I Feel Like Doing THIS…Gonna Do THIS Instead

June 6th came, June 6th went.

I didn’t see a single mention of Operation Overlord until June 7th.

It’s now June 11th, so I guess none of it matters much now.

^Front 242 – Happiness (Dub Mix by Underworld)^

Don’t you DARE contradict them…

My bad….don’t you FUCKING dare contradict them.

My guess is that they’ve been labeled autistic, they’ve labeled themselves trans, and they don’t like that some people don’t like these labels and maybe also tend not to like the people these labels are attached to. Ultimately, it would appear they don’t like that people have their own likes and dislikes. #JKR is in there somewhere. Also Australia. And people in Australia who standing with #JKR and her recent Twitter comments.

Holy shit…what a tangled mess.

^Depeche Mode John The Revelator HD^

This tweet is kinda weird because of the name

“The scary trans the media told you to be afraid of”

Is saying…what? The media is both lying and telling the truth at the same time? Monsters are real?

So confused…I am.

^Егор Летов – Товарищ Горбачёв^

This thing is gonna be short. Started it the other day just to see if I could even make/edit posts here on WordPress anymore.

Both WordPress and Blogger are touting “new editors are coming”, and I get the feeling that one, and maybe both, may prevent me from posting for a while. Until I can get a new computer at least.

But, for the time being, the digital slum-lords are allowing me to continue to live here. And there. Dual citizenship.


And I’m still writing from time to time on The LoL.

I get around.

^Baxter Dury – Slumlord (Official Music Video)^





^David Bowie – Rebel Rebel^

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