Through The Drinking Glass

I used the pic above in a post over at my Blogger blog last night.

If you look inside the glass, and to the right, you should notice a rather large bubble.

This is just me, but it almost looks like that particular bubble is…pushing.

Gets me to thinking about cavitation.

“Liquid-free” is not “fluid-free”…there’s simply been a change in state(s) with respect to a certain prominence. A displacement.

I wonder if creation of a societal bubble will have a similar effect.

^Jay Lumen – Solar (Original Mix)^

This mess is going to start at my Blogger blog, bounce over to Legiron’s blog, from there to Bucko’s blog, then over to CFrank Davis’ blog.

I’ve been doing some thinking about the concept of Unions. Primarily labor unions, and a potential necessity within the workforce for their return. Labor Unions aren’t very prevalent anymore, and certainly aren’t very vocal. What has filled that void within the public eye?

We all know how successful these things have been. They’ve generated a shitload of memes, which has in turn generated fucktons of revenue streams within the media, and I’m sure there has also been wads of cash made from legal actions, fines and incarcerations. With that in mind…

Q: What is the one thing that is missing from this ever-encroaching corporate and/or governmental takeover of anything and everything?

A: Opposition.

Can’t fight a war if you don’t have anyone to fight. And if your wants and needs cannot be met without a war? Create one.

^Olivier Giacomotto – Bipolar Star (Victor Ruiz Remix) – Noir Music^

In the Northern Hemisphere, is May 10th a weird time to come down with a flu? I only ask because my youngest woke up with 102°F fever today. Sore throat, achy,  fever.

When I was a kid, the flu was a given at least once a year, and twice a year was more common than not. Once in the fall or early winter, one in winter or early spring. You could also count on a cold or two inbetween bouts of the flu, and could also count on one or two viruses during the course of spring/summer/fall. In these parts, “summer” pretty much runs from March to October. Spring and Fall tend to be but glimpses that you will miss if you blink.

What better way to develop an “Artificial Intelligence”, than to develop a scientific system around telling this AI Entity what they aren’t missing, and why they aren’t missing it.

Has an almost…mystical ring to it…eh?

^Thomas Schumacher – Stella (Original Mix) – Noir Music^

This is going to go more or less sequentially, so let’s us entertain some back and forth…


Kingdom Environmental Services – Another Attack on Smokers?

Organised Crime

Plans Always Go Wrong

Sweden. A National Suicide

My chronologicalish ordering is as linear and accurate as a Swiss timepiece if I do say so myself.

What does any of that have to do with Trade Unions? Simple, the general rule is, that if money changes hands, the union wants a piece. So that’ll get us to some of the more abstract types of thinking with respect to commerce and exchange.

  • Some groups want a cut if money/currency is projected to change hands, whether or not any such exchange ever actually happens.
  • Some groups want a cut if money/currency is going to change hands, before it actually changes hands.
  • Some groups want a cut as the money/currency changes hands.
  • Some groups want a cut after the money/currency changes hands.
  • Some groups want a cut from each and every of those transactions.

If you now move away from those direct associations, and think about all of the players involved at all of those intersections? Yeah…a throbbing clusterfuck. You are going to HAVE to include purveyors, facilitators and originators of all kinds, and they are all going to want their cut(s) as well.

^Enrico Sangiuliano – Astral Projection – Drumcode – DC176^

You wake.

You send your kids off elsewhere for someone else to teach.

You leave your partner to their own devices.

You wander off into the world alone.

You navigate through a maze of infrastructures, rules, and regulations that you did not devise.

You quest and strive to arrive at a predetermined place, at a predetermined time, to do a predetermined set of tasks, so as to be paid a predetermined fee.

You backtrack home, utilizing the same streams as before.

Your partner is bored with you.

You may be bored with them.

Your children don’t know you.

You likely don’t know them either.

Q: Who are you?

A: ???

People are weird.

^Demons Exist, and this Man Can Prove It^

It would seem that someone had a dead mouse appear in their life recently.

The first song to pop into my head?

Within the scope of the conversation…well…I wasn’t real forthcoming.

But I will be now. 😉

^Deadmau5 – Word Problems (1080p) || HD^

When the known physical and the less discernible start to mingle in a more detectable way, what is the result?

When the physical and metaphysical start to mingle in a more perceptible way, what is the result?

