my template, customized it, and I don’t want to change it. Everything I’ve written up to this point was written with this template in mind, and any changes I make to it may make all the old posts look even shittier than they already do.

Maybe someday I’ll look into it further, but previous searching and searches as to what makes the videos so large + what makes the videos break the tables on the comment? Not much luck. In fact, no luck at all other than maybe the template.

Q: Why would WordPress offer a template they they know breaks tables in the comments?

A: ???

Just thinking out loud.

^Sheppard – Geronimo^

You, as a person with an illness that is looking for help? You’re gonna have to do some soul searching. If you’re wanting some magic pill to cure you just so you can get back to your normal life, you’re possibly going to be disappointed. That life is changed, and may even be gone completely. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything, but we are talking about grounding here. Being grounded means a lot more than just taking your shoes off. You’re going to need be grounded in all kinds of ways. There are going to be many people who are somewhat less than thrilled with your “miraculous” recovery. They’ll have questions. Doubt(s). Suspicion(s). Perhaps even jealousy. Contempt. They may even come to revile you and your new life. Wonder not only how this has happened, but also “why now?” You’ve gained something, but they’ve lost something, and got nothing but you in return. And it’s a new you at that. That old you is gone. Lemme splain.

You get sick, and those around you are gonna have to make adjustments to their own lives in order to accommodate an illness they themselves do not have, except via you. You, are their illness. They may not be able to do things they are used to doing. When you find your “cure”, you are likely going to have feelings of hope that only you have. You’re going to have difficulty sharing your newfound optimism and hope. Like a happy new convert, you are going to have a light about you that others are simply not going to understand because they’ve not had the same experience you did. You are new. They, haven’t changed a bit. Cept for upending their entire life to care for you. Now you’re healed, and they are broken.

May I suggest you err on the side of caution.

Not trying to be a downer, just trying to say that there are unlikely to be people around you that understand…erm…”miraculous” types of things in the same way and ways that you do. You may even have some insider type of information that you personally understand, but you cannot explain it. Not yet anyway. There’s only the obvious, and “the obvious” is likely mysterious and perplexing to all involved. Give yourself, and those around you some time. Or not. Whatever. It’s your life, and you know it best. Just trying to point out that being found isn’t always the greatest of things. You’ve got to answer the “now what?” and “what now?” kinds of questions that will come up again and again as you assimilate into this new existence of yours.

You, may feel like Forrest Gump exploding out of leg braces and racing around like a manic because you can.

Others, are on the sidelines watching you run.

Food for thought.

^Sublime – Santeria Lyrics^

The only thing that was wrong with them, was you.

Pretty sobering thought eh?

Welp, grounding means you wanna be grounded right? Give some thought to relating, and how to relate to those around you. Individuals, groups, individual groups, groups of individuals, and back to the individual. Keep it whole, break it down, keep it whole. Shouldn’t be too much of a stretch seeing as how you’ve likely got all kinds of relationships, and those relationships vary in their scope(s). You may lick your partner’s no-no bits, but you prolly are not licking any of your friends and co-workers’ no-no bits. I dunno, maybe you do. People are weird.

Sounds coarse right? That’s something else to keep in mind…not all lanes on the same highway are actually the same. Origins differ. Destinations differ. The vehicles we operate, and how we operate them also differ. Weather conditions differ. All types, and all sorts, headed more or less in the same direction, all with different intents and purposes.

Some of us are A to B travelers.

Some of us are driving instructors.

Some of us are tourists.

Some of us are law enforcement.

Some of us are critics.

Some of us are passengers.

Some of us are road workers.

Some of us are highwaymen.

Regarding your “light” or your “glow”? Don’t sweat it too much. Even our Sun/Sol has minimums and maximums. Not to mention that it rises and sets. Just because your light dims, doesn’t mean the fucking thing is going out. Don’t be too hasty in throwing coal on the fire just because the room has gotten a little chilly. Everything is a process. Be mindful of others, listen and learn, but never forget who you are doing all this for.


Pretty sobering thought, eh?


^Muse – Madness^

You’re looking for a way to snort as much cocaine as you want, without dying.

Good luck with that.

You want to know how you can bang as many people as you can, consequence free.

Be sure and not let me know about what you don’t find.

Last Saturday, I drank 19 beers. Yes, 19. I can drink more. Have drank more. But you know what? Pretty sure that was only the 3rd time I’ve drank at all during the entire course of 2019. Each of us have tolerances, and those tolerances of what we can tolerate and how much vary from person to person. I know, I know, I’m stating the obvious here, right? I’m observing without actually contributing anything.

The Dose Makes The Poison

You don’t have to be forgiving when people are irritating little imps. But I think it important that you maybe take a moment to think about some of your own prejudices and predispositions. Your programming, and especially your previous programming. You, are about to be contacting a planet that you may have lost touch with in some ways that you’ve not previously even remotely considered. For example…


Trombiculidae (Redirected from Chiggar)





Feces (Redirected from Dog Shit)


Cat Communication-Scent (Redirected from Cat Urine)


The Crazies



Passive Smoking

Allergic Rhinitis (Redirected from Grass allergy)

Toxicodendron Radicans (Redirected from Poison Ivy)

Poison Oak











Air Pollution

Noise Pollution

Light Pollution

Trespass To Land

Mineral Rights

Eminent Domain



Mass Psychogenic Illness (Redirected from Mass Hysteria)


You hadn’t forgotten about all that shit, right? There’s a lot more, and I can keep going if you need me to. 😛

The question now becomes…

Q: What are you gonna do?

A: ? !!! ☠ !!!?

Yeah, once you are out there…what are your intentions. How are you really gonna react the unknown and its unknowns. You gonna storm out into the wild, ready to ground and be grounded, ready for some healin’,  get bit by an ant, and kill the thing because it mistook you for a discarded ham sandwich? Gonna be swatting every mosquito that bites you? You’re invading their territory, and they’re just as much of a creation of nature as you, so…whatcha gonna do? Given that any thought? They got a right to live, you’re leaving your territory and invading theirs because you are a sickly parasite looking only for some healing so you can carry on with your selfish life of constant consumption and capitalistic consumerism…so…





Going outside to get grounded and get healed, only to go on a murderous rampage among the natives…might…just might, have some…effects, on the grounding process.

Healing, and peace, ain’t the same fucking things, nor are you likely to find one where you found the other. One concept might give you a course heading as to where the other concept can be found, but likely some traveling to be done in order to wherever that is. Sure as shit ain’t likely to be here tho.

Maybe a little tiddying along the way? Ya know, like, to pass the time.

^Skinny Puppy – Dogshit^



It takes all types.

Which are you?



May wanna give some thought as to whether you’re outside to convalesce, or conquer.

^Creed – Higher (Official Video)^

Was just talking to the person that I watched this grounding video with, and mentioned that one of the first things that struck me when I started being more mindful of my feet? The epidermis, and how very little of it actually every contacts our planet.

The bottoms of our feet.

A few square inches of our hands.

A couple square kilometers of our asses. (depending on how large yours is of course)

You can lay on your back, lay on your front, walk around, roll around, try however you may, but only a small portion of your body will ever actually contact the surface of our planet. Yes, you can submerse yourself in water, bury yourself in snow, go cave exploring, go skydiving, even take one of those mud-bath types of things…but it ain’t the same. Not the same thought as being completely and totally in contact with the Earth/Terra.

Any idea as to maybe why?

I'm positive, that my negativity, is equally important.

Beyond that. not sure what to tell you.

^Imagine Dragons – It’s Time^

Results may vary. Me? I’m going all the way. From shitstorm to sunshine, I’m all in.

But I’m in a position to do that. I have pretty much nothing and no one, so I personally can go all the way.

Most people have jobs and stuff. Families. Friends. Hopes and dreams A life.

I kinda do to, but mine’s a little different.

Similar not same.

If you’re looking for a seeker of Truth/seekers of Truth? You’re barking up the wrong tree here.

No truth to be found here.

Just honesty.

I may be lying about that.

Honestly, I may be lying about that.


^twenty one pilots: Holding On To You [OFFICIAL VIDEO]^

Not everyone has feet.

Even those that do, they may have feet that don’t work like yours.

Some cannot see.

Some can see, but not see color(s).

Some cannot hear.

Some can hear, but cannot hear well.

Some have bodies that appears to move of its own free will.

Some have bodies that won’t move at all.

Be mindful.

Travel well.

Be safe.

And speaking of being mindful, right now, as I write this, a someone I know is laying in a coma in a hospital not far from here. Been there for about a week now. Maybe some good thoughts there way will not go amiss.

Prayers, good thoughts, good karma, whatever.


One last thing for those who’ve made it this far.

Q: What did you think about that first image in the post?

A: More importantly, what did you think about that second image in the post?

Perspective changes over time.

A simple scroll of the wheel on your mouse, and VOILA! The mystery is revealed.

Mystery = SOLVED! Next?





^The Cleverlys – Loser (Beck Cover) [Official Video]^

The Need To Zero


Hello there.

I hear tell that WordPress has a new editor…or says RooBeeDoo.


Yep…looks like a new editor is gonna up level me into another dimension.

The thing is, it looks like I have to make a conscious decision to use this new up editor.


Why is it that no one ever wants to level down?

Going down can be fun…in the right company of course.

^Netsky – Memory Lane^

As stated previously, someone has mentioned to me in passing that there is a new editor here, and my first reaction was to rush over here and make a post to see what’s up. However, it appears that you must make a conscious decision to use this new editor. The hair on my neck is already wanting to stand up, and likely would stand up were I not such a hairy motherfucker.

When I announced my intentions, Roob stated that the new editor “would be perfect for my style of writing”. When she said that, what immediately popped into my head was “blocky”. Segmented. Anyway, even tho I don’t recall her specifically saying she was having issues, she sounded a bit as if maybe she was indeed having some issues with the new editor, had made mention that the new editor appeared to be geared perfectly for missives, so I asked her if she wanted a new whatever. She said yes, requested “a convo”, and so I banged one out for her. I kept it short. Short is my middle…well, yeah that. If there’s one thing I can do, it’s short.

Sent that over to her yesterday, and incidentally, she just DM’d me on Twitter and said the new post is ready. She also mentioned that “this took a bit of time to do”. Rut roh.

Oh FUCK!!! It just occurred to me, that if #WordPress has upgraded their editor, Roob is likely no longer able to switch back and forth between her old old editor and the new old editor. Oh shit…she’s prolly gone and lost a lot of functionality she relies upon.


^Kove – Tonight^

Here’s the new post…

- - - \ / - - - \ / - - - \ / - - - \ / - - -

Missive From ‘Merica: Editor!

- - - / \ - - - / \ - - - / \ - - - / \ - - -

I’ve not even looked at the new post yet, but…

A) It sounds as tho she had a rough go of it, and

B) it sounds as tho once you “try” the new editor, there is no going back.

Now, to be fair, I don’t know if she was talking about her losing her old old editor, or if she meant that once you “try” the new new editor that you are stuck with it. I guess I’m about to find out.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I’m gonna write a bit more before starting a new post with the new new editor. I just figure that the new new editor would automatically open when I started a new post, but it didn’t happen that way. As a result, I’m going to open a post that has been sitting in my drafts folder for the past 4 months, then see what happens when I try and edit something using the new editor, that was originally created in the old editor. I wanna be as thorough as I can. 🙂

^Sigma – Slow Down (ft. Jetta) (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)^

Frank Davis has a new post up today, and I didn’t get very far before I had to stop.

