Visitors = Zero

2 + 0 = 1

Sound impossible? There is a blessing to standardization. It is indicative of a contextual significance. An era. An epoch. A time.

What is significant about an obelisk that is not standing up?

I dunno.

What is significant about an obelisk that is standing up? I bet it’s pretty fucking significant if it’s standing, but about to fall. Prolly also significant if it is standing, then falls with little to no warning.

How’d that thing stand up anyway? Prolly aliens + tractor beams.

^Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (CamelPhat Remix)^

I haven’t seen one of these vids appear in a while, but suddenly…here one is.

WARNING: You may want to turn your volume down prior to watching. For some odd reason, this vid is loud as fuck.

PRO TIP: After watching the vid, don’t forget to set your volume back to where it was prior to watching it.


^strange Trumpet sounds from the sky caught on live TV Volume 20^


So here’s the dealio. I’m writing three different posts at the same time, they’ll be posted in three different places, and all three are gonna start off with the same three paragraphs. But they’ll each go their own way after these first three paragraphs. I’ll write/post one here, I’ll write/post one over at my WordPress blog, and the other I’ll send over to RooBeeDoo to see what she comes up with.

I’ve not been doing a lot of writing lately, but I sure as shit have been thinking about it. I’m about to undertake some scary endeavors, and I’ve been working hard to dial my writing back since December of last year in preparation for these endeavors. I’ve also been trying to be mindful of what I read and watch. Limiting my intake, if you will. But last night, I started to feel just downright depressed. Like someone had kicked me in the junk, cept with none of the actual pain and all of the actual depression. As I lay on my bed and contemplated while I felt so shitty, I got the impression that I just flat out missed writing all the time. There are other things I miss as well, but I can’t do anything about that. So, I’ll focus on those things I can do something about. At this stage in my life, there is really only one thing that I have some limited ability to control, and that is my writing, and where and when I choose to write it. Let’s onward with the…whatever this is.


^CamelPhat – Drop It^

LOLZ! Not ONE … SINGLE … FUCKING … VIEW on my WordPress blog since April 13th. I only had one visitor on that day, and I know who it was.

Like I’ve said, I’m pretty fucking sure that almost no one reads my bullshit. But to be fair, there have been some odd references recently to “it’s not the poison, but the dose”. I’m not suggesting that these references were directed at me personally, but then again maybe there was a suggestion in there that maybe I should dial it back a bit. Maybe I write TOO much when I sit down and start to go at it. But to be fair, there’s a lot out there, and there’s very little that doesn’t interest me.

Think of it like this…you meet someone. You know nothing about this someone. You ask for them to tell you a bit about themselves and their life, so they do so.

Q: Are you ready to start dictating terms?

A: ???

You did request to hear a bit. I’ve barely scratched the surface.

How could you possibly know what I have to tell?

I guess we’ll have to work together to figure out what you want to hear, and what you don’t.

/me shrugs

^The Prodigy – Funky Shit Perplex Version^

I’ve not wandered around “The Synchrosphere” in quite some time. Let’s do that, and see what’s what.

Just Watching The Wheels Go Round

Skeptiko Podcast #379: Dr. Michael Shermer on Near-Death Experience Science

Right off the bat, I can relate. I’ve had a few of those myself. Not only that, but I’ve contemplated potential connections to “Near Death Experience(s)” and “Sleep Paralysis”. I have sleep paralysis all the time, and have had this phenomena happen to me all my life. But I never knew what to call the experience, so I always called it “My Death Dream”.

It’s not always the same, but it’s always similar, and it almost always ends the same way. Well, it ends in one of several ways, but each of those few always wind up in the same place.

Anyway, I’m wondering how the body reacts to, and copes with, the experience of death long-term. Like, how does the body deal with the death experience when that same someone/body doesn’t actually die? Does it affect the soul? Does it affect the spirit? Does it affect the mind? All of those? How so? Are there certain interests and/or interested parties that are trying to cultivate specific measurable results out of these experiences?


Ya rly. Are there people out there who are trying to cultivate and direct how these experiences are classified and/or spun? I’ll not further qualify mt thoughts on the matter(s), but I have recently been pondering the dynamics of experience with respect to…well…let’s just say…”less conventional experience(s)”. Those who have them, those who don’t. Those that want to have them, those who wish they hadn’t had them.