A personal choice of mine, is to think less in terms of “right and wrong” and more in terms of “possible and impossible”. Once you can contemplate the mechanics of what is or is not possible, it’s much easier to further contemplate the ethical dynamics within the parameters of those things that are actually possible. I mean, if something is impossible, why waste energy on anything contemplative?

OK…so there’s a rub in there. There are many things that are impossible. Not only that, there are many things that are impossible, and then not. That means that I personally spend a lot of time pondering the impossible. If the impossible is conceivable, it’s possible….just maybe perhaps unlikely.

With that in mind, is it possible that there is the potential for commercial interests actually working to keep “science in the science realm(s)” and “mystical in the mystical realms”? These are people we are talking about. Living breathing beings. Even the most staunch of atheists may be trying to crush God out of existence in order to find God. Ever think of that?

Curled up at night under your “I HATE GOD” comforter, surrounded by “Atheist 4 Lyfe” posters on the walls….mind working feverishly to rid God from existence once and for all…then suddenly…


^PropellerHeads – Bang On!^

It’s now Friday evening @ 20:48, and this is where my day took the first of several turns…


It continued…


The conversation went some places from there. I’m not going to post the entirety of the conversation because…well, just because. But her answer continued with this…

Roob: Police Forces are reliant on funding from government and government is reliant on the Police Force to maintain a semblance of order.

And that is kinda where my thinking was as well. Or at least with respect to “human trafficking”. Getting someone somewhere they are going, and the infrastructure(s) to get them there. Making sure that there is a system in place to process people, from inception to completion. Making sure that there are systems in place, above and beyond these, to keep the stream(s) flowing.


You never know what you are going to encounter downstream. Better safe than sorry eh? Leaves plenty of wiggle room to make shit up PRN.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

^deadmau5 – Sofi Needs a Ladder^

If we think of right in wrong more in terms of correct and incorrect, what is left?

BLOOPS! What I should have said was “what remains”?


Oy VEY we need to change directions, and change direction PRONTO!!!

Morgellons disease: the search for a perpetrator

In terms of the presence of bacteria, and thinking in terms of biogeneis, abiogenesis, and tenagenesis, I would imagine that there is a reason that bacteria present on the epidermis differs from bacteria that appears in the gut. Likewise I would also assume that bacteria found in hair follicles of the upper arm are likely to differ from bacteria found in the arm pit(s). Maybe even that bacteria that are found in a cut differ from bacteria that are found on the scalp or under the fingernails or in the mouth. So we could assume that this is likely a regional type of thing. If it’s a regional thing, that means there is more than one clock, and certainly more than one clock that is running.

If we zoom out a bit, and think of “regional” on a more global scale, that should help us to better process the more minute and/or obscure types of energies that we encounter. As such, we can zoom back in a bit, think about our atmosphere, think about regional existence(s), instances, occurrences and propagation(s), which should allow us to merge nicely with our magnetosphere. Many pieces and parts to this weird and magical spinning, grinding, flexing, warping, bowing, flowing type thingy.

Are we thinking electrical yet? What about magnetic? Gravitational? Pressure(s)? Rotational? Directional? Spins, spans and stabilizations? All of that?

Why in God’s name would anyone ever salt a wound? Don’t they know we’ve liquid bandages these days?

Ain’t no one got time for that!

The easiest job in the world has to be coroner. Surgery on dead people. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I mean, if everything went wrong…maybe you’d get a pulse. “Oh Christ honey…I gained one on the table today.”

Dennis Miller

Surely the presence of bacteria couldn’t be indicative of a regional or localized problem…could it? And even if that were so, the simultaneous existence of this bacteria here, that bacteria there, and some other bacteria somewhere else, couldn’t be indicative of an issue that might be damn near completely unrelated to the more localized issues…could it? I mean, we go straight to the local/localized problem, nuke the entire site with antibiotics, wham, bam thank-you-ma’am…DONE!!!

Symptoms = gone … problem = FIXED! Next!

Worker is now ready for re-assimilation into the workforce.

^deadmau5 / Templar [full version]^

There are always forces at work.

Some you can see, some you cannot.

Some you can understand, some you cannot.

Ever taken the time to isolate yourself, and then just stare in a mirror and ponder? Wonder who you are. Where you came from. Is what you see + how you feel the same? Similar?