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Soft Fascism

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“Soft” fascism. Le yikes. I hate shit like this. It reminds me of getting a spanking when I was a kid, and my parents saying to me “Oh quit your crying!!! It doesn’t hurt that bad!!!” Oh yeah? Gimme that belt and lemme whack the fuck out of you with it 20/30 times and then lemme hear your opinion as to what is/is not hurt. I think parents sometime forget just how painful pain is. I wonder if people can forget how painful a type of government is, and especially a certain type of government under a certain regime? Supposedly, Democrats love America, but hate Trump. So maybe it’s not that you mind sailing on the Titanic as much as it’s that you care who the captain is.

The first thing that popped into my head upon actually starting to read the post was, wait…if you were a young person looking for a principle to guide you on your path, and you chose Conservative, that would mean that you’d chosen to stay right where you already are…no real path to follow there. Conservative means that you rarely go anywhere, you rarely do anything, and even when you do, you don’t go far and/or don’t do much. But that’s when it really hit me. Conservatives are primarily concerned with the preservation of things as they are. However, in practice, Conservatives tend to think that virtually anything and everything is broken and needs fixing. Well, anything and everything that isn’t them. See, Conservatives are already perfect, so they themselves and their constituents are fine and dandy. You’re a broke-assed piece of shit who needs to either convert…or perish. You want things to stay the same? All you need to do, is change.

All that aside, I’ve never really thought about a political ideology as being reflective of motion. Maybe I’m not wording or expressing that correctly. Let’s put it like this, if you are a kid who likes to have weekends off? Don’t be a Christian. You’ll be at church most of the day Sunday, if you aren’t at church you are forbidden from doing anything, and if you’re like me, much of Saturday will be chores or some kind of family something. Using that same logic, if you want to go places, Conservatism is likely not for you. Of course, I don’t really see Liberalism being any different as they also want to stay exactly where they are, and think you and everyone else should too. Misery loves company I guess.

Just seems to me that trying to sub-qualify something that is already more or less well formed? Kinda…dodgy.

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We like to zero things. Gives us a better indication as to where we stand at any given moment. Of course, I’m wondering if a static representation of a dynamic really can be considered zeroed. Approximated maybe, but certainly not zeroed. And I guess what I’m thinking here is primarily metrics. Let’s use that famous one as a base.

E = MC²

K…so…we’ve us a static equation. Mass and TSOL are dynamic. Perhaps TSOL is a shade more static here than elsewhere, but it’s still dynamic. Especially when you start tinkering with it.

That’s just one example.

Those are a few more examples of how light prolly doesn’t forever and always travel at the same speed. That said, there’s also things to consider like proximity and direction. Plus, does anyone give a shit as to the speed(s) darkness moves at? Anyway, we’ve got our equation (E = MC²) that allows us to more or less zero something under a certain set of circumstances. Ironically, a Tweet just popped up on my feed as I was writing this…

Teach principles not formulas.

Richard Feynman

Thanks for the help dude.

Q: Do darkness and light move at equal speeds? Maybe more or less equal speeds?

A: ?¿? ¿?¿

Maybe they sometimes move at equal speeds opposite eachother. Prolly some lensing going on there, and prolly some velocity and angular adjustments as they move to and from eachother and/or become entangled based on some relative path. Think of tides maybe. Thant’s kind what I’m thinking about as I picture the sun, moon/stars and light/darkness rising and setting. /shrug

^Dimension – Techno^

Why do intelligence agencies only focus on threats and/or threat assessments? Seems to me, that with access to all of that information, you’d eventually start seeing some stuff other than just and only what is/is not dangerous to national security.

Speaking of which, anyone ever heard of something along the lines of a submariners code? If that rings any bells with you, I won’t have to explain what it is.

Just thinking about about channels and channeling, pathways that information travels upon…shit like that.

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Ya know, we’ve gotten a fuckton of rain so far here this fall. I wonder if water in the soil is responsible for some of the temperature regulating processes, and if so, is a higher water concentration in the soil more likely to keep the ground cooler in winter? If so, will that be more likely to make the ambient air temperature warmer or cooler? Lots of cyclical considerations I would imagine. I read something recently that said there are currently almost no sunspots on the sun, and that was projected to make this winter colder than normal. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but what about the southern latitudes? I mean, it’s spring there. Is it gonna be colder there as well? Or warmer. And is that only on land? Or at sea as well.

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Yeah, some people/groups need to zero anything and everything.

Think I’ll zero this post and go do something quasi-constructive-ish.

I’ll zero that too.

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The Pay Tree Arc

Yep…prolly gonna be a May Tree Arc down the road somewhere.

We’ll likely support any structure that supports us.

We’re likely to support that and those structures to the bitter end.

It’s at this point, that we will begin to improvise.

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Google is encouraging me, and I guess everyone else, to celebrate something called Pride Month. Pride Month appears to have it’s own hashtag, cleverly called #ThisIsFamily. They also have a link to a page that depicts some wacky construct construed as a family, but flies under a different banner.

Google Pride

So we’ve got Pride Month, ThisIsFamily, and Google Pride. Sounds like a flow chart. Not only does it sound like a flow chart, it sounds vaguely similar to…SoPi-H.

->Pride Month = Fuzzy, Vague, Overlap, Mysterious, Leading, “a rabbit to chase” of sorts.

->ThisIsFamily = Focused, Pointed, Direct, “Look Here” kinds of thought, representative via representation(s), tangible.

->Google Pride = Focused yet Fuzzy/Fuzzy yet Focused, it is what it is, take it or leave it, “the messenger” kind of vibe, more reflective of the viewer than what is being viewed.

Gotta have connections in order to be connected, and gotta have systems and flows to have connections/be connected. So I see a bunch of charts, spreadsheets, dry-erase boards, lots of circles, squares, lines, and explanatory text(s)…blueprints.

It must get confusing when mechanical things and the mechanics they provide help us to work through less tangible things. We look at these mechanical things and marvel at how they helped us to work through our issues, and can prolly even become somewhat dependent upon them to further define and describe our lives. I mean, after all, they were the missing link(s)…right? They are the bridge that helped us span these otherwise impassable and/or uncrossable obstacles?

Q: Where were you going?

A: !!!

Yeah…before you needed that bridge, where were you headed?

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I’ve been a bit depressed lately, and I really don’t care who knows it.

Wait…no one knows I’ve been depressed…except….ME!


Welp, that’s one issue solved!

Depression = GONE! Next!


(le sigh)

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What is the point of tags? What is their function?

So lets us assume, that there is a more or less hidden dynamic to The Universe that is completely out of kilter and/or out of synch with the rest of our universe. It is as much a part of our universe as anything else, but it is for the most part “off-limits” due to it’s conflicted nature that more or less opposes anything and everything that we know and/or most of what we can understand. That sounds like two things to me, and in no particular order…

  1. Hell
  2. Antimatter

Something to keep in mind regarding chaos, or those things that seem chaotic, and that is that within the realm(s) of chaos…”antimatter” is matter and “matter” is antimatter. Or in reality, is that even close to correct? We stand rather firmly planted on one side of the fence or the other, while dabbling in the bits from the other side, so to assume that there are constants from a different perspective seems to ignore a few things. Time being a biggie.

I’m thinking more physics here than metaphysics. But that’s because I personally make no distinction between the two. They are the same fucking thing up until someone else wanders into the equation and starts discussing their own viewpoints and distinctions. It’s been my experience that with respect to physics/metaphysics, most people prefer one side or the other …a level of removal… so to speak. I make no such distinction(s).

(cept when and where I have to…so yeah…I guess I do make such distinctions)


^Blondie – 06.I Know But I Don’t Know^

So what are some “constants” that can change over time? Let’s take a gander at that tree up there. You think that tree popped out of its seed holding a smoke and a beer? Or was this particular tree’s slide into depravity a gradual thing based on time(s) and experience(s) over time.

Ya know, the more I look at that pic, the more the eye on the right starts to look like a duck or horse’s head, and the more the one on the left looks like some serpentine sea creature swimming upwards from the depths of the abyss. Digress.

In terms of “the sun”, it shines on us every single day. In some parts of the world during certain parts of the year, the sun shines all day every day. But for some people, that’s not good enough. We want that same power, and we want it when we want it, and where we want it, how we want it.

What could that POSSIBLY have to do with Morgellon’s? I dunno. Is it your intention to create a big sun, or a little sun? Not only that, but what effect(s) is that going to have over time with respect to this new entity you are creating?

It is the contention of science that like charges repel, and unlike charges attract. Do you have a good bead on what our sun would consider this new offshoot/offspring? Because either way, whether they repel or attract, both sound equally…not good.

So to cross the streams further, if you are able to perform an experiment, and the results are favorable, are you likely to repeat that experiment again and again?

You got away with it the first time, so it’s likely that you can get away with it again and again, ad-infinitum, as long as you keep the conditions the same.

Q: What have you forgotten already?

A: Time

You could be handing the future a ticking time-bomb, and not even know it.

Or maybe you do know it and just don’t give a fuck. And if you don’t give a fuck, neither do I. (as far as you know)

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When a tree is harvested or cut down or whatever, what is the lifespan of those roots that are left underground?

How Roots Know Where to Grow

Hrmm…that’s not what I was looking for, but I recall reading about that earlier in the year. Let’s keep digging. (ba da ching)

Deep Roots in Plants Driven by Soil Hydrology

THAT…is not what I was looking for either. But I do wonder about the contextual merging of resonances. Not only that, but an antimerging of resonance(s). Yeah, separation. What about that? Tree grows, makes room for it’s roots by creating some space for itself, then goes on and about living it’s life. Simple.

What Happens to the Roots After Cutting Down a Tree?

Methinks we are getting closer. Not that we didn’t need to lay a groundwork of sorts for this particular journey, and we appear to be covering some ground and putting down some roots.

How long does it take for plant roots to break down?

I wonder if heavy forestry can cause the soil to start to move in ways not previously anticipated. And if the soil is moving, that means that everything else is prolly moving as well. Tilling the soil can prolly stir some shit up as well. I wonder where that stirred up and moving stuff goes? What does it take along with it?

Are roots of cut trees a landscape problem?

Did you know that there are large swaths of old, dead trees that are sticking out of the water in certain places within the Panama Canal? Welp, there are. Didn’t really surprise me when I saw them because we’ve loads of manmade reservoirs around here, and you’d be hard pressed to find a lake that doesn’t have an area with a bunch of old, dead trees  sticking out of the water.

^Ashley Eriksson’s Colours Olympia #3: “Colours”^

So we’ve moved in, laid down some roots…

Q: Now what?

A: ¿?¿

Oh…right…we need to cut down the tree so we can get next year’s saplings planted ASAP.

Can I Plant a Tree in the Same Place I Just Removed a Stump of Another Tree From?

BLOOPS!!! Looks like planting trees in the same spot is going to be a major pain in the ass. I guess it’s likely to assume, that planting trees within the proximity of felled trees is likely to be at minimum a minor pain in the ass.

