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OK…so…here’s the dealio. RooBeeDoo and I are writing a post together. Sorta. She’s writing some shiznit on The Oscars, and I’ll be writing some bullshit on Theo Skewers. Same shit, different perspective(s). I’m also writing a post on my Blogger blog too, all while we are chatting on Twitter and talking about shit. I’ve no idea what of mine she’ll include in her post, and I’ll be including the entirety of her post, plus some other of her thoughts maybe if she wants. This should be interesting. 🙂

We’ve been talking about a lot of weird shit over the past week, and especially over the last few days. Last night/early this morning, I fucking FINALLY watched a video that someone named “Lite” passed along to me a coupla years ago, but I never watched. It’s an interesting video, and there’s much to think about with respect to the video’s contents. That said, it’s the contents of this video, and the experiments done, that has me personally thinking anywhere and everywhere EXCEPT…the contents of these experiments.

^The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDxGuelphU^


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If you wanna read Roob’s shit, go to The LoL.

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^Nitzer Ebb – Shame (Regis Edit) (2016)^

K…so…we’re back to me. She passed me the HTML of the first part of her post, I was able to add it here and see what she was writing/how she was formatting it.

I think it important to point out, that of the list of films that are listed for best picture, I’ve seen none of them, only ever heard of two of them, know the story behind one of them, and know who directed another film.

  • Dunkirk  – Have heard of the film, and know of the story behind it.
  • The Shape of Water – Have heard of it, and know that Guillermo Del Toro directed it.

Did you know that Sleeping Beauty’s name is actually Aurora? I didn’t.

From Goo Gale…

“Sleeping Beauty” is adapted from both the Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm versions of the classic fairy tale. In Perrault, the princess’s name is Aurora; in Grimm, it’s Briar Rose. In the movie, she’s born Aurora but takes on Briar Rose as an alias during the years she spends hiding out from Maleficent.

I had no idea why I didn’t know that, but I didn’t. That said, I’ve also been in a recent habit of thinking of Snow White as Sleeping Beauty. I guess because of the poison apple and all that. But yeah, every time recently that I’ve seen an image of Snow White, I think of Sleeping Beauty instead of Snow White. But I’ll save that nonsense for my Blogger blog.

Currently writing a post over there about…


^NITZER EBB – Captivate (William Orbit Mix)^


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If you wanna read Roob’s shit, go to The LoL.

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^Nitzer Ebb – Control I’m Here (Strategic Dancefloor Initiative Mix)^

Now that we’ve part II done, and I’ve bopped over and wrote some shiznit over at my Blogger blog, I can now continue on here at WordPress.

I guess WordPress appears a little quirky to me, because it appears they are trying to automate anything an everything. My guess is, that any time the cursor moves, or anytime that a keypress or some other “on” event happens, they are monitoring the fuck out of what is transpiring.

I’ve noticed that the visual editor does not like hyperlinks where the text is not left-justified. If you center the text/cursor, and THEN insert the/a hyperlink? Whatever you just inserted appears, then disappears, leaving you with only the text. HOWEVER, if you close the editor window/close the post, and then go back into the edit window to edit that same post, the whatever now appears.

I found this out by inadvertently closing the editor window, and when I opened it back up, there were suddenly two iterations of the same video. :-/

I’ve also noticed that WordPress appears not to allow the changing of a font size to two different font sizes on the same line. Maybe that’s a “premium” feature or something.

/me shrugs

I just sent Roob “a convo” for her post, and Imma go check on her at Twitter, then write some more in my other post. BRBBL!!!

^Nitzer Ebb – Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix)^


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If you wanna read Roob’s shit, go to The LoL.

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^Nitzer Ebb – DJVD^

Not real good at predicting. Just see what I see, same as you or anyone else. Predictive channels remove choice, and certainly reduce choices. We’re already loaded the fuck down with predictive leaders and the streams they originate from and the things they point to. Considering the nature of chance, I guess this is why we sometimes fail in our predictive nature(s).

EX: If you want to know who is going to win best picture.

Welp, wouldn’t that be better stated as “what” is going to win best picture? I mean, which one won with you? What was your favorite? Now explain to me why everyone else should share your opinion. I’ve not seen a one of those flicks, so how in the FUCK can I possibly have an opinion as to which will win?

That’s not where I was going.

Leaders point to which film will win best picture. You now take that information, fly to Vegas or visit your bookie, and lay your money down. So in fact, you wanted to know TWO things…not one.

Such is the nature of nesting and nested.

Such is the nature of embedding and embedded.

They aren’t always the same thing(s). Just depends on your focus(es).

^deadmau5 – Terrors in my head (Original mix) [1080p]^


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If you wanna read Roob’s shit, go to The LoL.