There are plenty of people that don’t require mirrors very much at all. I am one of those. I basically know what I look like, and most of the time I know what I feel like. But all of that is subject to change.

I spent some time in my youth staring at a mirror that was on the back of my door. What is this face, what is this body, and what is it that others see?

Some would say that my personality developed out of necessity since I’m ugly as fuck.



It’s no wonder that people are said to be obsessed with “health” and/or “being healthy”.  If you can’t change something, change what you can. I mean, I may be ugly as fuck, not very smart and don’t have much money, but I’m healthy as a horse. Just not hung like one. But at least I’ve something to offer….right? I’m healthy? And as long as I remain healthy, I’ve got something.

I guess it all depends on who stresses what qualities…eh?

^The Prodigy – Poison HD 720p^

Let’s see what’s doing here.


I don’t see a British PM as the equivalent of a sitting US President. There is no equivalency in national government(s) irrespective of post, not to mention that the “British Government” is a misnomer of sorts. Not only do you have pretty much 5 sovereign nations just within your own islands, you’ve got Canada, Australia, The Falklands, Anguilla, Bermuda, Saint Helena…shall I keep going? So yeah, similar not same.

So where is our sameness? Easy…local government(s) and local governance. THAT’S where you are going to find your wasp nests. That’s where shit is at it’s dirtiest. That is where “the top of the heap” really lay, and there are likely to be fingers aplenty in all kinds of local pies. If you wanna find the bees that are making the honey, first find the wasps and/or hornets…the bees will be close.

What would be the point in keeping the pressure on the MP/PM levels of government? Easy. The corruption is likely to be most prevalent in the councils. Or is that a fair assessment? Does government rule top down…or bottom up? Or does that pretty much depend on from whence doth spring the largest well that is currently producing the mosteth?

It’s likely fair to say that the challenges we face are similar. If it don’t make money, it dies…period. And we appear to be big on establishment. Established governments and governance. Standing armies. Perpetual healthcare. There is NOTHING that we are not willing to invest in or hedge.

Lemme see how close we are in this.

You vote. Your vote = 100% of your choice for representation within the government. That means, that win or lose, you are and have been accurately and demonstrably represented by you at the polls by casting your vote. You have accepted that “losing” is as much and as good of an option as any, since under this system, everyone gets one vote, someone will win, someone will lose. So in effect, these percentage games that are  being played in the media and elsewhere are 100% bullshit. EVERYONE wants representation, and everyone gets representation by this system. Unless of course, you vote in such a way as to deny someone else their right to representation. And NO ONE would do that…would they?

Strange way of looking at it? Well try this on for size. I, meaning me, am accurately represented at the voting polls by my refusing to vote. I don’t give a fuck WHO it is, I ain’t voting. That is my vote. I don’t have to vote for fuckstick A, nor fuckstick B, nor C through Z. There are LOADS of people involved in the voting process, and they are involved with that process more than just and only on voting day. I trust those people. That’s why they are there…right? It’s no easy feat to setup elections and polling stations and counters and security and transportation and electricity and locations and information and checks and balances and on and on and on. These are people we are talking about. Normal, average, flesh and blood people. SURELY you know someone somewhere that works in some capacity within the electoral process(es). So yeah, I trust them…but yeah, I don’t vote.

If someone tells me all kinds of nice and goody-good stuff? I’m skeptical.

If some tells me all kinds of gloom and doom stuff? I’m skeptical.

If someone tells me anything? I’m skeptical.

That’s what I see when I see politicians advertising themselves. What they have done, what they haven’t done, what they are going to do, what they are not going to do. What they believe in or stand for, and what they oppose. What their political affiliations are, and how great their party is, and what a pack of shitbags everyone else is, and what a pack of losers vote for all those other shitty political parties. It’s a motherfucking trainwreck.

No thanks.

^1 The Chemical Brothers – Push The Button – Galvanize^

Quick thought…

Q: Can you name me one fucking thing on this planet that you oppose?

A: ???

Why aren’t you fixing it yourself? Or is it that you are trying to fix it…just…no luck yet. You’re working on it.

Q: Who are you working for?

A: ???


I love Christopher Hitchens. But he gave Mother Teresa a ration of shit for flying on private planes, staying in posh hotels, shit like that.