Tree Roots: Facts and Fallacies

Now here’s an interesting bit…

Attempts to examine the depth and extent of the larger roots of an entire tree were not really possible until bulldozers, backhoes, front-end loaders, and fire pumps became available (Stout, 1956; Berndt and Gibbons, 1958; and Kostler et al., 1968). Unfortunately, most tree roots are less than one millimeter in diameter and are destroyed by the rough action of such heavy equipment.

It continues…

Examination of the small non-woody roots of trees and their relationship to the larger roots requires years of study, infinite patience, and the gentle use of heavy equipment.

We don’t have that kind of time. We’ve got commitments and quotas. Families to feed. Cars to buy. Vacations to take. Axes to grind.

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Let’s take a detour an think about electron transfer so we can better ponder the movement of protons and neutrons.

I got a question…

Q: How long does it take for a single electron to move 1 cm?

A: ?¿?

That’s kind of a loaded question since there are going to be a fuckton of variables. Plus, we all know that electricity moves at the speed of light…right?

Resistance is futile. (Star Trek)

Resistance is useless. (Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy)

Resistance is…pointless? (???)

Resistance is necessary. (cFa)


So let’s us assume for a moment, and we are going to need a certain proven concept in order to make this assumption we are about to make.

Let’s bring another concept along with us as well.

Let’s us assume, that The Universe has a method of temporarily dealing with the garbage that may be a byproduct of tinkering and tampering and whatnot. You don’t know that this shit is a byproduct of whatever it is that you are doing, but it is. You also don’t know that there are forces at work that are collecting and collating this crap, but there are. SO!!! Can we think of any forces that are at work cleaning up and/or processing certain messes?

That wasn’t such a long walk now was it? But let’s think about some particulate that we didn’t know about, but now do.

Are We Eating Our Fleece Jackets? Microfibers Are Migrating Into Field And Food

Now that we’ve got our scale(s) more or less in order, let’s us scale down even further.

How Earth’s magnetic field is changing

Now lets us add some time into our thinking, and we’ll add three of them.

  1. Prior to discovery
  2. Discovery
  3. Post discovery

Gotta keep in mind that each of those times are, in and of themselves, their own entity. Plus there’s gonna be a fourth one that is an aggregate of the three. Not to mention, that if you follow in chronological order, one and two create an entity of their own.

A change in the magnetosphere and/or our magnetic field(s) could be a blip of sorts. Much like “The Bloop“, this blip is just a temporary thing, and everything returns to normal. Problem solved…right?

Welp, what about the things going on where we cannot see them. And more than that, what about the things going on in areas where we are likely to never EVER see them.

EX: The core of the sun.

Wait just a damn second hear. We’ve got more senses than just sight…right?

^Loituma – Ievas Polkka (The Full Leekspin Song)^

So if we’ve got all of these wires and wireless systems that are pushing electrons here and there, it’s safe to assume that they are having some effect(s) on Protons and Neutrons of all kinds of other shit. Electrons zooming here, and pulling Protons there. Doesn’t have to be much, and even the smallest of effects, when viewed at the proper scale, is likely quite pronounced and even dramatic.

I mean, if someone shoves me on a single occasion, but I look at that single shove over the course of my entire lifespan, that shove is going to seem quite insignificant. May even seem irrelevant. But that is dependent on what else transpired/may have transpired. Someone shoving you is likely quite significant in your life. No telling what can come of it.

Q: Dude…are you thinking Cancer here?

A: Yep.

But I’m thinking about some other shit as well. We are still thinking about garbage and midden(s)…right? Still got those concepts on your brain?

Revolt over Moscow's garbage could threaten Vladimir Putin's governance

Ever lived near someone that was in the habit of dumping their garbage in any and every yard but theirs? I mean, SURELY you keep all of your garbage on your own property.

‘When a City of 40,000 People Gets Poisoned, They Don’t Care’

No way you would pay someone to handle all your garbage for you. That would make you…dependent.

Not to mention, that if you live in some place that has a representative government, you are basically paying yourself to clean up your own mess.

Self-representation via proxy.

Confusing concept to ponder, but sounds like a safe bet. I mean, if shit gets sideways, you can blame it all on the “mess”enger.

^Halo Yadata by Rebecca Weiler (w/ lyrics+translation)^

On Friday, my daughter got her final report card.

6 -A’s

1 – B

Kinda unfortunate as to how I found out she got her final report card, but at least I found out.


Some shit only happens once in a lifetime.

^Oh, 5773^

Now that we’ve got that report card business covered and I’ve expressed my dismay at the unfortunate way in which I learned my daughter had gotten her final report card, let’s think about Protons and/or Neutrons amassing in certain areas without our knowledge. Think it’s possible? Or do you actually need to see it.

Q: What if you could feel it?

A: ???

But wait a minute. I was just pondering the notion of those that are perceived to have bad attitudes, and it got me to thinking about the concept of skeptics and skepticism.

Aren’t scientists pretty much taught to be skeptical about pretty much anything and everything?

Two names on that list jumped right the fuck out at me. One I know, one I don’t know, but the name rings a bell.

The second name jumped out at me because of this…

Meh…what’s in a name. Gotta get back to our festering stew pot of Neutrons and Protons. But before we do, I got a query for you…

Q: What is something that you/we fight for?

A: Freedom?

Dunno about you, but everywhere I look, “fight” and “freedom” go together like open wounds and infections. That said, if freedom is the only thing you are fighting for, and you see freedom as a doorway to doing everything else you want to do…

Q: How in the hell do you get so many through a single doorway?


I’m guessing you’ll need to charge admission. Prolly need a toll-taker, and prolly some security. Likely need a maintenance crew, which means that you’ll need a management structure + a governing body. You’ll need queues and you’ll need someone there to keep people in line as well as to handle special cases in the event a more urgent need arises. Authorized line-jumping ONLY! All others will be sent to the back of the line, or removed from the line completely and barred entry.

Wait…wasn’t this what we were just trying to get away from?

^Dhivehi song Rah mai vey^

So how quick can we create garbage, and how fast are we to marvel at the amount of trash being created?

LHC smashes old collision records

Let’s figure this, and see how proactive we are being with respect to lessons learned in previous instances of creating garbage without accompanying and proactive garbage collection plan(s) and process(es)…

There are 86,400 seconds in a day

86,400,000,000,000 protons smashed per day

31,536,000 seconds in a year. (non-leap year)

27,247,100,400,000,000,000,000 smashed per year

That number may be incorrect. 2.7247104e+21 was what the calculator said, and I get confused since I don’t work with numbers much. Not trying to add to the garbage or anything, but at least I’m good at it.

Anyway, that sounds like a lot of garbage being created. Even if the collectors on these machines “capture” a portion of the material generated during these collisions…

Q: Where do these collectors wind up?

A: !!!

Yeah…more garbage.

BTW…Collision Record? Sounds…not so appealing. Maybe some flowery rhetoric would be in order. How bout…

HEPT – High-Energy Processed Transactions


Or maybe…

HEPCTHigh-Energy Proton Collision(s) Transacted


BLOOPS!!! Prolly too close to Hep-C.

Meh…prolly got a bunch of internal globledy gook to keep anyone from understanding what you are working on. Not that you know what you are working on or anything.

^Maahi Ve (Full Video Song) – Faakhir Mantra^

Are we learning?

O RLY????

Wut we learnin’ bout?

We gettin’ us sum learninz on mull-tie-task-king yet?

Or we too biz-e runnin’ shit to be con-cern-ed bouts shiz like dat.

If you don’t know, neither do I.

^Tumre bhavan mein^

There’s likely all kinds of shielding and protections and protocols in place to protect certain segments from certain things. And not just only these reactions that are being generated. I mean, this shit does have an effect of cascading in all kinds of ways.

Titles are a good thing to hide behind.

That said, thinking in this and these terms reminds me of a story from Idries Shah’s book called “A Veiled Gazelle: Seeing How To See“.

The story is about an elder, a Sufi, who lives in the wilderness. A nearby village has an issue to solve…a court to hold, and a man to try. But the village is indecisive. They are divided and feel they need counsel, and wish to ask the Sufi to come and oversee the trial. They ask…

You’ll just have to read the story yourself. It’s a great read, and very telling about how best to sometimes proceed, because sometimes we don’t want to and maybe even don’t know how to…so…we do the best we can.

That said, the journey undertaken by the Sufi depicted in this particular tale, is quite revealing as to how it is sometimes best to proceed…or not…whatevz.

^TU JO KAHEY – From Brand New Punjabi Album – MAAHI VEY – Official^


I guess that ever since I first started following the goings on at the LHC and elsewhere, the biggest question that I have had is the goings on between the fireworks that we are shown in these fancy and impressive graphics. Yeah…the blank areas…they’ve grabbed me from the start, and continue to hold my rapt attention.

Sure, the whiz-bang stuff is amazing. But those dark areas? Amazing. Especially when you stop to consider that even the light areas were dark prior to being illuminated.

^ជ្រោះអូរយ៉ាដាវ – Jrous o yadav | jros o yadav | Chros o yadav – Ros Sereysothea – រស់ សេរីសុទ្ធា^

If science has made so many strides and gains, then why is the answer “we don’t know” so goddamn prevalent with respect to new technology and techniques? Seems to me, that at some point, if “garbage produced” and “garbage handling” doesn’t work themselves into the scientific method(s), we are going to be in some deep shit at some point.


What am I talking about?

We’re already in deep shit…right?

Nevermind…it’s all under control.

Bilderberg 2018: new tech helps oil the wheels of the global elite

Big wheels are turning as I write this, and they’ve got a good bead on anything and everything.

I guess now it’s just a matter of waiting for them to pull the trigger.

^Ja veriya ve ja veriya HD^

Don’t try and sell me on the idea that this shit has no trickle-down effect and/or doesn’t propagate. You think it coincidence that some nobody from nowhere is thinking and writing about this bullshit? Maybe it is coincidence…I’m still on the fence.

/me shrugs

Yeah…we can’t choose our station in life…right?

Wait…I fucked that up. What I meant to say was…we can’t choose our family.

Sorry. I not vary smartz. Not much with brainz. Butt I triedz.

Butt YEAH!!! Shit trickles down. Reaches out. Gets all grabby and touchy feely.

I sure hope it doesn’t decide to get all stabby.

^Kadi Aa Mil Sanwal Yaar Ve^

I’ve decided that I’m going to go back and edit every post that I’ve made on this here WordPress blogs, and remove the embedded YouTube videos. I can’t even load my admin panel so that I can edit my blog template and get the embedded shit to stop breaking table borders.

Ya rly.

I tried to load the admin panel to edit the template, and my browser crashed. Pretty sure it’s the embedded videos that are causing most of the problem(s), so I’m gonna edit them and just include the links. Hopefully, that’ll allow me to get in to edit the template, then I can see how things go from there.

Prolly not going to be writing any blog posts for a while. Not here and not at my Blogger blog. If I write anything, it’ll be for RooBeeDoo and her blog.

Still can’t find a job, nor have I worked out how to get to a job if I could even find one, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t work.



My sister texted me yesterday, and said that I missed something called “The ROT Rally” that went on in Austin over the weekend. She also mentioned something about…bicycles? Bicyclists? People on bikes. A group of people…on bicycles…I guess riding around…on bikes….in a group of about 75 to 100.

Um…that don’t sound like what she described to me.

