Coup Laid



Ya know, I really don’t know what I’m doing here.

Do I have a WordPress account? Yes.

Do I use my WordPress account? Not really. It’s primarily for emergency use only. I created a WordPress account so that I could troubleshoot WordPress issues when my friend and co-worker RooBeeDoo was/is having issues. Maybe utilize WordPress in a remote way to give remote assistance to my remote friend. See what she is seeing. But you know what? Roob has not complained about WordPress in quite a while.

Do I have a problem with WordPress? Not really, no. Google provides me with a free email account. In fact, I have quite a few GMail accounts, have had them for years, so why not show a little loyalty/customer appreciation if Google offers their own free blogging service? Google has given me something, give something back. As long as the damn thing does what I need it to do, no real reason for me to use WordPress…right? That is of course, unless I’m a writing snob and WordPress is filled with writing snobs, in which case I might wanna turn my nose up at Blogger and use WordPress.

Do I write WordPress blog posts? Well, yes…kinda. Have written damn near 150 blog posts that were posted on a WordPress blog over the past few years. The blog in question is not mine tho. Belongs to someone else who asked if I’d like to write blog posts for her blog, and her blog is a WordPress blog, so yeah…WordPress, I have no problem with it.

We’ve come full circle in the internal information loop.


Q: What am I doing here on Monday 25 November 2019 writing a blog post on my WordPress blog?

A: Not a fucking clue.

Had an urge, here I am.

^Front 242 – Official Version – 02 – Rerun Time^


Not even been here in months. So why, when reading my Blogger stats this morning, did I have a sudden urge to not just and only pop by WordPress, but to come here for the specific purpose of writing a blog post? More than that, do you the reader care? You may care about your own impulses, but not mine.

And no, I did not get laid last night. Just been thinking about kool-aid the past few days.

Kool-aid and the people that drink it.

What’s the generic term for kool-aid? Flavored drink? Artificially fruit-flavored drink?

“Drinking the Kool-Aid” is usually associated with the Jonestown Massacre.


Jonestown – Deaths In Georgetown

K, so, yeah, I have some ideas about maybe why I’ve been thinking about kool-aid, and the need(s) for it to not only exist, but exist in some different flavors/flavours. But no, why I felt the urge to write about it here at WordPress…no idea.

Lets share the kool-aid I’m thinking of after a break, courtesy of Mac DeMarco.

^Mac DeMarco // “Ode to Viceroy” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)^


Coupla days ago, did a search on YouTube for “documentaries” (without quotes), and stumbled onto a video about the above topic(s). Had never heard a name nor names for the phenomenon, but I instantly knew what they were likely going to talk about, and that was “connecting/reconnecting with the planet we live on”. The fact that they’ve give it a name and/or names? Yeah, kinda heartbroken a bit, but I understand why they might try and label it. Might even understand why they’d try and package it. Maybe even why they’d try and sell it. The problem is, whoever these people aren’t going to be the only interested parties.

Mineral Wells, Texas

Fort Worth Stockyards


Lithia Water

Crazy Water

Crazy Water

Acqua Pazza (Food)


Lithium (Medication)

Lithium Toxicity

Lithium-Ion Battery

Snake Oil


Grounding (Metaphysics)

Ground Loop (Electricity)

Ground (Electricity) (Redirected from Earthing)






What Do Doctors Do When They Have No Idea What’s Wrong With You

When Doctors Don’t Know What’s Wrong

“Nutric People:” How to Recognize and Attract Them

5 Awful Lessons I Learned Living With a Mystery Illness


Now that we’ve got a base in basis, Here’s the documentary.

Oh, and if you are wondering what’s up with all the contextual references? Welp, if you want a picture, I suggest you paint one. We’re dealing with picture puzzles here, not necessarily pictures. Not to mention, there’s likely to be some scars and scarring.

Was is was, and that’s all was is anymore. Sorry. 😦

^The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding (full documentary)^

Le sigh. Lots of good stuff in there, but yeah…le sigh. Why am I sad? Easy, the process is the important part, and not the people. The process has already become so important, that only the message matters.

