WordPress … Can … Die

I killed it rather easily last night.

Wanna know how?

Wanna know why?

The Short: I killed it for a friend.

The Long: Maybe my killing WordPress will help you too.

Let’s fine doubt.



If you are someone, and you are also a someone that uses WordPress, you may have an issue and/or issues with it at some point.

I’ve found that working with the visual editor can be quite tedious. But I’ve been making myself write here so that I can see how it works. Watch for quirks. Watch for changes. Granted, I’ve not yet really tried to break the editor. Yes, I sometimes actually try and break things…and I am quite good at it.

So anyway, I guess it’s fair to say that I did not actually attempt to break the editor last night. What I did was, I did a certain something to see if the editor broke in the process. It did.

You are likely wondering what was it that tipped me off that maybe a certain something might cause the editor to break. Easy…yesterday, I sent RooBeeDoo a new whatever/missive.


^DIMMU BORGIR – Council Of Wolves And Snakes (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)^

Any missive that I write, I write it in OpenOffice’s Writer, then send the text file over to Roob. Since switching to OO Writer,  I’ve tinkered a bit with the formatting to ensure that there is nothing to inhibit her from copying the entire contents, then pasting it directly into the WordPress edit window. I’m not saying this is what she does, because I do not know what she does, but I personally format the document so that she has the ability to do this if she wants to. I achieve this by removing all hyperlinks from the OO Writer document before sending it to her.


Acting on a hunch…and well after I had sent her the document yesterday, I opened yesterday’s whatever back up, and I noticed I had accidentally left two hyperlinks in the document. FUCK!!!!!!!! Ya see, OO Writer automatically parses any/all urls, and adds a hyperlink. That means, I have to manually remove any hyperlinks that OO Writer adds. I missed two. FUCK!!!

Q: I wonder if that caused her an issue?

A: I’ve no idea if she even opened the fucking thing, let alone began editing it.

But let’s just assume that she did open the document, she did copy the contents, then paste them into the WordPress editor…would those two hyperlinks I left have potentially caused her a problem? FUCK!!!

Suddenly…I’ve got an idea.


^Ghost – Rats (Official Music Video)^

I’m going to make an assumption, that Roob may have already started to create a new post on her blog, copied the entire contents of the OO Writer document into the WordPress editor, and she had an issue. SO!!! What I’m going to do, is remove the two hyperlinks from the OO Writer document, then do the same. This should reveal if – assuming there indeed is an issue – the residual hyperlinks are causing an issue.

BOOM!!! WordPress Visual Editor  = DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep…it died.

It struggled, and struggled, and struggled some more…then died, and took my browser with it.

AH HA!!!! So…there is an issue, but it’s likely not the hyperlinks that remained.

SO!!!! What could the issue be?


^BODY COUNT – All Love Is Lost feat Max Cavalera (OFFICIAL VIDEO)^

The first thing that I did, was went back, and copied each and every section, piece by piece, into the WordPress edit window.

No issues were observed. But then…

…wait…none of the images will let me center them? WTF?!?!?

Is it that first image’s size that is causing an issue? Or are the images and Tweets doing battle with the YouTube videos? Every single image that I click on…there is no option to position the image. The only two options I am given are “edit” and “delete”, and that’s it. Let’s see how much we can learn here

I stepped backwards, removed all of the images, tweets and videos in the middle, and once I finally removed the very first image, then removed the remaining whitespace…yep…all images are now positionable/the menus for the remaining images are back.

I’ve got more work to do here.

There are a few more things that I want to try.



Two things that we can assume at this point…

  1. There is indeed an issue
  2. It appears not to be the embedded hyperlinks

Basically, I’m able to troubleshoot in two different places at the same time.

  1. Roob is likely to have had an issue or two
  2.  I am likely to encounter similar and/or same issue(s)

But how did I know that Roob had an issue? Just a feeling. A hunch. So, I chased it, and indeed there was an issue. But I also have to assume that Roob may not have had any issues.

So!!! What I am NOW going to do, is copy the entire contents, but not the URL to the very first image. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that the very first image is causing the/a issue, so let’s give that a whirl.