Welp, that aside, at least we are talking about it. I went for a large portion of my life, going to bed every single night, not knowing if I was going to wake up in the morning. Spent a large portion of my life having these experiences, and no one to talk to/talk with about them. It gave me the slightest case of more or less permanent insomnia, and also made me mute. I’ve a lot of difficulty sleeping, and I’m typically not fond of dreaming. For some reason, dreams seem to be a conduit for me slipping into my death dream(s). I even learned to wake myself up when I started dreaming. Yes…I was afraid to dream. Still am. Not to mention, I’m talking for the first time in my life.

So yeah…there’s a bit “backed up in the queue”…if you will.

^Sort Sol & Lydia Lunch – As She Weeps^

I normally wouldn’t have much to say about this since they block you from reading any content. However…

Super Torch Ritual

Pentagonal Pendragon

This rings somewhat of the “Sophia Whatever” that John Lamb Lash talks about. Not to mention, that it ties in nicely with my 2 + 0 = 1 equation from above.

Imagine the entire Universe imploding. There are only two beings left alive in this collapsing Universe, they are learning at an exponentially geometric rate, and realize that even though The Universe is collapsing, that there is a way to facilitate the creation of a new one. And so, they work diligently, ever faster, to ensure that life will someday continue. “The old” cannot be saved, but “a new” can be created.

And now, to the choice.

Q: Which one of us will go through, and which one of us will be destroyed?

A: Neither.

One comes up with a brilliant plan, and it is agreeable and acceptable to both. They will combine to create a new being. A new being that will not go through per se, but rather, will be something new entirely. Hence, 2 + 0 = 1.

Two will join, through zero, to create one.

Does my tale sound heretical? If not, fear not. There’s MUCH more to the story, and it’s still going. I’m sure I can piss someone off if I keep telling it. Hell, I may be able to piss EVERYONE off with it.

Just something I’ve seen. That’s why it was kinda freaky when RooBeeDoo introduced me to the concept of Sophia. It was a story that I already knew and had seen, but I wasn’t sure how to relate it. Looks like the opportunity has now presented itself. Now all I gotta do is stay alive long enough to tell the rest. Well, maybe not all of it…but perhaps some of it. It’s a pretty wacked out tale, and I’m not sure how to tell it. Still wrestling with the concept of telling any of it.

^Deadmau5 – Midas’s Heel [Unreleased]^

It’s shit like this that caused me to take Stephen Hawking to task for espousing that we should not try and contact aliens with messages of our own, nor respond to alien messages that we receive. It’s a sound concept, and one that I wrestled with, but think of it like this.

Q: Do we think that we are the only life in The Universe?

A: Tough question to answer

Let’s try it a different way.

Q: Do we know if there is life elsewhere in The Universe?

A: We currently don’t know.

So let’s assume that Earth/Terra is in peril, we’ve no way to remedy this peril, and all life on our planet is in imminent danger of being erased from history forever.

Q: Do we send out some planetary distress signal?

A: !!!

Yeah. Do we scream for help? Do we hit our knees and pray, all while using any and every transmitter on Earth/Terra to beg for help from any neighbor that might be listening?

Do we start transmitting a cluster fuck of data out into space in the hopes that someone somewhere will eventually pick up on this record of our existence? Digitized books of all kinds? Music? Film/Movies? Pictures? Blueprints and records of all kinds? Family trees, credit card info, purchase history and purchasing preferences?

Anyway, if we start sending a galactic “S.O.S.” out into space in the hopes that A) someone will hear it, and B) they’ll hopefully come and help. Welp, if we ourselves maintain a policy that we would not do the same, could we expect a reply even if someone could in fact hear us?

I’ve postulated that being a bad neighbor is a bad policy to subscribe to. If we received a distress signal from somewhere else, and even if we couldn’t do anything to assist, we could at least send a “hello” to let those in peril know that they weren’t alone. I mean, if they were like us, and didn’t believe in life elsewhere, were in distress and were about to die completely alone, can you IMAGINE the impact it would have on those lives to hear another from elsewhere lend a sympathetic ear with a sympathetic mouth? Even if that first responder wasn’t able to assist, they at least did all they could. At least they were there.

Food for thought.

^REZZ – Diluted Brains^

This is kinda interesting considering the current weather conditions on The Web.


Amazon Ban, Prisoner of Infinity, Seen & Not Seen Event Videos, & More

There’s been a lot of weirdness on The Internet recently. I would take this activity to mean that there are some government agencies getting ready to make some moves.

I can only assume that the Facebook hearings were a complete and total bust. I’ve not been keeping up with that nor anything else really, but there’s been no mention of it from these few places that I do frequent, and it’s surprised me that there’s been no chatter on it. Maybe it’s being filtered? Or is that too paranoid.