  1. Get in line
  2. Pick up the product
  3. Now, get lost.

Someone found the well, gave the well a name, the contents are being packaged in a coll and slick way, distributed, and no one gives two fucks about the consumer. Well, cept the happy ones. I saw only believers and converts in the documentary. And for a documentary of only 1 hour and 15 minutes, it’s a pretty goddamn short documentary. Seems like there should be at least some real estate in there for the negative side(s).

Wait…the believers and converts in this case ARE the negative side(s). It’s the positive ones that were in no way, shape or form, given any representation. How bout that eh? Might come back to bite the filmmakers down the road. Just sayin’. Just digressin’.

I’ve been on this exact path for about 11 years now. Yes, grounding. Or earthing. Or grounding/earthing. Or whatever in the fucking fuck. Just call the goddamn thing “SO” for “shoes off” or something. Don’t make the implication that people are required to purchase gadgetry for their homes and elsewhere in order to participate. And yeah, I’m talking about those grounding pads for the bed and floor, plus whatever all that other stuff was that they were hooking up to people’s hands. No direct mention that you needed to buy these things, but there sure as shit was a lot of allusion to the fact that you needed to get some. Only one mention of “free” in the whole goddamn doc, although I admit that there was also allusions to simply taking your shoes off and/or rolling around in the grass naked.

If you haven’t guessed by now, yes, I’m looking for kinks in the armor. That’s my job. Find weakness(es), and explore them. Wring it out. Put my own ass on the line to test and try. Do everything I can to break the fucker in any and every possible and conceivable way. This ain’t a popularity contest. Not for me it ain’t.

^Gary Numan – Metal^

Would really cool to know why in the hell YouTube videos show up so fucking huge on my WordPress blog. My guess is that it’s the template that I use, but even then, seems like WordPress would want whatever wrapper they are using to embed the videos to have some maximum sizes that are a little more…less large.

That’s another reason I don’t use WordPress more. I selected my template, customized it, and I don’t want to change it. Everything I’ve written up to this point was written with this template in mind, and any changes I make to it may make all the old posts look even shittier than they already do.

Maybe someday I’ll look into it further, but previous searching and searches as to what makes the videos so large + what makes the videos break the tables on the comment? Not much luck. In fact, no luck at all other than maybe the template.

Q: Why would WordPress offer a template they they know breaks tables in the comments?

A: ???

Just thinking out loud.

^Sheppard – Geronimo^

You, as a person with an illness that is looking for help? You’re gonna have to do some soul searching. If you’re wanting some magic pill to cure you just so you can get back to your normal life, you’re possibly going to be disappointed. That life is changed, and may even be gone completely. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything, but we are talking about grounding here. Being grounded means a lot more than just taking your shoes off. You’re going to need be grounded in all kinds of ways. There are going to be many people who are somewhat less than thrilled with your “miraculous” recovery. They’ll have questions. Doubt(s). Suspicion(s). Perhaps even jealousy. Contempt. They may even come to revile you and your new life. Wonder not only how this has happened, but also “why now?” You’ve gained something, but they’ve lost something, and got nothing but you in return. And it’s a new you at that. That old you is gone. Lemme splain.

You get sick, and those around you are gonna have to make adjustments to their own lives in order to accommodate an illness they themselves do not have, except via you. You, are their illness. They may not be able to do things they are used to doing. When you find your “cure”, you are likely going to have feelings of hope that only you have. You’re going to have difficulty sharing your newfound optimism and hope. Like a happy new convert, you are going to have a light about you that others are simply not going to understand because they’ve not had the same experience you did. You are new. They, haven’t changed a bit. Cept for upending their entire life to care for you. Now you’re healed, and they are broken.

May I suggest you err on the side of caution.

Not trying to be a downer, just trying to say that there are unlikely to be people around you that understand…erm…”miraculous” types of things in the same way and ways that you do. You may even have some insider type of information that you personally understand, but you cannot explain it. Not yet anyway. There’s only the obvious, and “the obvious” is likely mysterious and perplexing to all involved. Give yourself, and those around you some time. Or not. Whatever. It’s your life, and you know it best. Just trying to point out that being found isn’t always the greatest of things. You’ve got to answer the “now what?” and “what now?” kinds of questions that will come up again and again as you assimilate into this new existence of yours.