  • The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and PracticeWikipedia Link

Point being, if you consider yourself a benevolent person, a patriotic person, an involved person, caring person, whatever…you better get used to paper pants, bamboo flip-flops, grass huts and primitive living conditions, because our views on charity and benevolence and what constitutes them are fucking archaic at best. We like our alabaster idols spotless, without blemish, and worthy of sacrifice. Those unworthy of making the cut are fodder for the jackals.

Q: What does that make you?

A: Yeah, where do you fit in?

Are you a fucking meat inspector or something? How in the FUCK did you find yourself in this position of deciding what and who is worthy, and what they are worthy of?

Sounds like a cushy job.

How’s the pay? What are the hours?

^Lo Fidelity Allstars – Battleflag [High Quality]^

It’s tough to know when to cut yourself off from yourself. You are your biggest fan, and the lion’s share of time in your own life is spent chasing your own dreams and making your own goals and ambitions a reality. Nothing wrong with that. But it sure can be confusing.

You gots deez peeps ova hare tellin’ ya ta luvz yoslef.

You gotz doze peeps ova dere tellin’ ya ta hatez yoslef.

Ya gotta caw-n-template dat deez n doze peepz beez at oddz wif eachutha.

Whazzup wif dat?

Hooby rite?

Hooby rong?

Whar iz I be at?

What iz I bee cum frum?

Which, now that I think about it, where DID you come from?

You realize that this disease only exists because we sometimes prefer machinery over organics…right? Your own terms, your own conditions, your own way.

Doesn’t say much for you yourself, but luckily you are in position to where you can let your own faults slide. Like…in the interest(s) of the greater good(s) and stuff like that.

Better hope them goods is good. Any deviation in quality, productivity and/or workmanship might just get you diagnosed as a schizo, even if you are just having an off day. Afterall, the world does indeed revolve around you…right?

You’ll spend time in the gym tearing your body down so that it will rebuild itself, so why don’t you also take time to tear down your own psyche? Tear down your principles and see where your foundations lay. I mean, if you are happy with yourself> Fuckin’-A good for you. Seriously…good for you.

I do think this is where we may sometimes lose touch with spirit tho. Not willing to pull our deep dark hiddens out and inspect them a bit. Check for termites. Rust. Erosion. Corrosion. Wear. Tear. Magnaflux the metal and check for stress cracks and/or hidden hairline fractures. Do you ever ponder your spirit? Do you even know what spirit is? Or do you let the soul do all the work with respect to the spirit.

Sounds dangerous. Letting the soul do the work of the spirit sounds like…war. And if the war drums are indeed pounding, that means the next sound you hear, will be a call to arms and cries battle. The next sound you hear…will be combat. Oh what a cacophony of sound(s) that must be.

I always figured that others are intimately acquainted with the sounds of combat so that I’d never have to hear them.

Is that what it’s coming down to?

Whatever floats your boat. I ain’t got anything better to do.

/me shrugs

^The Prodigy – Omen [HQ]^

I’m not suggesting that you dig up a bunch of old shit that you’ve likely spent a fuckton of time burying. In fact, I would suggest that doing so can be a fucking mess. You’ll find that there is a lot more in there than just you. You are likely going to feel compelled to start working on more than just and only yourself. If it was irreconcilable then, it may likely still be irreconcilable now. Do you really think it wise to dig up a bunch of old dirt, then go smear it in the face of another? There’s a good chance that this may have a knock-on effect that causes them to tumble and start to stumble, and THEY now have to dig up a bunch of shit that THEY would have preferred left as-is, where is.

But should you feel the need to dig in your own past, maybe give yourself adequate time for reflection. You don’t want to be what you were, do you? I mean, what’s wrong with the you that you are? Who is telling you that you aren’t good enough? Maybe that’s a good place to start. Dream up and load up a fuckton of questions that are for you, and only applicable to you. This means that they should be answerable by you, and no need to involve anyone else. Maybe make note of any questions you yourself cannot answer, and then reflect a bit on the pro’s and con’s of bringing this shit up with whomever it is that you’ve got to bring it up with.

Gideon: Careful, Chief. You dig up the past, all you get is dirty.

Movie = Minority Report

Does that one ring a bell?

God: People underestimate the benefit of good old manual labor. There’s freedom in it. Some of the happiest people in the world go home smelling to high heaven at the end of the day.

Movie = Bruce Almighty

Now that we’ve got a little context, and this context has some contrast(s), let’s think a bit about where wisdom comes from.

