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I was recently talking with a certain someone on Twitter, and the topic of posts made over at whatchacallit forums came up. Lots and lots of effort went into lots of posts, and those posts and all that information is gone. I saved most of my stuff locally since I’m weird like that, and I’ve re-posted a lot of the shit from “my” thread. I also saved a lot of the comments that I made in other threads, but I never re-posted those because the context of the thread itself was lost, so re-posting individual comments would be kinda…useless.

Or would it?

Just for the fuck of it…let’s give it a whirl.

Imma go through all my backups, see what’s there, then re-post them in some kind of random order. That should give any crypto peeps goosebumps. They are looking for randomness, and I guess they do so predicated on creating order.


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Let’s start off with something that I never posted anywhere.

This is a comment that I wrote over at the WordsAndSilence blog, but I could not post the comment because I was not a member.

words and silence

Nope…that’s not it.

Words in Silence

Nope…that’s not it.

Words Into Silence

Nope…that’s not it.

Hidden Words: Emotions, Thoughts and Feelings in the Silence

Nope…that’s not it.

word and silence –Β POETRY, HISTORY, MYTHOLOGY

Pretty sure that’s the one. Let’s look up a post from April 5th of 2017, and check to make sure.

Four Goddesses from Old Europe (New Poems)

That’s from April 14th of 2017, and I see nothing from April 5th. Hmmmmmmm. I know that’s gotta be the correct blog tho. I recognize all of the graphics, and I see a like on that post from a certain someone I know…so yeah…where’d the post go? I went month by month using my address bar, there is only one post from April 2017, and there are no posts named “How Best To Teach” that I can find anywhere. Maybe they deleted it?

^deadmau5 / Orca [full version]^

Can’t find it. I’ll post my comment here anyway. It’s not like it was ever posted anywhere anyway. So yeah, this was written for the comments section, but never posted.


Your thoughts regarding teaching are timely with respect to where I am personally in my own disaster of a life. Or at least, it would prolly be classified as timely and possibly even “synchronistic” by an outside observer.

We occupy all different spaces, all in the same space. Maybe the difference in “teaching” and “being a teacher” can teach us something just by thinking about those concepts individually. “How it’s done” or “how it SHOULD be done” is prolly gonna get in the way there. Prolly because everyone wants to “be right” or “wants it done right” with respect to teaching. Which sounds to me like we are doing it incorrectly already. But that’s what rigidy does for us and/or does to us. Right and wrong, or, correct or incorrect…we get “hung-up” on building pillars of an absolute and unshakable construction, as the rest of existence swirls around them. I find that ironic. Iconic…even.

Teaching seems to be more of a “when” than any other interrogative based question I could organize here in some quasi-list of importance rankings.

EX: Is knowledge of “sandal design and construction/manufacturing of sandal footware” important in a time when no one is wearing sandals?

Maybe. Maybe that is when it is most important. At least, to some it may be. Someone is always wearing sandals. Some of us just get a little..erm…”carried away” with our metrics, statistics, and historical data with respect to what is needed and what is not needed and by whom. Because you can take “sandals” out of the above example and put just about anything in its place and ask the same question. But that in and of itself can teach us a bit about standards and standardization. Because many of the examples listed in both your article and the comments, are standard(s) to some, and no so much to others.

Does it make me something less just because I have not read Jung? I’ve been all over this Synchronicity business for the last few years. But I still refuse to read Jung, outside of my reading about the specific event that led Jung to coin the term “synchronicity.” Some might say…”welp, you fucking IDIOT!!! Why haven’t you read Jung?!?!? Maybe you should go to the source, and actually take the time to read Jung’s work/works if you want to know about “Synchronicity.”

My answer to that would be…”Erm…no. If I want to know about Jung personally, or Jung’s personal thoughts on Synchronicity, I’ll read Jung.” I mean, I intend to someday. I would like to. But being told to do this or do that, or do this this way or do that that way…just kinda…spoils the adventure. Seems…mechanical. Seems to leave me out entirely. I mean…I didn’t know Jung personally, nor did he know me. Hell…the guy never knew that I personally would ever even exist.

Mike Ridenour made some great observations, and told a great tale in his comment(s). But I find an irony in his “go outside” observation. “Outside” was the place where I got beat-up a lot as a kid. Is it really a wonder that youth wants to stay indoors? Especially with their parents and teachers telling them how many terrorists and murders and rapists and godless politicians live in their world. I think maybe that “old” has trouble understanding “new” when they conclude that “new should be old.” Or at least, “the new” should be like “the old.” It’s confusing. Or at least, it can be. Maybe when we put on that “I’m A Certified and Licensed and Ordained Teacher who has been doing this shit for a long-assed time you worthless whippersnapper” hat, that’s when things get all bent. But, maybe reflect on “when you originally put that teacher hat on” with respect to relative times, and that will help out a bit.

EX: A teacher teaches 10 year olds.

Q: How long have you been teaching?
A: 5 years.