You, may feel like Forrest Gump exploding out of leg braces and racing around like a manic because you can.

Others, are on the sidelines watching you run.

Food for thought.

^Sublime – Santeria Lyrics^

The only thing that was wrong with them, was you.

Pretty sobering thought eh?

Welp, grounding means you wanna be grounded right? Give some thought to relating, and how to relate to those around you. Individuals, groups, individual groups, groups of individuals, and back to the individual. Keep it whole, break it down, keep it whole. Shouldn’t be too much of a stretch seeing as how you’ve likely got all kinds of relationships, and those relationships vary in their scope(s). You may lick your partner’s no-no bits, but you prolly are not licking any of your friends and co-workers’ no-no bits. I dunno, maybe you do. People are weird.

Sounds coarse right? That’s something else to keep in mind…not all lanes on the same highway are actually the same. Origins differ. Destinations differ. The vehicles we operate, and how we operate them also differ. Weather conditions differ. All types, and all sorts, headed more or less in the same direction, all with different intents and purposes.

Some of us are A to B travelers.

Some of us are driving instructors.

Some of us are tourists.

Some of us are law enforcement.

Some of us are critics.

Some of us are passengers.

Some of us are road workers.

Some of us are highwaymen.

Regarding your “light” or your “glow”? Don’t sweat it too much. Even our Sun/Sol has minimums and maximums. Not to mention that it rises and sets. Just because your light dims, doesn’t mean the fucking thing is going out. Don’t be too hasty in throwing coal on the fire just because the room has gotten a little chilly. Everything is a process. Be mindful of others, listen and learn, but never forget who you are doing all this for.


Pretty sobering thought, eh?


^Muse – Madness^

You’re looking for a way to snort as much cocaine as you want, without dying.

Good luck with that.

You want to know how you can bang as many people as you can, consequence free.

Be sure and not let me know about what you don’t find.

Last Saturday, I drank 19 beers. Yes, 19. I can drink more. Have drank more. But you know what? Pretty sure that was only the 3rd time I’ve drank at all during the entire course of 2019. Each of us have tolerances, and those tolerances of what we can tolerate and how much vary from person to person. I know, I know, I’m stating the obvious here, right? I’m observing without actually contributing anything.

The Dose Makes The Poison

You don’t have to be forgiving when people are irritating little imps. But I think it important that you maybe take a moment to think about some of your own prejudices and predispositions. Your programming, and especially your previous programming. You, are about to be contacting a planet that you may have lost touch with in some ways that you’ve not previously even remotely considered. For example…


Trombiculidae (Redirected from Chiggar)





Feces (Redirected from Dog Shit)


Cat Communication-Scent (Redirected from Cat Urine)


The Crazies



Passive Smoking

Allergic Rhinitis (Redirected from Grass allergy)

Toxicodendron Radicans (Redirected from Poison Ivy)

Poison Oak











Air Pollution

Noise Pollution

Light Pollution

Trespass To Land

Mineral Rights

Eminent Domain



Mass Psychogenic Illness (Redirected from Mass Hysteria)


You hadn’t forgotten about all that shit, right? There’s a lot more, and I can keep going if you need me to. 😛

The question now becomes…

Q: What are you gonna do?

A: ? !!! ☠ !!!?

Yeah, once you are out there…what are your intentions. How are you really gonna react the unknown and its unknowns. You gonna storm out into the wild, ready to ground and be grounded, ready for some healin’,  get bit by an ant, and kill the thing because it mistook you for a discarded ham sandwich? Gonna be swatting every mosquito that bites you? You’re invading their territory, and they’re just as much of a creation of nature as you, so…whatcha gonna do? Given that any thought? They got a right to live, you’re leaving your territory and invading theirs because you are a sickly parasite looking only for some healing so you can carry on with your selfish life of constant consumption and capitalistic consumerism…so…





Going outside to get grounded and get healed, only to go on a murderous rampage among the natives…might…just might, have some…effects, on the grounding process.