What little of those hearings I saw sure seemed to give the media a good look at itself. That bit I saw of all of the photographers snapping pics of the Facebook CEO testifying was quite poignant. It was like the media, looking at the media, through the media, via the media, all while those that use and/or attempt to control the media were watching the media watching themselves. It was nuts. Like a hall of mirrors.

But yeah, Twitter has been wonky as fuck over the past week or so, and I’m not the only one that has noticed. YouTube has also been acting strangely, although nothing specific comes to mind other than “it’s been acting weird”. Not to mention that although I don’t use Facebook, the Facebook App appears to be installed on my phone, and it has updated several times over the past week or so.

^Nitzer Ebb – Once You Say (Celluloide Mix)^

This is weird.

The Secret Sun

Meet Your New Gods, part 2: Alien Sex Fiends

His blog is looking more and more like some of the original “Synchrosphere” blogs that I first started browsing back in 2012. Weird shit that appeared to go out of their way to not make any sense. But I later got to thinking that it was likely more to be a case of someone having something to say, and not knowing how to say it, nor who to say it to. People trying to learn how to speak this bizarre language that seemed to simultaneously make sense, and yet made no sense. Especially when you tried to relate it to others.

That’s how I felt when I first stumbled into this bullshit. Completely fucking lost, and surrounded by a bunch of other lost fucks. That may sound pessimistic, but on the contrary, it actually filled me with a great deal of hope. There were some that appeared to have been around for a while, and they had a little better bead on the nonsense. But even that was short lived. To think that you have a grasp on anything other than your own personal life and your own personal experiences? A mistake. Or at least it could be.

I just figured it was an opportunity to learn. An opportunity to learn how to learn, while learning how to teach, without really trying to teach at all.

Whether they know it or not, there are a lot of fucks out there who have helped me immensely over the past 8/10 years.


/me bows to you

^U2 – Mysterious Ways^


Horselover Phat's Subliminal Synchrosphere

Q-Anon. Trust The Plan

There is no plan. You cannot follow the trail of others, all while espousing that you have some plan. I mean yeah, if the plan is “to follow others” then yeah…on course and on target. Best part being, you yourself don’t know who or what that will be followed, nor do you need/have to know. Just watch the radar screen for blips, and when targets of opportunity present themselves…attack. Simple.

Mystery = SOLVED! Next!

^DJ Fronter – Diana (Original Mix)^

It’s late, but I may have one or two stops left in me.


If I Could Turn Back Time

Sometimes when I read certain things, it makes me wonder about just how “connected” we think we are. Do you know every single person in your neighborhood? More than that, are you on speaking terms with them? Good speaking terms? Great speaking terms? I mean like BFF types of relationships with every single neighbor? Cookouts and community sings nightly, with a weekly dance hosted on weekends where all are encouraged to attend?

How about every single person you know/have known. Are you on good terms with them?

Yeah, there’s only so much time, and we have to prioritize our time, so enemies can and do come in handy. Even if you commit yourself to liking anyone and everyone, that favor is not likely to be returned. Certainly not always. Even the sweetest of the sweet are known to have bad days. So with that in mind, what are we talking about. Tolerance?

I could ask. But that would presume that there is answer. Not only that, but there is an answer, and that answer will be provided if I ask. But if the answer is available, why isn’t it given freely, and sans all of the interrogative streams?

I’ve some guesses.

Not that my opinion matters.

That does get me to thinking about membranes tho. How far can a layer of skin stretch, over time, to become something that is almost completely unrecognizable as a layer of skin? That must be what that acne, those pores, that hair, and similar help facilitate and/or prohibit.

What am I talking about? I dunno. Do you?

^MC 900 Ft Jesus UFO`s are Real^

I skipped one on the list, but there’s a reason for that.

Synchromystic Lunatic

Te'ching of Sages

In order for one to understand the dynamics of drowning, does someone need to actually drown? More than that, do you actually need to be there to witness the drowning?

Just thinking and reflecting a bit on the confusion that I personally have struggled with over the years. Finding this Synchrowhatever bullshit didn’t help, it made things worse. But if nothing else, it did give me a bit of a nudge in the direction of keeping myself better afloat. But there are those who want to see you melt. They want to see you out of your element, and they want to see you crushed at your strongest point.

When I was introduced to the concept of Kenosis a few years back, it gave a new spin to an old concept, and was a bit of fresh air. I still cling to that concept, but I don’t really know what it means. I can only keep my shirt open with heart exposed for so long before people are likely to become completely repulsed and start puking. So what is it like to expose your tender side(s) to what appears to be a bloodthirsty mob? I dunno. I’m still writing. Pondering and writing, writing and pondering.