She mentioned “The ROT Rally”, and seeing a group of 75-100 bicyclists, almost all men, and they were…(gasp)…NAKED!!!!

This is Austin we are talking about, so I guess I was a shade perplexed as to what exactly she was talking about. Although, I had just read something about some “Free Tommy” somehow coinciding with some nude bicycle ride through London, so I figured it was some worldwide “ride your bike naked day” or something.

So I’m guessing, that what I “missed” was getting to attend the ROT Rally and prolly a bunch of live music and beer, and I also just so happened to miss seeing a bunch of naked dudes free-balling on bikes.


^Judas Priest – Hell Bent for Leather^

K…it’s 00:44 am on Monday June 11th, 2018…and I’ve just spent the past several hours editing all posts, and removing the embedded YouTube videos. Seems to make a pretty fucking huge difference on loading times, but I’ve not tried to visit the blog from the root yet…we’ll see how that goes in a bit.

Vids appear to still be breaking the tables in the comments, so yeah, gotta figure out how to fix this bullshit. Hopefully actually being able to load my blog from the root will help.

I’ve never been big on embedded vids. Yeah, it’s cool, but it’s also a major resource hog. If I’ve got to choose between vids and images, images will always come first. I figure if you wanna spend 3-10 minutes to listening to a song I’ve recommended, you’re prolly willing to click on a link.

Anyway, gonna get gone for while, but that’s one less thing on my plate to think about.

Hooray me.

And speaking of hooray me, in 12 days, it’ll be four years off all pain meds. I’ve not taken any meds at all in over two years, not even antacids. My stomach is MUCH better these days. Mesh is still pulling like hell, but I can’t do anything about that.


Have a great week.

Catch ya’ll on the flipside.

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|- -|- -|- cYa -|- -|- -|

── ── ─── ── ──

/ – CADE – \

/ — F.O.N — \


^The Cherokees – “I’ll Give You Love”^

Travel = Trauma

You can fluff it up any way you choose.

Travel…is…motherfucking TRAUMATIC!!!

So say I.

^Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone^

I started this post back on May 5th. That’s as far as I got. Today is May 15th.

Can’t even remember what I was thinking. But I think it had something to do with rotation of the Earth/Terra, length of travel, type of travel…shit like that. I think there were some considerations given the cycles, life cycles, sleep cycles, motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles, ovulation cycles, and light-cycles.

Maybe not.


I’ve never done this before, so let’s do it now. I’m gonna write on this post every few days, or weeks, or whatever…and see where it goes. Should create a cycle within my brain to check on this piece of shit every once in a while.

^Muzzy – Play (ft. UK:ID)^

DATELINE: 2018.05.22 – A Tuesday – 09:37 CDT

Dear Diary,

I arrived home from Austin the other day.

I left for Austin the other day.

I am here today.

Not necessarily in that order.

The End

^Nine Inch Nails – God Break Down The Door^

Tis only been a couple of days, but RooBeeDoo of Library of Libraries fame is having a birthday in a couple of weeks(hours) and I need to do something special to surprise her.

Anyone have any ideas?


Hmmm. I must not have a readership or something.

So now, I’ve got not one problem, but two.

Let’s work on the thing that I can work on….Roob’s birthday gift…surprise…thingie … or whatever.


I KNOW!!! I’LL ASK GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

— — —

Dear Google,

What does RooBeeDoo like?



— — —

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Monday 28 May 2018

It’s Memorial Day here in the United States of America. It’s quiet. It was quiet yesterday too, but very quiet today. Almost as if the giant sleeps.

Warm…sunny…pretty clouds…91°F/33°C…and quiet.

I should like to go out and visit some relatives today, but I’ve no way to do so, therefor I will not. Perhaps I should give my mother a call and see how she is doing. Nah…think I’ll just chill.

^Olivier Giacomotto – Bipolar Star (Original Mix) – Noir Music^

Welcome to Thursday June 7th of 2018.

It is 10:10 in the morning, and I just had an idea.

I wrote a post for my Blogger blog last night, but I just wasn’t really into it. Had a lot of things on my mind, but could not write for some reason. So…I rambled a bit and tried to make sense of what I was thinking about. This was difficult because I wasn’t really thinking about anything in particular, which is odd because I was thinking of something quite specific.

I’ve been writing to, and for, no one in particular for about three years now. If you stumble onto this blog, that’s what I do…write to no one in particular about nothing in particular, and I do this for no particular reason. But last night, I was thinking specifically about “nationalism”, and I was thinking about it as it pertains to Germany.

We in The West have got some crazy ideas about German nationalism, and this and these ideas tend to spring from the years of 1933-1945, and 1914-1918. Almost as if to say, Germany may as well have not existed until 1914, and then disappeared completely until 1933, then again disappeared in 1945. So where did it go? Not only that, but where did it come from?

Bounce forward in time to 1990/1991.

It was a strange time. If you roll the clocks back to 1985-1988, pretty much the whole world was in schism. (according the the news anyway)

“German Nationalism” post-World War II is a concept that I’ve long pondered. In 1985, “the war” had been over for 40 years, and yet, any and all references to Germany and Germans STILL fucking centered around World War II and Hitler and Nazis and blah blah blah. It’s OK to be American and proud, it’s OK to be French and proud, it’s OK to be Russian and proud, and it’s OK to be British and proud…but German?


^Miguel Bastida – Moudness (Original Mix)^

It always bothered me that a country was held in contempt for something someone else did. I mean, I was born in 1967. Can I pick up the mantle of WWII era America/Americans and say “HOORAY!!! I DEFEATED GERMANY!!!” No. So, why is it that some still must ride the wave of “I’m a Nazi, even tho I’m not, but yeah…I’m a Nazi because of my place of birth”.

I simply thought in terms of healing and forgiveness in my own life. Would I ever be able to overcome breaking mom’s favorite serving dish? Will I ever be able to overcome getting a “C” in conduct on my report card that one time?

A: No. Once a fuckup, always a fuckup.

Welp, in truth, these events happened and there is no changing them. I made a “C” on that one report card, and no amount of good grades will ever change that. I broke that one serving dish, and no amount of replacements will ever change that. So is the lesson to be learned “never …EVER… fuck up”?

Prolly an amendment to be made there…

“If you do fuck up, just don’t get caught.”

If you are a kid, or an adult in a new/unknown environment of any kind…

Q: How do you even know what a fuckup is?

A: ???

Listen to the experts. They’ve got “it”, and you, all figured out.

Now all YOU have to do, is figure out what that means.

^BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA – Monsoon malabar^

Yep…it’s still Thursday the 7th of June, and I’m still going.

A thought occurred to me the other day.

Q: What is the number one question that people are said to want to ask God?

A: Why are we here.

Welp, several years ago, it occurred to me that if you were to meet God face to face, the first question you are most likely to ask is going to be…

Q: Are you God?

A: ?¿?

Some floaty fuck shows up, every fiber of your being makes it quite obvious as to who they are, and yet, the first thing to creep into your mind is likely to be doubt. Doubt in yourself. Doubt in the experience. Doubt in your abilities to comprehend what is transpiring and why. Doubt in your ability to relate to what has happened to you, and you’ll likely start to ponder exactly who you would relate this experience to. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.. I mean, you can’t just call up your parents and say “MOM!!! DAD!!! I MET GOD!!!” Can’t phone up the paper and issue a press release because you’ll wind up in the nuthouse. So yeah…doubt, doubts, and a fucking flood of it and them.

So the other day, it occurred to me, that if “God showed up”? My first question should prolly be…

Q: What are you doing here?

A: !!!

Yeah…like…”WOAH WOAH WOAH…WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE HERE!!! Nevermind what I’m doing here…what in the FUCK are you doing here?!?!?!????”

I mean, it’s not every day that “God” shows up and appears to want to have a chat and/or hang out a bit…right? So yeah…this is God we are talking about. The motherfucker prolly has an agenda, we need to know what that agenda is, and we need to know it pretty fucking quick. “Why am I here” or “why are we here” just ain’t going to get the job done. He/she/it might have a “to do” list of shit for me to do that is a mile long, and I’ve already got my own agenda. These agendas are likely to conflict in some small and subtle ways, so I need to know what this asshat is up to. Gotta be stealthy and sly about it…so…let’s blurt…



I don’t expect an answer. I mean, I’ve been praying for years with no direct answers, so why would I expect an answer now that God has decided to show up? I dunno why the fucker is here. But the fact that God has suddenly decided to drop by for some reason means that they must have something in mind and/or on their mind.

Prolly just wanted to see me fumble around. I would imagine it’s quite amusing to watch.

^Pitch the baby Cocteau Twins^

RooBeeDoo of Library of Libraries fame has just textually punched me in the head. Typically, if she does this, and I am writing at the time she does it, there is a connection of some sort. Don’t ask me to elaborate on “exactly what that means” because I don’t know. You could say it’s some “psychic connection” or whatever, and it may well be that, but that infers that we also have a “psychic non-connection” at times, and that’s a concept that NO ONE wants to discuss…right? I mean, no one is “psychic sometimes”…right? You are either psychic, or you aren’t. There are no “on/off” switches to just turn these abilities on or off. Much like Superman flying or punching stuff 24/7…he never lands. I digress.

I guess that at some point, Caligula and some Jewish leaders crossed paths, and they had a chat about the concept of deity. Caligula explained to the Jewish leaders that he was a god, the Jewish leaders appear to have explained to Caligula that there was only one god, and I guess further explained that Caligula was not he.

Caligula and the Jews

To be fair, Superman is always Superman. Cept when he’s Clark Kent. Or Kal-El.

And I don’t care what Quentin Tarantino thinks…Spiderman is always Spiderman. Cept when he’s Peter Parker.

So yeah, I would imagine that if there is a God, God is prolly always God. Cept when not.

EX: Jacob Wrestles With God (but doesn’t know it) – Genesis 32:22-32

So yeah, back on the “psychic” bullshit? You could prolly be talking to the spirit of your long dead granny, and she could tell you that she was actually the spirit of your neighbor’s dog, and you wouldn’t know the difference. That’s why I think keeping where you are in mind is likely a good idea. Yeah…Earth/Terra…that’s where you are, right? Third planet from Sol? Has a spherical orb called Luna circulating around it? Close neighbors named Venus and Mars? Flies around in The Milky Way Galaxy? Ever heard of it?

What about you…do you know you? I really don’t give a flying fuck if you are the living incarnation of some long gone god, or some reincarnated famous someone, or whatever it is that you make yourself out to be. In the here and now, you are you, and “else” has precisely fuckall to do with here. (cept when and where it does)

I kinda like you for who/what you are…not who/what you were.

^Deadmau5 – Phantoms Can’t Hang (1080p) || HD^

It’s just been my experience that to blindly follow someone is doing you both a disservice. There’s no relationship there.

Was Samson just some dude that beat the fuck out of an army with a jackass skull, then got a haircut from his gf? Is that all that God wanted him around for? Or is there likely some other shit that went on in his life, and the lives of those around him. Prolly took some time to get Samson where he needed to be.

Also prolly took some time to get Jonah where he needed to be.

So yeah…are you where you need to be?

Headed to where you needed to be heading?

Are you who you need to be?

Prolly an ongoing process.

That’s just a guess tho.