Healing, and peace, ain’t the same fucking things, nor are you likely to find one where you found the other. One concept might give you a course heading as to where the other concept can be found, but likely some traveling to be done in order to wherever that is. Sure as shit ain’t likely to be here tho.

Maybe a little tiddying along the way? Ya know, like, to pass the time.

^Skinny Puppy – Dogshit^



It takes all types.

Which are you?



May wanna give some thought as to whether you’re outside to convalesce, or conquer.

^Creed – Higher (Official Video)^

Was just talking to the person that I watched this grounding video with, and mentioned that one of the first things that struck me when I started being more mindful of my feet? The epidermis, and how very little of it actually every contacts our planet.

The bottoms of our feet.

A few square inches of our hands.

A couple square kilometers of our asses. (depending on how large yours is of course)

You can lay on your back, lay on your front, walk around, roll around, try however you may, but only a small portion of your body will ever actually contact the surface of our planet. Yes, you can submerse yourself in water, bury yourself in snow, go cave exploring, go skydiving, even take one of those mud-bath types of things…but it ain’t the same. Not the same thought as being completely and totally in contact with the Earth/Terra.

Any idea as to maybe why?

I'm positive, that my negativity, is equally important.

Beyond that. not sure what to tell you.

^Imagine Dragons – It’s Time^

Results may vary. Me? I’m going all the way. From shitstorm to sunshine, I’m all in.

But I’m in a position to do that. I have pretty much nothing and no one, so I personally can go all the way.

Most people have jobs and stuff. Families. Friends. Hopes and dreams A life.

I kinda do to, but mine’s a little different.

Similar not same.

If you’re looking for a seeker of Truth/seekers of Truth? You’re barking up the wrong tree here.

No truth to be found here.

Just honesty.

I may be lying about that.

Honestly, I may be lying about that.


^twenty one pilots: Holding On To You [OFFICIAL VIDEO]^

Not everyone has feet.

Even those that do, they may have feet that don’t work like yours.

Some cannot see.

Some can see, but not see color(s).

Some cannot hear.

Some can hear, but cannot hear well.

Some have bodies that appears to move of its own free will.

Some have bodies that won’t move at all.

Be mindful.

Travel well.

Be safe.

And speaking of being mindful, right now, as I write this, a someone I know is laying in a coma in a hospital not far from here. Been there for about a week now. Maybe some good thoughts there way will not go amiss.

Prayers, good thoughts, good karma, whatever.


One last thing for those who’ve made it this far.

Q: What did you think about that first image in the post?

A: More importantly, what did you think about that second image in the post?

Perspective changes over time.

A simple scroll of the wheel on your mouse, and VOILA! The mystery is revealed.

Mystery = SOLVED! Next?





^The Cleverlys – Loser (Beck Cover) [Official Video]^

2 thoughts on “Coup Laid

  1. I like the bigger videos, to me they look more inviting to press ❤

    Before last night, the last time I walked barefoot outside was at my cousin Jon's cremation service at the start of September. The grass looked so green and lush, and we'd been standing for over an hour during the service – Jon had a lot of friends and family – that I couldn't resist once the service was over and everybody was looking at the flower tributes. I took my shoes off and wandered around the beautifully kept lawn. It was seriously lush.

    Last night it was dark, the grass is long and unkempt (although lush) and full of brambles. So, yes, I will have to tiddy up the garden ;P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess my primary concern with the videos is the hows and whys of how they break the tables in the comments. God forbid I were to ever actually have a loquacious readership that likes to comment and participate, and especially if they’re sharing videos and images.

      Not that comments sections on blogs are really the best place in the world to have conversations, but yeah.

      And there was a lot I wanted to talk about in the post that I didn’t get to regarding not wearing shoes. Cadences, rhythms and sequencing kinds of things. And some other shit I can’t recall off the top of my head now. Guess I’ll just have to keep at it. 😛

      Sorry about your cousin Roob. 😦

      And I fucking forgot to add thorns and stickers to my list of outdoor nightmares.
      Thought about a thousand reasons/excuses for homebodies to stay indoors,but not those.
      Go easy on those feet, k?

      ^Course of Empire – Cosmic Dancer^

      Liked by 1 person

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