Manually copy in the link to the first image…and… … … BINGO!!! It’s positionable!!!


There’s an image towards the bottom that is borked. You cannot position it.

Gonna go tell Roob that A) she may have issues editing this one, and B) I think I know which two images are causing the issue.

Also will tell her that I think the Tweet embedding and the image embedding functionalities are doing battle for some reason.

Let’s see what she says.


^Alice In Chains – The One You Know (Official Video)^

My gut feeling has been right-ish from the start.

  1. There are issues.
  2. She’s not yet begun to even work on the fucking thing.
  3. It’s her birthday for chrissakes…why should she be editing this bullshit on her birthday?

Not sure where this feeling came from, but it’s here, it’s correct-ish, so let’s keep going.

Roob has access to something called “ye olden WordPress editor”…I’ve no idea what that is, but she’s told me a bit about it. I guess WordPress has “upgraded” their functionality in the last year or so, and because she’s been with them for a while, she has access to the old editor. It appears that she is able to do things that I cannot do. Such as, using the old editor, she can save her blog post whenever she damn well feels like it…I, cannot. 😐

It’s at this point, that I am going to leave her to do her thing, and I will continue to do mine. Maybe if I keep going the way that I am, my labors will help someone somewhere at some point.


^Devo – Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy^



It’s mosquito season in some parts of the world.

In other parts of the world, it’s ALWAYS mosquito season, but we’ll leave Finland/Suomi out of this.






^Mosquito Magnet HORROR !!!^

Removed the two problem images, and that appears to have worked. But as I started cruising down and looking at the images, I noticed that they are all b0rked. The images show up, the the alignment menu is unavailable if I click on an individual image. But Ive also noticed, that all of the Tweets are screwy looking. Like they too are trying to span the entire page. Perhaps the YouTube videos and Tweets are battling, and the images are suffering the consequences?

I’m sick and tired of having to bounce back and forth between editing two posts in WordPress, so I’m now going to open two different edit WordPress edit windows in two separate browser sessions, and see if that makes things any worse.


^Ministry – We’re Tired Of It^

So far…so good.

I’ve got this post open in one browser window, and I’ve got my test post open in another. No issues with that…whew!

Tried copying in the first section, without the first image…no joy.

Tried copying in the first section, then copying in the second section…no joy.

This now leads me to believe that the issue exists between the first YouTube video, and the next embedded image.

If I watch the status bar on my browser, it appears that YouTube videos get handled first, then images and/or Tweets get handled next. So I’m assuming that there is some disparity that exists between the sizing of YouTube videos and images. That would likely cause issues with the sizing of any embedding elements as any issue is likely to cascade. Hmmmm.

I’ve had issues with the size of YouTube videos ever since I started this fucking blog. So that gets me to wondering about the nature of the back-end of WordPress, and how it handles any preformatting with respect to a blog’s template. One would think that little to no consideration(s) would be given to a blog’s template until you actually try and preview an individual post, but that’s not guarantee that it’s not happening. WordPress appears to try and make anything and everything interoperable, so it’s possible that they are doing some guesswork as to how the post will display before you even try and display it.




I’m gonna have to edit my goddamn WordPress template.


I do not want to create problems where they do not exist. But I also do not want to have to go in and add all kinds of side menus/menu bars in order to get YouTube videos to display properly.

As such, it looks as tho that’s exactly what I’m going to have to do.




^LORD OF THE LOST – On This Rock I Will Build My Church (Official Video) | Napalm Records^

I guess this is where I’ll stop, go fuck with my blog layout, then start all over again.

Not implying that the effort(s) have been wasted.

They’ve not.

I’ve learned a thing or three.

Just really don’t want a bunch of menus that I don’t need cluttering up my blog.

Guess I’ll just have to get clever.

Heh …heh… heH


^AT THE GATES – Daggers Of Black Haze (OFFICIAL VIDEO)^


| c|Y|a |


c – FREAK .O. NATURE – a


^Judas Priest – Troubleshooter^

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