^DVBBS & VINAI – Raveology (Official Video)^

Travel can indeed be traumatic. It’s likely that Samson had doubts about how he’d get to where he was going, and Jonah likely had similar concerns. They both appear to have been beaten up a tad along the way. But that’s the fun part…right? All the crazy shit to experience as it is happening, eventually look back and reflect on how great it was, then go out and find something else nutty to do. Or not. Whatevz.

I was watching a bit on Uzbekistan last night and getting all creamy in my pants about  someday going there, but getting there is likely going to be a bitch. Gonna cost a lot of money, gonna take a long time to earn it, and I’m no spring chicken.

But I’ll make it there some day. No idea how, but yeah, I’ll make it.

See ya there.

Or you can come along.


^Siouxsie & the Banshees – Kiss Them for Me [480p)^

What I had an idea to do today, is to try out the “tags” on WordPress. I’m also kinda trying to clear my plate in order to do some writing, so I figured I’d go ahead and finish this post up, post it, then write a new post and add some tags to it. That should free my head up a bit to focus on more important things. I dunno, I guess we’ll see. /me shrugs

I’ve never utilized tags before, but I am trying to learn a bit about WordPress and how it works…so…tags are prolly the next logical step.

So barring any further interruptions, what say we jump ship on this here post, and go figure out something else.

^Blockhead – The Music Scene^

─ ─ ─

| c Y a |

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^Crystal Castles – Untrust Us^

WordPress … Can … Die

I killed it rather easily last night.

Wanna know how?

Wanna know why?

The Short: I killed it for a friend.

The Long: Maybe my killing WordPress will help you too.

Let’s fine doubt.


If you are someone, and you are also a someone that uses WordPress, you may have an issue and/or issues with it at some point.

I’ve found that working with the visual editor can be quite tedious. But I’ve been making myself write here so that I can see how it works. Watch for quirks. Watch for changes. Granted, I’ve not yet really tried to break the editor. Yes, I sometimes actually try and break things…and I am quite good at it.

So anyway, I guess it’s fair to say that I did not actually attempt to break the editor last night. What I did was, I did a certain something to see if the editor broke in the process. It did.

You are likely wondering what was it that tipped me off that maybe a certain something might cause the editor to break. Easy…yesterday, I sent RooBeeDoo a new whatever/missive.

^DIMMU BORGIR – Council Of Wolves And Snakes (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)^

Any missive that I write, I write it in OpenOffice’s Writer, then send the text file over to Roob. Since switching to OO Writer,  I’ve tinkered a bit with the formatting to ensure that there is nothing to inhibit her from copying the entire contents, then pasting it directly into the WordPress edit window. I’m not saying this is what she does, because I do not know what she does, but I personally format the document so that she has the ability to do this if she wants to. I achieve this by removing all hyperlinks from the OO Writer document before sending it to her.


Acting on a hunch…and well after I had sent her the document yesterday, I opened yesterday’s whatever back up, and I noticed I had accidentally left two hyperlinks in the document. FUCK!!!!!!!! Ya see, OO Writer automatically parses any/all urls, and adds a hyperlink. That means, I have to manually remove any hyperlinks that OO Writer adds. I missed two. FUCK!!!

Q: I wonder if that caused her an issue?

A: I’ve no idea if she even opened the fucking thing, let alone began editing it.

But let’s just assume that she did open the document, she did copy the contents, then paste them into the WordPress editor…would those two hyperlinks I left have potentially caused her a problem? FUCK!!!

Suddenly…I’ve got an idea.

^Ghost – Rats (Official Music Video)^

I’m going to make an assumption, that Roob may have already started to create a new post on her blog, copied the entire contents of the OO Writer document into the WordPress editor, and she had an issue. SO!!! What I’m going to do, is remove the two hyperlinks from the OO Writer document, then do the same. This should reveal if – assuming there indeed is an issue – the residual hyperlinks are causing an issue.

BOOM!!! WordPress Visual Editor  = DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep…it died.

It struggled, and struggled, and struggled some more…then died, and took my browser with it.

AH HA!!!! So…there is an issue, but it’s likely not the hyperlinks that remained.

SO!!!! What could the issue be?

^BODY COUNT – All Love Is Lost feat Max Cavalera (OFFICIAL VIDEO)^

The first thing that I did, was went back, and copied each and every section, piece by piece, into the WordPress edit window.

No issues were observed. But then…

…wait…none of the images will let me center them? WTF?!?!?

Is it that first image’s size that is causing an issue? Or are the images and Tweets doing battle with the YouTube videos? Every single image that I click on…there is no option to position the image. The only two options I am given are “edit” and “delete”, and that’s it. Let’s see how much we can learn here

I stepped backwards, removed all of the images, tweets and videos in the middle, and once I finally removed the very first image, then removed the remaining whitespace…yep…all images are now positionable/the menus for the remaining images are back.

I’ve got more work to do here.

There are a few more things that I want to try.


Two things that we can assume at this point…

  1. There is indeed an issue
  2. It appears not to be the embedded hyperlinks

Basically, I’m able to troubleshoot in two different places at the same time.

  1. Roob is likely to have had an issue or two
  2.  I am likely to encounter similar and/or same issue(s)

But how did I know that Roob had an issue? Just a feeling. A hunch. So, I chased it, and indeed there was an issue. But I also have to assume that Roob may not have had any issues.

So!!! What I am NOW going to do, is copy the entire contents, but not the URL to the very first image. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that the very first image is causing the/a issue, so let’s give that a whirl.


Manually copy in the link to the first image…and… … … BINGO!!! It’s positionable!!!


There’s an image towards the bottom that is borked. You cannot position it.

Gonna go tell Roob that A) she may have issues editing this one, and B) I think I know which two images are causing the issue.

Also will tell her that I think the Tweet embedding and the image embedding functionalities are doing battle for some reason.

Let’s see what she says.

^Alice In Chains – The One You Know (Official Video)^

My gut feeling has been right-ish from the start.

  1. There are issues.
  2. She’s not yet begun to even work on the fucking thing.
  3. It’s her birthday for chrissakes…why should she be editing this bullshit on her birthday?

Not sure where this feeling came from, but it’s here, it’s correct-ish, so let’s keep going.

Roob has access to something called “ye olden WordPress editor”…I’ve no idea what that is, but she’s told me a bit about it. I guess WordPress has “upgraded” their functionality in the last year or so, and because she’s been with them for a while, she has access to the old editor. It appears that she is able to do things that I cannot do. Such as, using the old editor, she can save her blog post whenever she damn well feels like it…I, cannot. 😐

It’s at this point, that I am going to leave her to do her thing, and I will continue to do mine. Maybe if I keep going the way that I am, my labors will help someone somewhere at some point.

^Devo – Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy^



It’s mosquito season in some parts of the world.

In other parts of the world, it’s ALWAYS mosquito season, but we’ll leave Finland/Suomi out of this.





^Mosquito Magnet HORROR !!!^

Removed the two problem images, and that appears to have worked. But as I started cruising down and looking at the images, I noticed that they are all b0rked. The images show up, the the alignment menu is unavailable if I click on an individual image. But Ive also noticed, that all of the Tweets are screwy looking. Like they too are trying to span the entire page. Perhaps the YouTube videos and Tweets are battling, and the images are suffering the consequences?

I’m sick and tired of having to bounce back and forth between editing two posts in WordPress, so I’m now going to open two different edit WordPress edit windows in two separate browser sessions, and see if that makes things any worse.

^Ministry – We’re Tired Of It^

So far…so good.

I’ve got this post open in one browser window, and I’ve got my test post open in another. No issues with that…whew!

Tried copying in the first section, without the first image…no joy.

Tried copying in the first section, then copying in the second section…no joy.

This now leads me to believe that the issue exists between the first YouTube video, and the next embedded image.

If I watch the status bar on my browser, it appears that YouTube videos get handled first, then images and/or Tweets get handled next. So I’m assuming that there is some disparity that exists between the sizing of YouTube videos and images. That would likely cause issues with the sizing of any embedding elements as any issue is likely to cascade. Hmmmm.

I’ve had issues with the size of YouTube videos ever since I started this fucking blog. So that gets me to wondering about the nature of the back-end of WordPress, and how it handles any preformatting with respect to a blog’s template. One would think that little to no consideration(s) would be given to a blog’s template until you actually try and preview an individual post, but that’s not guarantee that it’s not happening. WordPress appears to try and make anything and everything interoperable, so it’s possible that they are doing some guesswork as to how the post will display before you even try and display it.




I’m gonna have to edit my goddamn WordPress template.


I do not want to create problems where they do not exist. But I also do not want to have to go in and add all kinds of side menus/menu bars in order to get YouTube videos to display properly.

As such, it looks as tho that’s exactly what I’m going to have to do.



^LORD OF THE LOST – On This Rock I Will Build My Church (Official Video) | Napalm Records^

I guess this is where I’ll stop, go fuck with my blog layout, then start all over again.

Not implying that the effort(s) have been wasted.

They’ve not.

I’ve learned a thing or three.

Just really don’t want a bunch of menus that I don’t need cluttering up my blog.

Guess I’ll just have to get clever.

Heh …heh… heH

^AT THE GATES – Daggers Of Black Haze (OFFICIAL VIDEO)^


| c|Y|a |


c – FREAK .O. NATURE – a

^Judas Priest – Troubleshooter^

Post New = New Post

I was recently talking with a certain someone on Twitter, and the topic of posts made over at whatchacallit forums came up. Lots and lots of effort went into lots of posts, and those posts and all that information is gone. I saved most of my stuff locally since I’m weird like that, and I’ve re-posted a lot of the shit from “my” thread. I also saved a lot of the comments that I made in other threads, but I never re-posted those because the context of the thread itself was lost, so re-posting individual comments would be kinda…useless.

Or would it?

Just for the fuck of it…let’s give it a whirl.

Imma go through all my backups, see what’s there, then re-post them in some kind of random order. That should give any crypto peeps goosebumps. They are looking for randomness, and I guess they do so predicated on creating order.


^Meat Beat Manifesto- Prime Audio Soup^

Let’s start off with something that I never posted anywhere.

This is a comment that I wrote over at the WordsAndSilence blog, but I could not post the comment because I was not a member.

words and silence

Nope…that’s not it.

Words in Silence

Nope…that’s not it.

Words Into Silence

Nope…that’s not it.

Hidden Words: Emotions, Thoughts and Feelings in the Silence

Nope…that’s not it.

word and silence – POETRY, HISTORY, MYTHOLOGY

Pretty sure that’s the one. Let’s look up a post from April 5th of 2017, and check to make sure.

Four Goddesses from Old Europe (New Poems)

That’s from April 14th of 2017, and I see nothing from April 5th. Hmmmmmmm. I know that’s gotta be the correct blog tho. I recognize all of the graphics, and I see a like on that post from a certain someone I know…so yeah…where’d the post go? I went month by month using my address bar, there is only one post from April 2017, and there are no posts named “How Best To Teach” that I can find anywhere. Maybe they deleted it?

^deadmau5 / Orca [full version]^

Can’t find it. I’ll post my comment here anyway. It’s not like it was ever posted anywhere anyway. So yeah, this was written for the comments section, but never posted.


Your thoughts regarding teaching are timely with respect to where I am personally in my own disaster of a life. Or at least, it would prolly be classified as timely and possibly even “synchronistic” by an outside observer.