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I just got the above message from Roob. She’s cut me off. Left me hangin’. Chopped me off at the knees. Left me blind and stumbling in the dark with nothing but one of those cheap shitty flashlights that you have to keep banging on to get it to work.

I’ve now a full set of abandonment issues to deal with.

Q: I wonder if she’s willing to help walk me through them?

A: lolz

I don’t blame her, and it’s actually not that big of a deal.

I dunno about Roob, but these things are much  more  difficult to write/assemble than it may appear. Lots of thinking and pondering go into these things, and most of them never get written.


Yep. Most of these things never actually get written, and most of what actually gets written is only a portion of what accompanies the totality. Lots of information, and lots of data falling through the tumblers of time in order to produce what actually shakes out. It may not appear as such, and I cannot speak for anyone else, but the shit that I ponder tends to be pretty fucking heavy.

I can only imagine that others go through similar.

^Deadmau5 – To Play Us Out^

There’s only so thin that a thread will stretch. This is not going to be just an only about mass and/or density/densities. This/these mass(es) are surrounded by more than just and only the force(s) that are acting on them. That said, I’m not going to go into much more on that here.  I need some more time to ponder that water video a bit longer.

I miss the whatchacallit forums. Kinda anyway.

Hope ya’ll are all doing OK.


^NITZER EBB – Blood Money^


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^Nitzer ebb – Lightning man^

Test Post B

It has come to my attention, via another WordPress user, that WordPress is acting a fool today.

DAMN YOU WORDPRESS!!! Why doest thou actist uppeth, upon the neigh time whenst others needeth thee? Wherin from whence doeth thouest renegade nature spring? Canst thou not add a goddamn save button?

Srsly…wtf is up with that?

Ohhhh…WordPress. The circles that thee and thine run me in.

^Cocteau Twins – Road, River and Rail^


OK…so…what I thought I would do, is even tho I’ve no readership, I’d pop over here and bop around a little bit to see if the WordPress editor started fucking up for me too.

Ya see, it’s like this…I personally use Blogger currently. However, most of the blogs that I read? Yeah…WORDPRESS BLOGS!!! I hate to break it to you, but if WordPress blogs turn to shit because WordPress bloggers can’t write, edit and post their shit? YEAH!!! I can’t read!!! So if you fucks decide to play one side or the other, meaning choosing your blog users over your blog readership, welp, that can only lead me to believe that you’ve actually chosen neither of those, in favor of yourself/yourselves.

Sure…it’s your company. You want to ride it into the ground, that’s your prerogative. I wonder how many souls are on this ride tho?

Food for thought.

^Fight – Little Crazy^

I personally am still in the contemplative phase as to whether or not to switch to WordPress from Blogger. Me being the wordy fucker that I am, I could prolly do both. I do also have a fuckton of free-time currently, and my interests are non-commercial. I’m just trying to learn how to write/learn how to write better.

Communication(s) and communicating is key. Expressiveness and the ability to accurately express myself is also important. Music and images help me do that. They inspire me. However, were I unable to use these whenever I need them? Or if using them hampered my ability/abilities to write? Welp, say what you want, but I need what I need. Not that I am so narrow minded that I cannot go around, nor that I am somehow opposed to adversity, nor am I ungrateful for the tools available to me. But just because I try to be mindful of these things doesn’t mean that I always am mindful of these things. Not to mention that my being mindful of shit has precisely fuckall to do with anyone else.

Speaking of which, let me pop over to Twitter real quick, and see how my writing partner is doing.

^Knife Party ‘Boss Mode’^

OK…so…popped over to Twitter, and asked her how it was going via Twitter DM, and have heard nothing back yet. That said, when I posted in the link to that video/song above? I noticed the WordPress editor acting a shade…wonky.

Not that I think Twitter and WordPress are battling within my Chrome browser, and also within their own address spaces on my computer…but yeah…it’s exactly that.

For the time being, I have closed the tab running Twitter. That said, I’ve 7 other tabs open, not to mention another separate browser instance of Chrome. So the question becomes…

Q: How are online services dealing with the concept of multi-tasking, all while being so goddamn greedy?

A: ¿?¿¿??¿?

There are only so many hours in a day. In order to keep your numbers up, and consistent, you are going to have to learn to play well with others. Yes, I realize you likely do try and play well with others most of the time. But what about all of this profit based and growth based bullshit. How many metrics and/or dynamics are you prepared to pile on in order to make yourselves and your services more attractive? Cause I don’t care how big, fluffy and comfortable a pillow looks on a bed. If you launch that same pillow out of a cannon, that pillow is no longer fluffy, nor comfortable, and you likely wish now that it wasn’t so goddamn big.