Is it possible that there are things to be learned at the cinema?

Dick Jones: I say good business is where you find it.

Movie = Robocop

Is there anything wrong with work?

Is there anything wrong with getting dirty?

So yeah…spirit work. What makes you tick. What drives us to commerce of all kinds. Industry. Labor(s). Fruits of the spirit. (assuming there is such a thing)

I think I’m ready for a game of checkers.

Anyone up for a game or twenty of checkers?

^Intergalactic – Beastie Boys (HD)^

It’s now 2:30 in the fucking morning on Saturday May 12th, so let’s finalize this bullshit with a couple of items that me and Roob talked a bit about.

Operation Cross Country XI


Police appeared to punish victims of Newcastle grooming gangs, review finds

We didn’t discuss any specifics at all really. Come to think of it, we didn’t even talk about the stories. I just went back and perused what was said, and we were both talking about the same thing(s), just different perspectives…globalism.

What we talked about more than anything prolly, was science and health. In order for “science and healthcare” to become the religion(s) that they aspire to be, they are going to need an efficient and effective executive arm. Enforcers and enforcement. You are not only going to have to talk the talk and believe the belief, you are going to have to walk the walk. Step out of line in any regard, and there will be someone there to correct you. So, how does this happen? How does science and health aquire the necessary muscle? Simple…diversify.

I commented that not only has the number of Federal level enforcement agencies increased, but also Federal agencies that are identifying themselves as “police” has also increased. This is frightening.

We all caught up? All on the same page? Can you see where this is going?

Welp, if you can’t see where this is going, you don’t need me to tell you otherwise.

Make up your own goddamn mind.

^Deadmau5 – Bot || HD^

Do you ever hear the term diversification? Do you know what it means to diversify? Ever applied that thinking to other areas of your life?

So, in order to diversify what is/is not legal, you’ve got to define and classify. You must then extend that and those definitions with applicability. This is where shit is going to get tricky, and likely to also get dodgy as fuck. Don’t want to pass a bunch of laws that are applicable to you yourself, so there’s likely to be some tiptoeing.

Q: Does anyone become a cop under the auspices of law enforcement being anything other than a career?

A: ???

Q: Does anyone become a prostitute under the auspices of prostituting oneself being anything other than a career?

A: ¿¿¿

I mean, no one is going to want you after you’ve been fucking a shitload of other people, so a “normal life” is likely off the menu…permanently.

Is there a chance of ever eliminating chance?

How can you define thought crime if thought, thoughts and thinking themselves cannot be defined? So…science defines the crime, health provides the gateway to facilitate the scientific definition process(es), government legislates and enforces, industry capitalizes, people adopt and adapt, society benefits, everyone wins. And we are all about the benefits…aren’t we? I mean, you didn’t diversify your portfolio in the hopes of no return whatsoever. You are banking on a bumper payday. Nothing wrong with that.

Think that government can’t keep you from something by endorsing a medical construct? Hmmm. Maybe get diagnosed with a mental condition and then go and try to get a pilot’s license. Or purchase a firearm. Or adopt a child. Too obvious?

My sister recently told me that one of her co-workers got a DNA test done to trace his heritage, but he got the one that also looks for precursors for disease. Hereditary diseases. I guess they look for “defective” genes. She told me he said it came back with all kinds of horrible shit, and now he’s freaking out.

Don’t try and sell me on the idea that this will not be used as a metric for practices of all kinds, by interests of all kinds. That’s exactly what it is for. You’ve likely already been through a screening process or two in your life, so you should be able to relate.

You are…

A) Relevant

B) Irrelevant

Pick one.

(we'll get back to you and let you know how you did)

^Deadmau5 – Careless (1080p) || HD^

There’s no test that I cannot pass.

Which test(s) I choose to subject myself to, or participate in, is a different story entirely.

But to be fair, it is my story.

^Deadmau5 – The Veldt [Ft. Chris James] (1080p) || HD^




F .O. N


^Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (1080p) || HD^

4 thoughts on “Through The Drinking Glass

  1. How did that chap prove the existence of demons, exactly?

    *Uh? …/rubs eye… By selling his story on television, Clicky?*

    * Vanishing Point? …/flicks lighter…*

    *Heh…/lights up… You’re weird as fuck, Clicky… /drags…*

    Anyhoo… Great post, Cade. If, as you say, no one visits this place, I’ll share a story from work this week. I was privy to a conversation between higher ups about how to tackle the problem of littering. For some context:

    One of the group – let’s call him Media Michael – suggested considering employing a company, who were reported to have had some success in this regard. He provided a media link… as proof?