We occupy all different spaces, all in the same space. Maybe the difference in “teaching” and “being a teacher” can teach us something just by thinking about those concepts individually. “How it’s done” or “how it SHOULD be done” is prolly gonna get in the way there. Prolly because everyone wants to “be right” or “wants it done right” with respect to teaching. Which sounds to me like we are doing it incorrectly already. But that’s what rigidy does for us and/or does to us. Right and wrong, or, correct or incorrect…we get “hung-up” on building pillars of an absolute and unshakable construction, as the rest of existence swirls around them. I find that ironic. Iconic…even.

Teaching seems to be more of a “when” than any other interrogative based question I could organize here in some quasi-list of importance rankings.

EX: Is knowledge of “sandal design and construction/manufacturing of sandal footware” important in a time when no one is wearing sandals?

Maybe. Maybe that is when it is most important. At least, to some it may be. Someone is always wearing sandals. Some of us just get a little..erm…”carried away” with our metrics, statistics, and historical data with respect to what is needed and what is not needed and by whom. Because you can take “sandals” out of the above example and put just about anything in its place and ask the same question. But that in and of itself can teach us a bit about standards and standardization. Because many of the examples listed in both your article and the comments, are standard(s) to some, and no so much to others.

Does it make me something less just because I have not read Jung? I’ve been all over this Synchronicity business for the last few years. But I still refuse to read Jung, outside of my reading about the specific event that led Jung to coin the term “synchronicity.” Some might say…”welp, you fucking IDIOT!!! Why haven’t you read Jung?!?!? Maybe you should go to the source, and actually take the time to read Jung’s work/works if you want to know about “Synchronicity.”

My answer to that would be…”Erm…no. If I want to know about Jung personally, or Jung’s personal thoughts on Synchronicity, I’ll read Jung.” I mean, I intend to someday. I would like to. But being told to do this or do that, or do this this way or do that that way…just kinda…spoils the adventure. Seems…mechanical. Seems to leave me out entirely. I mean…I didn’t know Jung personally, nor did he know me. Hell…the guy never knew that I personally would ever even exist.

Mike Ridenour made some great observations, and told a great tale in his comment(s). But I find an irony in his “go outside” observation. “Outside” was the place where I got beat-up a lot as a kid. Is it really a wonder that youth wants to stay indoors? Especially with their parents and teachers telling them how many terrorists and murders and rapists and godless politicians live in their world. I think maybe that “old” has trouble understanding “new” when they conclude that “new should be old.” Or at least, “the new” should be like “the old.” It’s confusing. Or at least, it can be. Maybe when we put on that “I’m A Certified and Licensed and Ordained Teacher who has been doing this shit for a long-assed time you worthless whippersnapper” hat, that’s when things get all bent. But, maybe reflect on “when you originally put that teacher hat on” with respect to relative times, and that will help out a bit.

EX: A teacher teaches 10 year olds.

Q: How long have you been teaching?
A: 5 years.

Seems to me, that you are less experienced than the persons you are teaching.
No wonder kids always seem so smart eh? 😉

Anyway…thanks for the read Tim. And thanks for giving me a place to espouse my nonsense to any now rotting brain that suffered through reading my thoughts. 🙂


That’s all of that one. Good thing I took the time to write that shit down…eh?

^The KLF – Last Train To Trancentral (1991)^

Was just cruising through the comments that I made over at whatchacallit forums, and there aren’t that many…only 23. That sounds about right.

This is from a thread called “Power Button”, and I guess I made it on March 30th of 2016. Just opened the backup, and there are two posts contained within…not one.

Post 1


AND…airplanes are really completely hollow. (Unlike modern buildings) This is a aircraft engineering design flaw following God/god(s)/nature’s design flaw of bird’s bones. See all of those ribs in the wing sections and the empty spaces between? There is nothing there but air. No fuel tanks, no fuel manifolds, no hydraulic lines/systems, no wiring, etc., etc., etc.. Having worked around these things for years as a fueler where we hook up to these empty wings to fuel them with 4″ hoses, I can tell you that the wings are very rigid when it’s on the ground. But as soon as they are in motion…they turn into liquid jelly water.
(BTW, we don’t actually put fuel in there since there’s nowhere to put it. We just stand there for an hour or so and look at magical gauges that pretend to indicate thousands of pounds of flammable liquid.)

This is why airplanes rarely work and are always falling out of the sky even when they do. They are an abberation of nature full of manmade flaws because mankind is unkind and evil and stuff.

Personally having seen the towers in person with my own eyes several times, most people have no idea just how fucking HUGE these buildings were. The ONLY way they could have come down is if every bit of steel was either turned molten in the entire building all at once, or sliced intentionally with shaped charges like those used in controlled demolition. Don’t even THINK that there may have been existing issues remaining from the 1983 bombing, nor that the fact that it’s right on the river/constantly pumping water out of that area because it’s sinking from the weight…blah blah blah….LIES!!!

Just look at every other instance where a large modern jet aircraft has run into a highrise building or skyscraper. In every single instance…the building survived due to it’s indestructible structural steel and SOLID concrete frameworks. Unlike aircraft, these buildings are built to last forever. Even if a coupla hundred ton aircraft slams into them. The buildings that HAVE fallen due to other causes never fall at freefall speed. They always fall at …erm…whatever speed they fell at speed. Radar guns and Satellite GPS confirms this as fact. You can’t dispute facts that are indisputable and conclusively accurate.

Aircraft are pressurized…buildings are pressurized. Bringing two pressurized things together at over 500 mph should cause BOTH to explode. That didn’t happen. One exploded, one fell over at freefall speed. Well, two and two actually…but we have better and more video of the second plane. AND…don’t forget that the earth spiins at 1000 mph, so since airplanes fly…these two pressurized objects really hit each other at 1,500 mph or so.

Since we have such a huge database of information about…

a: aircraft that crash all the time
b: aircraft that “unintentionally/accidentally” crash into buildings
c: aircraft that “intentionally” crash into buildings
…we know there is a coverup. Why else would they not release information about this one particular event, when this kinda thing happens all the time.

Gee…I wonder if a New Yorker would be passionate about having personally lived through that experience. Meaning, sure we all did…but being there…there’s always something different about that experience of seeing something in person with your own eyes. Even when and if they are disbelieving eyes.

I don’t know if there were a pair of believing eyes on the planet that day.

I ❤ NY


Post 2


NOW look at what has happened! What the FUCK is a TIE Fighter doing in this thread?!?!?

HOLY SHIT!!! NOW LOOK!!! TWO!!! TWO TIE FIGHTERS!!!! Two TIE Fighters in the same picture…IN THE SAME THREAD!!!

They look identical to me. Digital image trickery and editing to the MAX! It’s an inside job. Three TIE Fighters, two pictures, one thread…it’s UNCANNY! The can of worms is out of the bag, and we are onto you inside jobbers.

Note the “weathering” on the sides. THERE IS NO WEATHER IN SPACE!!!!

I wonder if those are for sale on Ebay or something?


And that’s that. Without the context of the original thread, does any of that make any sense? I’m betting that at least some of it does.

Can we use the contents as a medium for gauging a certain storyline? There are going to be at least two storylines, so does my personal observation(s) add to one and detract from another?

Maybe I think too highly of myself. No fucking WAY that anything I have to say is important enough to matter to anyone or any thing.

^Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground – Official Video [HD]^

I just looked at a few more of my backups, and I’m going to have to give this a bit of a think. Mainly because I tend to include images and music or videos in many of my comments.

When I was re-posting all my crap over at my Blogger blog, it was a little bit easier to format. Or maybe I just haven’t given enough thought to what is going to be involved in re-posting things over here. Yeah…prolly that. It took me a while to come up with a reasonably readable format for over there, so it’s prolly gonna take some time to come up with something for over here.

I’m not posting this shit in any particular order, so I can prolly separate the “all text” comments from those that contain images and/or videos.

Prolly not going to be many of those.

/me shrugs

^freefall feat. jan johnston-skydive orig mix^

Looks like this one was posted on September 29th of 2016, and it was posted in a thread called “Mirroring”.

September 29th of 2016 was a Thursday.


No idea.


Lesse…so I’m gonna make an attempt using “my” formula here…

∞ = -1 + 0 + 1 = ∞
So…well take this step by step…left to right first. (Go ahead and think simultaneousness tho)
∞ = 1 + 0 + -1 = ∞

And also…maybe this will help…

{[(tic) + (toc)] + [(toc) + tic)]} + {[(tic) + (toc)] + [(toc) + tic)]} = 1
{[(tic) – (toc)] – [(toc) – tic)]} – {[(tic) – (toc)] – [(toc) – tic)]} = -1
{[(tic) + (toc)] + [(toc) + tic)]} + {[(tic) – (toc)] – [(toc) – tic)]} = 0

So…there are many more combinations here…but this should get us going…just think “tic toc’s clock”…oh…and don’t forget “X”.
OH! And if you think about the torus? Yeah, and maybe Hawking radiation, and maybe “bent” or “curved”)

∞ = -1) + 0 + 1 = ∞ = 0 + 1 = ∞
0 + 1 = ∞
(Think of the above in motion as you move left to right)

∞ = -1 + 0 + (1 = ∞) = (∞ = 1) + 0 + -1 = ∞
(∞ = 1) + 0 + -1 = ∞ = 1 + -1 = ∞
(The flip is kinda important…Think: observer(s)…yeah…swirlie, spinny, spinning thingies)

So here’s what we wind up with.
1 = 100% of 1
0 = 100% of 0
-1 = 100% of -1
—>(3.14 = 41.3)<—
Why I did that, and what we are looking for is “0”. (yeah…big crunch/big bang)

∞ = -1 + 0 + 1 = ∞
(∞ = -1 + (0) + 1 = ∞)
Oh my!!! (¿WTF?) What I did there…do you see it? (Think: Big Swirl…\0/ …HOORAY!)

(∞ = -1 + (0) + 1 = ∞)
(∞ = 1 + (0) + -1 = ∞)

(∞ = -1 + )0( + 1 = ∞)
(∞ = 1 + )0( + -1 = ∞)

(∞ = -1 + (0( + 1 = ∞)
(∞ = 1 + (0( + -1 = ∞)

(∞ = -1 + )0) + 1 = ∞)
(∞ = 1 + )0) + -1 = ∞)

boom Boom BOom BOOm BOOM !BOING! MOOB mOOB moOB mooB moob

Now that you’ve got Pi on the brain, as well as hopefully swirlies (Galaxies…planets, stars…shit like that)…
—>-1 + 0 + 1<—
Time 1 + 0 + Time 2 = X
2 Times + No time = Eternity
Infinite Time Forwards —>
Infinite Time Backwards <—
Infinite “Non-Time/No Time” = —><— = <—<— = —>—> = —<>— = All Time

SO…yeah…and shit like that…um..going forward…I’m thinking “origins”. (Meaning yeah…I’m trying to figure out my own shit as I go here) So “-” originates from the left…and “+” from the right. (Think Omega, Tachyons)
3.14…. “.” = “0” (Think: Scope and/or focus…Hint: Zoom in…Zoom out.)
(-)3 + .0. + 1 = 4
(See the Omega yet? Think…up and over and through zero at the same time…hello Neutrinos! Precursor to the Neutron)

So…back to
—>(3.14 = 41.3)<—
See infinity?