What am I babbling about? Simple….would you rather be hit with 100 lbs of feathers, or 100 lbs of lead? Point being, knives cut. It’s what they do. The more dynamics you add to your metrics, the better likelyhood that they are eventually going to slice you in a way that you don’t like. Are you prepared to deal with that? But more than that, are you prepared to NOT deal with it. Yeah, are you prepared to take it on the chin? I mean, it was fine and dandy when “The Slugger” was slugging in ways that you like. Why is it unacceptable and even unfathomable to think that “The Slugger” will eventually land you in the seat of “the slugged”?

^Manufacture – Slugger^


I’m gonna hop back on Twitter real quick and see if she’s responded. But before I do, the scrolling features do not seem to be working within the WordPress edit window, and whenever I insert a hyperlink to a video or image, the auto-tagging feature seems to be causing some grief to the edit window. Methinks that your auto-save timers are fucked up, and may be conflicting somehow with any of your scripts that are doing the backend HTML formatting, and this is somehow not translating well to be WYSIWYG editor upon refresh. Maybe your seekpoistion routines are fucking up. I’d suggest a gander at anything you are doing to find the cursor and or mouse position.

Just seems like something, or several things, are having trouble knowing where they are, where they were, and/or where they should be. /me shrugs

Gotta keep in mind, that someone who is good with a keyboard is likely not going to be using the mouse much, if at all. Once you master the arrow keys and a few hotkeys, the mouse becomes more of the tool it was intended to be. Like…should I mention that the entirety of this writing has been done while I’ll laying on my side in bed? Not trying to get anyone hot and bothered or anything, but I’ve been laying in bed, on my side, trying to help out my friend, by making this post, since she uses WordPress. I’ve been in computers long enough to know, that the best way that I can help her, is by getting in here and getting dirty, and trying to see what she is seeing, and by actually experiencing what she is experiencing. Or at least, as close as I can get.

I’ve not yet gone back to Twitter, but my phone just went off, so she appears to have messaged me…brb.

And yes, she is just about the only person on Earth/Terra that I talk to, so it’s a safe bet that she’s just messaged me on Twitter. 🙂

^Revolting Cocks – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?^

OK…so…it wasn’t her. It was actually some Welsh dude telling me some bullshit about Welsh profanity. (lolz…seriously)

Anyway, yeah, whenever I insert a video, the page/edit window appears to be scrolling to the previous video. I’ll keep writing and tinkering, and see what happens on the next one. Plus, my phone just dinged again…maybe it’s her.

^Revolting Cocks – Me So Horny^

FUCK!!! Still not her. It was someone answering a question I had asked about “witchy stuff” or whatever it’s called. I’m not big on names in certain contexts, but whatever, it wasn’t my friend that is having difficulty with WordPress.

OK…so…I inserted that RevCo song above, or, inserted the hyperlink into the edit window, and the edit window scrolled up to the previous video…the Manufacture video. But this time, it didn’t scroll as far as it had when I inserted the prior video. (RevCo = Do Ya Think I’m Sexy).

This time when the edit window scrolled, it was more towards the Manufacture video AND the picture below it, because I could see both when the insert and auto-formatting routines appeared to complete…whatever it is that they are doing.

I will say this also…whenever I use hotkeys for formatting…like CTRL+I for italics, or CTRL+B for bold, the edit window appears to have a schism of some kind. Or unkind. Whatever. Point being, there is definitely some battle going on with the visual and manual controls. Or,  maybe that’s secondary and the actual issue is elsewhere. Not that I’m a software developer or anything. Or at least, not anymore I’m not.

So…why wouldn’t I use software development tools to track a software related issue? Simple…how in the FUCK can you get to know your end-user(s), if you never use your own service like they do? Fuck the tools, gadgetry and brains…get your fucking hands dirty, and put yourself through the same grief your users are suffering through. To do any less, is to make you as useless and dumb as they are. You’ve tied your own hands. Smarten-up, by dumbing your smart-ass down. May even gain a little humility along the way. Those dumb-ass end users pay your salary. If you’ll burn one, you’ll burn them all. Just sayin’.

^Dwight Yoakam – Miner’s Prayer^

I don’t mind jumping through a few hoops for someone.

That’s just me tho.

Not like it’s gonna get me laid or anything…BUT…I might just be able to help someone out. That’s plenty enough “reward” for me most of the time.

And it is my writing that she’s editing. So…yeah…a shade of motivation exists there for me to help her out any way that I can. 😛

^Valium Era – Fcuk Me^


K…after I inserted that video above, the page seemed to go through SEVERAL refresh routines. I’m sure that there is all kinds of crazy implementations that are being used by WordPress. That irritaing-assed menu off to the right-hand side is going to cause me to break out into hives. Yeah…the “Post Settings” one.

I realize there is an “X” there for me to be able to close it, but why is it even there? More than that, if THAT is there, why isn’t there a goddamn save button to be found?

/me shrugs

^Benny Benassi – Satisfaction^



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^Benny Benassi – Come Fly Away (Adam K & Soha remix)^