All that said, dumping one religion for another, or one lifestyle for another, or one whatever for another, is a choice that only you can make. Just keep in mind the one constant in that and those scenarios. Yeah…you.

^Melé – Atlantic^

There are so goddamn many sources of wisdom and inspiration in the world, that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. Just because you personally got a bad shake doesn’t mean that you should endeavor to do the same to others. And yet, there are some who seek to do just that. This sometimes has an effect of creating even more contempt within the more acceptable and established streams, which usually winds up making them look like even bigger pricks than the destitute motherfuckers that they seek to eliminate.

Good v Bad = Worse

I was talking to Roob the other day, and mentioned to her that “when you are getting your ass kicked, it really doesn’t matter if God or Lucifer that is doing the kicking.” Point being, it doesn’t really matter if “Good” or “Bad” is kicking your ass, nor under what pretenses. It doesn’t change the fact that there is basically no distinction between God and Lucifer under certain circumstances. But that does raise an interesting point.

God is supposedly tough and more than willing to dish out a beating when a beating is in order, but for the most part, is loving and caring.

Lucifer is supposedly full of hate, and you’ll be getting no sweet sweet love from them under any circumstances.

Yet Lucifer is rumored to be willing to give us all kinds of neato stuff here on Earth. An ass kicking is on order later, but smooth sailing for now.

These were tough concepts for me to tangle with when I was younger. They’re still tough to tangle with now. What if neither of these motherfuckers even exist? What if they DO exist, but they are the actually the same asshat, and they can sometimes be a bit moody?

Guess I’m going to hell now for asking such ridiculous questions and making such ridiculous assumptions. I mean, I thought like this when I was a kid, and so did many of the kids around me. We just tended to talk about such concepts amongst ourselves so as to avoid an ass beating.

^Detlef – JayDee^

The thought of getting your ass kicked makes me think about those Ouija board vids I’ve been watching/reviewing-ish over on my Blogger blog.

In this last one, they went to some “haunted” site where some murders took place about 50 years ago. The people in the vid invoked the name of the man who was convicted of the murders, spent the rest of his life in prison, and is now dead. It got me to thinking…

Q: Erm…didn’t he pay his due and/or dues?

A: Or are you going to pester this fucker forever.

When they later started trying to invoke those that were actually murdered? I turned the video off. Prolly why I’ve had trouble watching their third video. I can see no reason to try and envoke a travesty like that, but that’s just me.

That said, I have thought about the concept of pestering someone who has paid their due and proper. But that’s a slippery slope ain’t it? Some want mercy, others want blood. Some just want control. Especially where there appears to be none.

Weird concept to ponder there.

Establishment of control, where none exists.

Good luck.

^Heaven or Las Vegas – Cocteau Twins cover^


⌉ cade ⌈

⊂ F.O.N ⊃

⌋ apollyon ⌊

^Cocteau Twins – Know Who You Are At Every Age^

7 thoughts on “Visitors = Zero

  1. I’m in a quandary, Cade…

    … I’ve got your missive, all 8 pages, and I have some decisions to make. Firstly, do I post it in one hit, or split it over a several LoL posts…

    *Not that many posts, Clicky… /thinks… Maybe two…*

    … And secondly, should I start on it this evening, or continue watching Deadwood – which is totally fucking awesome! – with you (value added awesomeness. Totally).

    Sew you see, quandary…

    *Aww… /pats snout… Decisions, decisions eh, Clicky…*

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    1. There’s no flaming hurry. Not to mention that you likely got the longest post of the three. Not to mention the shittiest job, since you have to read and edit my bullshit blind.

      I myself am in a quandary as to whether or not divulge any of our “behind the scenes scheming”, but you know what those conditions are already, so really no need to repeat myself as far as my requirements. I give it to you, and you can do whatever in the fuck you want with it. If you want to edit the entire thing to say “CADE IS A COCKSUCKER!!!” over and over again in a “The Shining” kind of motif? Do it. 🙂
      (that would actually be kinda funny)

      I will say that I hate when you have to split posts. It’s like creating more work for you when you’d prefer to have everything in one post. But I also don’t want mingle in your method(s). They are your methods. I like them irrespective of what they are. I like not knowing. I like being surprised. You’ve great judgement too. 🙂

      In short, let’s watch Deadwood and you can deal with the headache and post the shit later. ❤

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      1. Okay. Saturday when you’re sleeping, or should be asleep, I’ll post the missive whole, with surprises, and then you can read it later when I’m sleeping 😀

        *There’s some fabulous wiki wavy walls for you in it, Clicky…*

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