    Well, I’d only read Bucko’s excellent article on that Kingdom company the evening before. It was a sync…

    *Yeah, I butted in, Clicky! …/flicks ash… As politely as possible, of course… /puffs… I was dealing with higher ups, remember…*

    So I shared Bucko’s link with the group and showed them how Media Michael’s link did in fact back up Bucko’s point entirely…

    */deep drag… demon straighted? Huh… /blows smoke ring…*

    ..And dared to make a suggestion of my own: How about taking a look at how the bigger, Animal Kingdom, views cigarette butt litter?

    Anyway, the upshot was I was thanked by highest of higher ups in the group for my “interesting” interjection, and another – let’s call him Sweep Up Steve – also shared his reservations about the practices of that company from what he’d learn elsewhere…

    *Yeah… /glances up… I guess we have kinda spammed Cade… /stubs butt… Ah, he won’t mind, Clicky – he does it himself…/pats snout… how about a Song?*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. K, now that the day is done-ish, and I’ve now started to properly read your comment…your bit about “chemical warfare” has me to spinning.
      Q: Where does tobacco “grow naturally”?
      Since we are already practicing chemical warfare, let’s go ahead and throw a strategic battle/combat tactic in there.
      Scorched Earth
      Nitrogen Cycle
      Liquid Nitrogen
      Dry Ice
      Lasioderma Serricorne –
      Noble Gas –
      Lightning –
      HERE WE GO!!!!

      ^Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax ‘2 Many DJ’s’ Remix)^

      Noon. (No-On)
      Earlier today, I starting thinking about the concept of “something that allows Tachyons and Neutrinos free-range of travel”. I cannot use the Neutron since it already does the same thing, except backwards. Plus, the Neutron and how I see it working is “more contextual here” and “less contextual there” in it’s workings. So once that you have assembled the base blocks and streams for the simultaneous creation of both organic and inorganic/less-organic molecules and the precursors that create and sustain them, how can you ALSO create a simultaneous “create/destroy” type of mechanism?
      A: Noons.
      Something divides the Neutrons and Neutrinos, and keeps them separate and distinct when and where applicable. Basically, a “failsafe” of sorts that allows both creation.and destruction to be possible within the same stream, based on local need(s).

      I mean, you don’t want to create something that is going to perpetuate within the same context forever…right? If you can start the process, but not stop it, that might go on to create something like…oh…I dunno…erm…a black hole? A white hole? A purple hole?
      WTF?!?!?!? PURPLE HOLE?!?!?!?
      I’ll get back to that later.

      You are going to need something that can start and perpetuate combustion, and you are going to need something to stop and perpetuate the stoppage of combustion.
      You are going to need something like this for each and every process that you undertake.
      BUT!!! More than that…you need something in the middle. Something that is unsure of how to proceed. Something that can tip the balance in one direction or the other.

      If one side is screaming “KEEP GOING!!!”…and the other side is screaming “STOP!!!”…
      Q: Why wouldn’t they be?
      A: That’s their job. It’s what they do.
      Enter…the Noon. (I’ll come up with something better, but for now, No-on works well)
      A something that is paradoxically bound to both processes simultaneously, yet it is neither. Not at odds, nor in favor…no preference. Well, that in itself isn’t entirely correct. The Odd. Better stated, “the odd that is odd amongst the evens and the odds, because it is neither even nor odd, but can be either, or neither.”. I’ve no other way to explain it currently, but I’ll work on it.

      ^Soulwax – Gravity’s Rainbow^

      I’m still floating around that new iteration of SoPi, and this helps.

      So yeah, when we think in terms of elemental production, like say nitrogen, we are likely thinking more in terms of our more recently interests and endeavors. *farming* You can’t just shove a seed in the ground and expect it to grow.

      So yeah, where does tobacco grow naturally? Where does it burn naturally? What about other plants?

      My head is now spinning on curves, convection, atmospheric gyres and flows, continental drift and magnetics, so I’m gonna shut up and stop writing.

      ^Renegade Soundwave The Phantom It’s In There^

      Liked by 1 person

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