Seems to me, that you are less experienced than the persons you are teaching.
No wonder kids always seem so smart eh? πŸ˜‰

Anyway…thanks for the read Tim. And thanks for giving me a place to espouse my nonsense to any now rotting brain that suffered through reading my thoughts. πŸ™‚


That’s all of that one. Good thing I took the time to write that shit down…eh?

^The KLF – Last Train To Trancentral (1991)^

Was just cruising through the comments that I made over at whatchacallit forums, and there aren’t that many…only 23. That sounds about right.

This is from a thread called “Power Button”, and I guess I made it on March 30th of 2016. Just opened the backup, and there are two posts contained within…not one.

Post 1


AND…airplanes are really completely hollow. (Unlike modern buildings) This is a aircraft engineering design flaw following God/god(s)/nature’s design flaw of bird’s bones. See all of those ribs in the wing sections and the empty spaces between? There is nothing there but air. No fuel tanks, no fuel manifolds, no hydraulic lines/systems, no wiring, etc., etc., etc.. Having worked around these things for years as a fueler where we hook up to these empty wings to fuel them with 4″ hoses, I can tell you that the wings are very rigid when it’s on the ground. But as soon as they are in motion…they turn into liquid jelly water.
(BTW, we don’t actually put fuel in there since there’s nowhere to put it. We just stand there for an hour or so and look at magical gauges that pretend to indicate thousands of pounds of flammable liquid.)

This is why airplanes rarely work and are always falling out of the sky even when they do. They are an abberation of nature full of manmade flaws because mankind is unkind and evil and stuff.

Personally having seen the towers in person with my own eyes several times, most people have no idea just how fucking HUGE these buildings were. The ONLY way they could have come down is if every bit of steel was either turned molten in the entire building all at once, or sliced intentionally with shaped charges like those used in controlled demolition. Don’t even THINK that there may have been existing issues remaining from the 1983 bombing, nor that the fact that it’s right on the river/constantly pumping water out of that area because it’s sinking from the weight…blah blah blah….LIES!!!

Just look at every other instance where a large modern jet aircraft has run into a highrise building or skyscraper. In every single instance…the building survived due to it’s indestructible structural steel and SOLID concrete frameworks. Unlike aircraft, these buildings are built to last forever. Even if a coupla hundred ton aircraft slams into them. The buildings that HAVE fallen due to other causes never fall at freefall speed. They always fall at …erm…whatever speed they fell at speed. Radar guns and Satellite GPS confirms this as fact. You can’t dispute facts that are indisputable and conclusively accurate.

Aircraft are pressurized…buildings are pressurized. Bringing two pressurized things together at over 500 mph should cause BOTH to explode. That didn’t happen. One exploded, one fell over at freefall speed. Well, two and two actually…but we have better and more video of the second plane. AND…don’t forget that the earth spiins at 1000 mph, so since airplanes fly…these two pressurized objects really hit each other at 1,500 mph or so.

Since we have such a huge database of information about…

a: aircraft that crash all the time
b: aircraft that “unintentionally/accidentally” crash into buildings
c: aircraft that “intentionally” crash into buildings
…we know there is a coverup. Why else would they not release information about this one particular event, when this kinda thing happens all the time.

Gee…I wonder if a New Yorker would be passionate about having personally lived through that experience. Meaning, sure we all did…but being there…there’s always something different about that experience of seeing something in person with your own eyes. Even when and if they are disbelieving eyes.

I don’t know if there were a pair of believing eyes on the planet that day.

I ❀ NY


Post 2


NOW look at what has happened! What the FUCK is a TIE Fighter doing in this thread?!?!?

HOLY SHIT!!! NOW LOOK!!! TWO!!! TWO TIE FIGHTERS!!!! Two TIE Fighters in the same picture…IN THE SAME THREAD!!!

They look identical to me. Digital image trickery and editing to the MAX! It’s an inside job. Three TIE Fighters, two pictures, one thread…it’s UNCANNY! The can of worms is out of the bag, and we are onto you inside jobbers.

Note the “weathering” on the sides. THERE IS NO WEATHER IN SPACE!!!!

I wonder if those are for sale on Ebay or something?


And that’s that. Without the context of the original thread, does any of that make any sense? I’m betting that at least some of it does.

Can we use the contents as a medium for gauging a certain storyline? There are going to be at least two storylines, so does my personal observation(s) add to one and detract from another?

Maybe I think too highly of myself. No fucking WAY that anything I have to say is important enough to matter to anyone or any thing.

^Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground – Official Video [HD]^

I just looked at a few more of my backups, and I’m going to have to give this a bit of a think. Mainly because I tend to include images and music or videos in many of my comments.

When I was re-posting all my crap over at my Blogger blog, it was a little bit easier to format. Or maybe I just haven’t given enough thought to what is going to be involved in re-posting things over here. Yeah…prolly that. It took me a while to come up with a reasonably readable format for over there, so it’s prolly gonna take some time to come up with something for over here.

I’m not posting this shit in any particular order, so I can prolly separate the “all text” comments from those that contain images and/or videos.