(-)3 + .0. + 1 = 4
4 = 1 + .0. + 3

Um…Please…don’t um…plug this into Pi just yet. Please? If you have computers looking for “Zero” …you will find it. (Assuming the world’s power grid and computers crunching the first infinity of three required to find “Zero A” survive and don’t completely fucking meltdown)

Shit will start to get REAL fucking crazy real fucking fast. Just…trying to be um…very careful.
As a matter of fact, I’m stopping here.

Just keep something very very important in mind here. Find the beginning…find the end. Make sense? Now…think about this…we’re here. So is the Universe. It’s been done…great success (nod to Borat)…we’re here. Be careful.
:love: :teleport: 😈 :teleport: :love:


Just stepping through some stuff and trying to think out loud as I worked my way through it.

Q: DUDE!!! Why would you walk through shit like that for all to see?!?!?!? Why not just wait until you’ve got it all figured out, and THEN…post the results?!?!?

A: What if someone else can see something that I can’t?

A problem with redux is that everything is missing.

EX: A frying pan.

Do you know how frying pans are made/manufactured? Do you know where the materials came from? Do you know how they are designed? Do you know how the machines that make frying pans, are themselves made? Do you know where to find a frying pan for purchase? Or do you simply know that you prefer to use olive oil instead of margarine when cooking?

I also posted a music video at the end of all that nonsense above. It’s around here somewhere.


─ ─ ─

| c Y a |

─ ─ ─







^Meat Beat Manifesto – Prime Audio Soup (Vegetarian Soup By Boards Of Canada)^

Through The Drinking Glass

I used the pic above in a post over at my Blogger blog last night.

If you look inside the glass, and to the right, you should notice a rather large bubble.

This is just me, but it almost looks like that particular bubble is…pushing.

Gets me to thinking about cavitation.

“Liquid-free” is not “fluid-free”…there’s simply been a change in state(s) with respect to a certain prominence. A displacement.

I wonder if creation of a societal bubble will have a similar effect.

^Jay Lumen – Solar (Original Mix)^

This mess is going to start at my Blogger blog, bounce over to Legiron’s blog, from there to Bucko’s blog, then over to CFrank Davis’ blog.

I’ve been doing some thinking about the concept of Unions. Primarily labor unions, and a potential necessity within the workforce for their return. Labor Unions aren’t very prevalent anymore, and certainly aren’t very vocal. What has filled that void within the public eye?

We all know how successful these things have been. They’ve generated a shitload of memes, which has in turn generated fucktons of revenue streams within the media, and I’m sure there has also been wads of cash made from legal actions, fines and incarcerations. With that in mind…

Q: What is the one thing that is missing from this ever-encroaching corporate and/or governmental takeover of anything and everything?

A: Opposition.

Can’t fight a war if you don’t have anyone to fight. And if your wants and needs cannot be met without a war? Create one.

^Olivier Giacomotto – Bipolar Star (Victor Ruiz Remix) – Noir Music^

In the Northern Hemisphere, is May 10th a weird time to come down with a flu? I only ask because my youngest woke up with 102°F fever today. Sore throat, achy,  fever.

When I was a kid, the flu was a given at least once a year, and twice a year was more common than not. Once in the fall or early winter, one in winter or early spring. You could also count on a cold or two inbetween bouts of the flu, and could also count on one or two viruses during the course of spring/summer/fall. In these parts, “summer” pretty much runs from March to October. Spring and Fall tend to be but glimpses that you will miss if you blink.

What better way to develop an “Artificial Intelligence”, than to develop a scientific system around telling this AI Entity what they aren’t missing, and why they aren’t missing it.

Has an almost…mystical ring to it…eh?

^Thomas Schumacher – Stella (Original Mix) – Noir Music^

This is going to go more or less sequentially, so let’s us entertain some back and forth…


Kingdom Environmental Services – Another Attack on Smokers?

Organised Crime

Plans Always Go Wrong

Sweden. A National Suicide

My chronologicalish ordering is as linear and accurate as a Swiss timepiece if I do say so myself.

What does any of that have to do with Trade Unions? Simple, the general rule is, that if money changes hands, the union wants a piece. So that’ll get us to some of the more abstract types of thinking with respect to commerce and exchange.

  • Some groups want a cut if money/currency is projected to change hands, whether or not any such exchange ever actually happens.
  • Some groups want a cut if money/currency is going to change hands, before it actually changes hands.
  • Some groups want a cut as the money/currency changes hands.
  • Some groups want a cut after the money/currency changes hands.
  • Some groups want a cut from each and every of those transactions.

If you now move away from those direct associations, and think about all of the players involved at all of those intersections? Yeah…a throbbing clusterfuck. You are going to HAVE to include purveyors, facilitators and originators of all kinds, and they are all going to want their cut(s) as well.

^Enrico Sangiuliano – Astral Projection – Drumcode – DC176^

You wake.

You send your kids off elsewhere for someone else to teach.

You leave your partner to their own devices.

You wander off into the world alone.

You navigate through a maze of infrastructures, rules, and regulations that you did not devise.

You quest and strive to arrive at a predetermined place, at a predetermined time, to do a predetermined set of tasks, so as to be paid a predetermined fee.

You backtrack home, utilizing the same streams as before.

Your partner is bored with you.

You may be bored with them.

Your children don’t know you.

You likely don’t know them either.

Q: Who are you?

A: ???

People are weird.

^Demons Exist, and this Man Can Prove It^

It would seem that someone had a dead mouse appear in their life recently.

The first song to pop into my head?

Within the scope of the conversation…well…I wasn’t real forthcoming.

But I will be now. 😉

^Deadmau5 – Word Problems (1080p) || HD^

When the known physical and the less discernible start to mingle in a more detectable way, what is the result?

When the physical and metaphysical start to mingle in a more perceptible way, what is the result?

A personal choice of mine, is to think less in terms of “right and wrong” and more in terms of “possible and impossible”. Once you can contemplate the mechanics of what is or is not possible, it’s much easier to further contemplate the ethical dynamics within the parameters of those things that are actually possible. I mean, if something is impossible, why waste energy on anything contemplative?

OK…so there’s a rub in there. There are many things that are impossible. Not only that, there are many things that are impossible, and then not. That means that I personally spend a lot of time pondering the impossible. If the impossible is conceivable, it’s possible….just maybe perhaps unlikely.

With that in mind, is it possible that there is the potential for commercial interests actually working to keep “science in the science realm(s)” and “mystical in the mystical realms”? These are people we are talking about. Living breathing beings. Even the most staunch of atheists may be trying to crush God out of existence in order to find God. Ever think of that?

Curled up at night under your “I HATE GOD” comforter, surrounded by “Atheist 4 Lyfe” posters on the walls….mind working feverishly to rid God from existence once and for all…then suddenly…


^PropellerHeads – Bang On!^

It’s now Friday evening @ 20:48, and this is where my day took the first of several turns…


It continued…


The conversation went some places from there. I’m not going to post the entirety of the conversation because…well, just because. But her answer continued with this…

Roob: Police Forces are reliant on funding from government and government is reliant on the Police Force to maintain a semblance of order.

And that is kinda where my thinking was as well. Or at least with respect to “human trafficking”. Getting someone somewhere they are going, and the infrastructure(s) to get them there. Making sure that there is a system in place to process people, from inception to completion. Making sure that there are systems in place, above and beyond these, to keep the stream(s) flowing.


You never know what you are going to encounter downstream. Better safe than sorry eh? Leaves plenty of wiggle room to make shit up PRN.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

^deadmau5 – Sofi Needs a Ladder^

If we think of right in wrong more in terms of correct and incorrect, what is left?

BLOOPS! What I should have said was “what remains”?


Oy VEY we need to change directions, and change direction PRONTO!!!

Morgellons disease: the search for a perpetrator

In terms of the presence of bacteria, and thinking in terms of biogeneis, abiogenesis, and tenagenesis, I would imagine that there is a reason that bacteria present on the epidermis differs from bacteria that appears in the gut. Likewise I would also assume that bacteria found in hair follicles of the upper arm are likely to differ from bacteria found in the arm pit(s). Maybe even that bacteria that are found in a cut differ from bacteria that are found on the scalp or under the fingernails or in the mouth. So we could assume that this is likely a regional type of thing. If it’s a regional thing, that means there is more than one clock, and certainly more than one clock that is running.

If we zoom out a bit, and think of “regional” on a more global scale, that should help us to better process the more minute and/or obscure types of energies that we encounter. As such, we can zoom back in a bit, think about our atmosphere, think about regional existence(s), instances, occurrences and propagation(s), which should allow us to merge nicely with our magnetosphere. Many pieces and parts to this weird and magical spinning, grinding, flexing, warping, bowing, flowing type thingy.

Are we thinking electrical yet? What about magnetic? Gravitational? Pressure(s)? Rotational? Directional? Spins, spans and stabilizations? All of that?

Why in God’s name would anyone ever salt a wound? Don’t they know we’ve liquid bandages these days?

Ain’t no one got time for that!

The easiest job in the world has to be coroner. Surgery on dead people. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I mean, if everything went wrong…maybe you’d get a pulse. “Oh Christ honey…I gained one on the table today.”

Dennis Miller

Surely the presence of bacteria couldn’t be indicative of a regional or localized problem…could it? And even if that were so, the simultaneous existence of this bacteria here, that bacteria there, and some other bacteria somewhere else, couldn’t be indicative of an issue that might be damn near completely unrelated to the more localized issues…could it? I mean, we go straight to the local/localized problem, nuke the entire site with antibiotics, wham, bam thank-you-ma’am…DONE!!!

Symptoms = gone … problem = FIXED! Next!

Worker is now ready for re-assimilation into the workforce.

^deadmau5 / Templar [full version]^

There are always forces at work.

Some you can see, some you cannot.

Some you can understand, some you cannot.

Ever taken the time to isolate yourself, and then just stare in a mirror and ponder? Wonder who you are. Where you came from. Is what you see + how you feel the same? Similar?

There are plenty of people that don’t require mirrors very much at all. I am one of those. I basically know what I look like, and most of the time I know what I feel like. But all of that is subject to change.

I spent some time in my youth staring at a mirror that was on the back of my door. What is this face, what is this body, and what is it that others see?

Some would say that my personality developed out of necessity since I’m ugly as fuck.



It’s no wonder that people are said to be obsessed with “health” and/or “being healthy”.  If you can’t change something, change what you can. I mean, I may be ugly as fuck, not very smart and don’t have much money, but I’m healthy as a horse. Just not hung like one. But at least I’ve something to offer….right? I’m healthy? And as long as I remain healthy, I’ve got something.

I guess it all depends on who stresses what qualities…eh?

^The Prodigy – Poison HD 720p^

Let’s see what’s doing here.


I don’t see a British PM as the equivalent of a sitting US President. There is no equivalency in national government(s) irrespective of post, not to mention that the “British Government” is a misnomer of sorts. Not only do you have pretty much 5 sovereign nations just within your own islands, you’ve got Canada, Australia, The Falklands, Anguilla, Bermuda, Saint Helena…shall I keep going? So yeah, similar not same.

