The Need To Zero


Hello there.

I hear tell that WordPress has a new editor…or says RooBeeDoo.


Yep…looks like a new editor is gonna up level me into another dimension.

The thing is, it looks like I have to make a conscious decision to use this new up editor.


Why is it that no one ever wants to level down?

Going down can be fun…in the right company of course.

^Netsky – Memory Lane^

As stated previously, someone has mentioned to me in passing that there is a new editor here, and my first reaction was to rush over here and make a post to see what’s up. However, it appears that you must make a conscious decision to use this new editor. The hair on my neck is already wanting to stand up, and likely would stand up were I not such a hairy motherfucker.

When I announced my intentions, Roob stated that the new editor “would be perfect for my style of writing”. When she said that, what immediately popped into my head was “blocky”. Segmented. Anyway, even tho I don’t recall her specifically saying she was having issues, she sounded a bit as if maybe she was indeed having some issues with the new editor, had made mention that the new editor appeared to be geared perfectly for missives, so I asked her if she wanted a new whatever. She said yes, requested “a convo”, and so I banged one out for her. I kept it short. Short is my middle…well, yeah that. If there’s one thing I can do, it’s short.

Sent that over to her yesterday, and incidentally, she just DM’d me on Twitter and said the new post is ready. She also mentioned that “this took a bit of time to do”. Rut roh.

Oh FUCK!!! It just occurred to me, that if #WordPress has upgraded their editor, Roob is likely no longer able to switch back and forth between her old old editor and the new old editor. Oh shit…she’s prolly gone and lost a lot of functionality she relies upon.


^Kove – Tonight^

Here’s the new post…

- - - \ / - - - \ / - - - \ / - - - \ / - - -

Missive From ‘Merica: Editor!

- - - / \ - - - / \ - - - / \ - - - / \ - - -

I’ve not even looked at the new post yet, but…

A) It sounds as tho she had a rough go of it, and

B) it sounds as tho once you “try” the new editor, there is no going back.

Now, to be fair, I don’t know if she was talking about her losing her old old editor, or if she meant that once you “try” the new new editor that you are stuck with it. I guess I’m about to find out.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I’m gonna write a bit more before starting a new post with the new new editor. I just figure that the new new editor would automatically open when I started a new post, but it didn’t happen that way. As a result, I’m going to open a post that has been sitting in my drafts folder for the past 4 months, then see what happens when I try and edit something using the new editor, that was originally created in the old editor. I wanna be as thorough as I can. 🙂

^Sigma – Slow Down (ft. Jetta) (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)^

Frank Davis has a new post up today, and I didn’t get very far before I had to stop.

- - - \ / - - - \ / - - - \ / - - - \ / - - -

Soft Fascism

- - - / \ - - - / \ - - - / \ - - - / \ - - -

“Soft” fascism. Le yikes. I hate shit like this. It reminds me of getting a spanking when I was a kid, and my parents saying to me “Oh quit your crying!!! It doesn’t hurt that bad!!!” Oh yeah? Gimme that belt and lemme whack the fuck out of you with it 20/30 times and then lemme hear your opinion as to what is/is not hurt. I think parents sometime forget just how painful pain is. I wonder if people can forget how painful a type of government is, and especially a certain type of government under a certain regime? Supposedly, Democrats love America, but hate Trump. So maybe it’s not that you mind sailing on the Titanic as much as it’s that you care who the captain is.

The first thing that popped into my head upon actually starting to read the post was, wait…if you were a young person looking for a principle to guide you on your path, and you chose Conservative, that would mean that you’d chosen to stay right where you already are…no real path to follow there. Conservative means that you rarely go anywhere, you rarely do anything, and even when you do, you don’t go far and/or don’t do much. But that’s when it really hit me. Conservatives are primarily concerned with the preservation of things as they are. However, in practice, Conservatives tend to think that virtually anything and everything is broken and needs fixing. Well, anything and everything that isn’t them. See, Conservatives are already perfect, so they themselves and their constituents are fine and dandy. You’re a broke-assed piece of shit who needs to either convert…or perish. You want things to stay the same? All you need to do, is change.

All that aside, I’ve never really thought about a political ideology as being reflective of motion. Maybe I’m not wording or expressing that correctly. Let’s put it like this, if you are a kid who likes to have weekends off? Don’t be a Christian. You’ll be at church most of the day Sunday, if you aren’t at church you are forbidden from doing anything, and if you’re like me, much of Saturday will be chores or some kind of family something. Using that same logic, if you want to go places, Conservatism is likely not for you. Of course, I don’t really see Liberalism being any different as they also want to stay exactly where they are, and think you and everyone else should too. Misery loves company I guess.

Just seems to me that trying to sub-qualify something that is already more or less well formed? Kinda…dodgy.

^Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Until The World Ends^

We like to zero things. Gives us a better indication as to where we stand at any given moment. Of course, I’m wondering if a static representation of a dynamic really can be considered zeroed. Approximated maybe, but certainly not zeroed. And I guess what I’m thinking here is primarily metrics. Let’s use that famous one as a base.

E = MC²

K…so…we’ve us a static equation. Mass and TSOL are dynamic. Perhaps TSOL is a shade more static here than elsewhere, but it’s still dynamic. Especially when you start tinkering with it.

That’s just one example.

Those are a few more examples of how light prolly doesn’t forever and always travel at the same speed. That said, there’s also things to consider like proximity and direction. Plus, does anyone give a shit as to the speed(s) darkness moves at? Anyway, we’ve got our equation (E = MC²) that allows us to more or less zero something under a certain set of circumstances. Ironically, a Tweet just popped up on my feed as I was writing this…

Teach principles not formulas.

Richard Feynman

Thanks for the help dude.

Q: Do darkness and light move at equal speeds? Maybe more or less equal speeds?

A: ?¿? ¿?¿

Maybe they sometimes move at equal speeds opposite eachother. Prolly some lensing going on there, and prolly some velocity and angular adjustments as they move to and from eachother and/or become entangled based on some relative path. Think of tides maybe. Thant’s kind what I’m thinking about as I picture the sun, moon/stars and light/darkness rising and setting. /shrug

^Dimension – Techno^

Why do intelligence agencies only focus on threats and/or threat assessments? Seems to me, that with access to all of that information, you’d eventually start seeing some stuff other than just and only what is/is not dangerous to national security.

Speaking of which, anyone ever heard of something along the lines of a submariners code? If that rings any bells with you, I won’t have to explain what it is.

Just thinking about about channels and channeling, pathways that information travels upon…shit like that.

^Dan Caplen – Trouble (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)^

Ya know, we’ve gotten a fuckton of rain so far here this fall. I wonder if water in the soil is responsible for some of the temperature regulating processes, and if so, is a higher water concentration in the soil more likely to keep the ground cooler in winter? If so, will that be more likely to make the ambient air temperature warmer or cooler? Lots of cyclical considerations I would imagine. I read something recently that said there are currently almost no sunspots on the sun, and that was projected to make this winter colder than normal. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but what about the southern latitudes? I mean, it’s spring there. Is it gonna be colder there as well? Or warmer. And is that only on land? Or at sea as well.

^deadmau5 – Drama Free (feat. Lights) [Official Video]^

Yeah, some people/groups need to zero anything and everything.

Think I’ll zero this post and go do something quasi-constructive-ish.

I’ll zero that too.

^deadmau5 & Mr. Bill – 10.8^






^deadmau5 – Strobe (2014 Live VIP Special Intro Edit)^

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