Prolly not going to be many of those.

/me shrugs

^freefall feat. jan johnston-skydive orig mix^

Looks like this one was posted on September 29th of 2016, and it was posted in a thread called “Mirroring”.

September 29th of 2016 was a Thursday.


No idea.


Lesse…so I’m gonna make an attempt using “my” formula here…

∞ = -1 + 0 + 1 = ∞
So…well take this step by step…left to right first. (Go ahead and think simultaneousness tho)
∞ = 1 + 0 + -1 = ∞

And also…maybe this will help…

{[(tic) + (toc)] + [(toc) + tic)]} + {[(tic) + (toc)] + [(toc) + tic)]} = 1
{[(tic) – (toc)] – [(toc) – tic)]} – {[(tic) – (toc)] – [(toc) – tic)]} = -1
{[(tic) + (toc)] + [(toc) + tic)]} + {[(tic) – (toc)] – [(toc) – tic)]} = 0

So…there are many more combinations here…but this should get us going…just think “tic toc’s clock”…oh…and don’t forget “X”.
OH! And if you think about the torus? Yeah, and maybe Hawking radiation, and maybe “bent” or “curved”)

∞ = -1) + 0 + 1 = ∞ = 0 + 1 = ∞
0 + 1 = ∞
(Think of the above in motion as you move left to right)

∞ = -1 + 0 + (1 = ∞) = (∞ = 1) + 0 + -1 = ∞
(∞ = 1) + 0 + -1 = ∞ = 1 + -1 = ∞
(The flip is kinda important…Think: observer(s)…yeah…swirlie, spinny, spinning thingies)

So here’s what we wind up with.
1 = 100% of 1
0 = 100% of 0
-1 = 100% of -1
—>(3.14 = 41.3)<—
Why I did that, and what we are looking for is “0”. (yeah…big crunch/big bang)

∞ = -1 + 0 + 1 = ∞
(∞ = -1 + (0) + 1 = ∞)
Oh my!!! (ΒΏWTF?) What I did there…do you see it? (Think: Big Swirl…\0/ …HOORAY!)

(∞ = -1 + (0) + 1 = ∞)
(∞ = 1 + (0) + -1 = ∞)

(∞ = -1 + )0( + 1 = ∞)
(∞ = 1 + )0( + -1 = ∞)

(∞ = -1 + (0( + 1 = ∞)
(∞ = 1 + (0( + -1 = ∞)

(∞ = -1 + )0) + 1 = ∞)
(∞ = 1 + )0) + -1 = ∞)

boom Boom BOom BOOm BOOM !BOING! MOOB mOOB moOB mooB moob

Now that you’ve got Pi on the brain, as well as hopefully swirlies (Galaxies…planets, stars…shit like that)…
—>-1 + 0 + 1<—
Time 1 + 0 + Time 2 = X
2 Times + No time = Eternity
Infinite Time Forwards —>
Infinite Time Backwards <—
Infinite “Non-Time/No Time” = —><— = <—<— = —>—> = —<>— = All Time

SO…yeah…and shit like that…um..going forward…I’m thinking “origins”. (Meaning yeah…I’m trying to figure out my own shit as I go here) So “-” originates from the left…and “+” from the right. (Think Omega, Tachyons)
3.14…. “.” = “0” (Think: Scope and/or focus…Hint: Zoom in…Zoom out.)
(-)3 + .0. + 1 = 4
(See the Omega yet? Think…up and over and through zero at the same time…hello Neutrinos! Precursor to the Neutron)

So…back to
—>(3.14 = 41.3)<—
See infinity?

(-)3 + .0. + 1 = 4
4 = 1 + .0. + 3

Um…Please…don’t um…plug this into Pi just yet. Please? If you have computers looking for “Zero” …you willΒ find it. (Assuming the world’s power grid and computers crunching the first infinity of three required to find “Zero A” survive and don’t completely fucking meltdown)

Shit will start to get REAL fucking crazy real fucking fast. Just…trying to be um…very careful.
As a matter of fact, I’m stopping here.

Just keep something very very important in mind here. Find the beginning…find the end. Make sense? Now…think about this…we’re here. So is the Universe. It’s been done…great success (nod to Borat)…we’re here. Be careful.
:love: :teleport: 😈 :teleport: :love:


Just stepping through some stuff and trying to think out loud as I worked my way through it.

Q: DUDE!!! Why would you walk through shit like that for all to see?!?!?!? Why not just wait until you’ve got it all figured out, and THEN…post the results?!?!?

A: What if someone else can see something that I can’t?

A problem with redux is that everything is missing.

EX: A frying pan.

Do you know how frying pans are made/manufactured? Do you know where the materials came from? Do you know how they are designed? Do you know how the machines that make frying pans, are themselves made? Do you know where to find a frying pan for purchase? Or do you simply know that you prefer to use olive oil instead of margarine when cooking?

I also posted a music video at the end of all that nonsense above. It’s around here somewhere.


─ ─ ─

| c Y a |

─ ─ ─







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