So where is our sameness? Easy…local government(s) and local governance. THAT’S where you are going to find your wasp nests. That’s where shit is at it’s dirtiest. That is where “the top of the heap” really lay, and there are likely to be fingers aplenty in all kinds of local pies. If you wanna find the bees that are making the honey, first find the wasps and/or hornets…the bees will be close.

What would be the point in keeping the pressure on the MP/PM levels of government? Easy. The corruption is likely to be most prevalent in the councils. Or is that a fair assessment? Does government rule top down…or bottom up? Or does that pretty much depend on from whence doth spring the largest well that is currently producing the mosteth?

It’s likely fair to say that the challenges we face are similar. If it don’t make money, it dies…period. And we appear to be big on establishment. Established governments and governance. Standing armies. Perpetual healthcare. There is NOTHING that we are not willing to invest in or hedge.

Lemme see how close we are in this.

You vote. Your vote = 100% of your choice for representation within the government. That means, that win or lose, you are and have been accurately and demonstrably represented by you at the polls by casting your vote. You have accepted that “losing” is as much and as good of an option as any, since under this system, everyone gets one vote, someone will win, someone will lose. So in effect, these percentage games that are  being played in the media and elsewhere are 100% bullshit. EVERYONE wants representation, and everyone gets representation by this system. Unless of course, you vote in such a way as to deny someone else their right to representation. And NO ONE would do that…would they?

Strange way of looking at it? Well try this on for size. I, meaning me, am accurately represented at the voting polls by my refusing to vote. I don’t give a fuck WHO it is, I ain’t voting. That is my vote. I don’t have to vote for fuckstick A, nor fuckstick B, nor C through Z. There are LOADS of people involved in the voting process, and they are involved with that process more than just and only on voting day. I trust those people. That’s why they are there…right? It’s no easy feat to setup elections and polling stations and counters and security and transportation and electricity and locations and information and checks and balances and on and on and on. These are people we are talking about. Normal, average, flesh and blood people. SURELY you know someone somewhere that works in some capacity within the electoral process(es). So yeah, I trust them…but yeah, I don’t vote.

If someone tells me all kinds of nice and goody-good stuff? I’m skeptical.

If some tells me all kinds of gloom and doom stuff? I’m skeptical.

If someone tells me anything? I’m skeptical.

That’s what I see when I see politicians advertising themselves. What they have done, what they haven’t done, what they are going to do, what they are not going to do. What they believe in or stand for, and what they oppose. What their political affiliations are, and how great their party is, and what a pack of shitbags everyone else is, and what a pack of losers vote for all those other shitty political parties. It’s a motherfucking trainwreck.

No thanks.

^1 The Chemical Brothers – Push The Button – Galvanize^

Quick thought…

Q: Can you name me one fucking thing on this planet that you oppose?

A: ???

Why aren’t you fixing it yourself? Or is it that you are trying to fix it…just…no luck yet. You’re working on it.

Q: Who are you working for?

A: ???


I love Christopher Hitchens. But he gave Mother Teresa a ration of shit for flying on private planes, staying in posh hotels, shit like that.

  • The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and PracticeWikipedia Link

Point being, if you consider yourself a benevolent person, a patriotic person, an involved person, caring person, whatever…you better get used to paper pants, bamboo flip-flops, grass huts and primitive living conditions, because our views on charity and benevolence and what constitutes them are fucking archaic at best. We like our alabaster idols spotless, without blemish, and worthy of sacrifice. Those unworthy of making the cut are fodder for the jackals.

Q: What does that make you?

A: Yeah, where do you fit in?

Are you a fucking meat inspector or something? How in the FUCK did you find yourself in this position of deciding what and who is worthy, and what they are worthy of?

Sounds like a cushy job.

How’s the pay? What are the hours?

^Lo Fidelity Allstars – Battleflag [High Quality]^

It’s tough to know when to cut yourself off from yourself. You are your biggest fan, and the lion’s share of time in your own life is spent chasing your own dreams and making your own goals and ambitions a reality. Nothing wrong with that. But it sure can be confusing.

You gots deez peeps ova hare tellin’ ya ta luvz yoslef.

You gotz doze peeps ova dere tellin’ ya ta hatez yoslef.

Ya gotta caw-n-template dat deez n doze peepz beez at oddz wif eachutha.

Whazzup wif dat?

Hooby rite?

Hooby rong?

Whar iz I be at?

What iz I bee cum frum?

Which, now that I think about it, where DID you come from?

You realize that this disease only exists because we sometimes prefer machinery over organics…right? Your own terms, your own conditions, your own way.

Doesn’t say much for you yourself, but luckily you are in position to where you can let your own faults slide. Like…in the interest(s) of the greater good(s) and stuff like that.

Better hope them goods is good. Any deviation in quality, productivity and/or workmanship might just get you diagnosed as a schizo, even if you are just having an off day. Afterall, the world does indeed revolve around you…right?

You’ll spend time in the gym tearing your body down so that it will rebuild itself, so why don’t you also take time to tear down your own psyche? Tear down your principles and see where your foundations lay. I mean, if you are happy with yourself> Fuckin’-A good for you. Seriously…good for you.

I do think this is where we may sometimes lose touch with spirit tho. Not willing to pull our deep dark hiddens out and inspect them a bit. Check for termites. Rust. Erosion. Corrosion. Wear. Tear. Magnaflux the metal and check for stress cracks and/or hidden hairline fractures. Do you ever ponder your spirit? Do you even know what spirit is? Or do you let the soul do all the work with respect to the spirit.

Sounds dangerous. Letting the soul do the work of the spirit sounds like…war. And if the war drums are indeed pounding, that means the next sound you hear, will be a call to arms and cries battle. The next sound you hear…will be combat. Oh what a cacophony of sound(s) that must be.

I always figured that others are intimately acquainted with the sounds of combat so that I’d never have to hear them.

Is that what it’s coming down to?

Whatever floats your boat. I ain’t got anything better to do.

/me shrugs

^The Prodigy – Omen [HQ]^

I’m not suggesting that you dig up a bunch of old shit that you’ve likely spent a fuckton of time burying. In fact, I would suggest that doing so can be a fucking mess. You’ll find that there is a lot more in there than just you. You are likely going to feel compelled to start working on more than just and only yourself. If it was irreconcilable then, it may likely still be irreconcilable now. Do you really think it wise to dig up a bunch of old dirt, then go smear it in the face of another? There’s a good chance that this may have a knock-on effect that causes them to tumble and start to stumble, and THEY now have to dig up a bunch of shit that THEY would have preferred left as-is, where is.

But should you feel the need to dig in your own past, maybe give yourself adequate time for reflection. You don’t want to be what you were, do you? I mean, what’s wrong with the you that you are? Who is telling you that you aren’t good enough? Maybe that’s a good place to start. Dream up and load up a fuckton of questions that are for you, and only applicable to you. This means that they should be answerable by you, and no need to involve anyone else. Maybe make note of any questions you yourself cannot answer, and then reflect a bit on the pro’s and con’s of bringing this shit up with whomever it is that you’ve got to bring it up with.

Gideon: Careful, Chief. You dig up the past, all you get is dirty.

Movie = Minority Report

Does that one ring a bell?

God: People underestimate the benefit of good old manual labor. There’s freedom in it. Some of the happiest people in the world go home smelling to high heaven at the end of the day.

Movie = Bruce Almighty

Now that we’ve got a little context, and this context has some contrast(s), let’s think a bit about where wisdom comes from.

Is it possible that there are things to be learned at the cinema?

Dick Jones: I say good business is where you find it.

Movie = Robocop

Is there anything wrong with work?

Is there anything wrong with getting dirty?

So yeah…spirit work. What makes you tick. What drives us to commerce of all kinds. Industry. Labor(s). Fruits of the spirit. (assuming there is such a thing)

I think I’m ready for a game of checkers.

Anyone up for a game or twenty of checkers?

^Intergalactic – Beastie Boys (HD)^

It’s now 2:30 in the fucking morning on Saturday May 12th, so let’s finalize this bullshit with a couple of items that me and Roob talked a bit about.

Operation Cross Country XI


Police appeared to punish victims of Newcastle grooming gangs, review finds

We didn’t discuss any specifics at all really. Come to think of it, we didn’t even talk about the stories. I just went back and perused what was said, and we were both talking about the same thing(s), just different perspectives…globalism.

What we talked about more than anything prolly, was science and health. In order for “science and healthcare” to become the religion(s) that they aspire to be, they are going to need an efficient and effective executive arm. Enforcers and enforcement. You are not only going to have to talk the talk and believe the belief, you are going to have to walk the walk. Step out of line in any regard, and there will be someone there to correct you. So, how does this happen? How does science and health aquire the necessary muscle? Simple…diversify.

I commented that not only has the number of Federal level enforcement agencies increased, but also Federal agencies that are identifying themselves as “police” has also increased. This is frightening.

We all caught up? All on the same page? Can you see where this is going?

Welp, if you can’t see where this is going, you don’t need me to tell you otherwise.

Make up your own goddamn mind.

^Deadmau5 – Bot || HD^

Do you ever hear the term diversification? Do you know what it means to diversify? Ever applied that thinking to other areas of your life?

So, in order to diversify what is/is not legal, you’ve got to define and classify. You must then extend that and those definitions with applicability. This is where shit is going to get tricky, and likely to also get dodgy as fuck. Don’t want to pass a bunch of laws that are applicable to you yourself, so there’s likely to be some tiptoeing.

Q: Does anyone become a cop under the auspices of law enforcement being anything other than a career?

A: ???

Q: Does anyone become a prostitute under the auspices of prostituting oneself being anything other than a career?

A: ¿¿¿

I mean, no one is going to want you after you’ve been fucking a shitload of other people, so a “normal life” is likely off the menu…permanently.

Is there a chance of ever eliminating chance?

How can you define thought crime if thought, thoughts and thinking themselves cannot be defined? So…science defines the crime, health provides the gateway to facilitate the scientific definition process(es), government legislates and enforces, industry capitalizes, people adopt and adapt, society benefits, everyone wins. And we are all about the benefits…aren’t we? I mean, you didn’t diversify your portfolio in the hopes of no return whatsoever. You are banking on a bumper payday. Nothing wrong with that.

Think that government can’t keep you from something by endorsing a medical construct? Hmmm. Maybe get diagnosed with a mental condition and then go and try to get a pilot’s license. Or purchase a firearm. Or adopt a child. Too obvious?

My sister recently told me that one of her co-workers got a DNA test done to trace his heritage, but he got the one that also looks for precursors for disease. Hereditary diseases. I guess they look for “defective” genes. She told me he said it came back with all kinds of horrible shit, and now he’s freaking out.

Don’t try and sell me on the idea that this will not be used as a metric for practices of all kinds, by interests of all kinds. That’s exactly what it is for. You’ve likely already been through a screening process or two in your life, so you should be able to relate.

You are…

A) Relevant

B) Irrelevant

Pick one.

(we'll get back to you and let you know how you did)

^Deadmau5 – Careless (1080p) || HD^

There’s no test that I cannot pass.

Which test(s) I choose to subject myself to, or participate in, is a different story entirely.

But to be fair, it is my story.

^Deadmau5 – The Veldt [Ft. Chris James] (1080p) || HD^




F .O. N


^Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (1080p) || HD^