The Pay Tree Arc

Yep…prolly gonna be a May Tree Arc down the road somewhere.

We’ll likely support any structure that supports us.

We’re likely to support that and those structures to the bitter end.

It’s at this point, that we will begin to improvise.

^Ottmar Liebert – Snake charmer^

Google is encouraging me, and I guess everyone else, to celebrate something called Pride Month. Pride Month appears to have it’s own hashtag, cleverly called #ThisIsFamily. They also have a link to a page that depicts some wacky construct construed as a family, but flies under a different banner.

Google Pride

So we’ve got Pride Month, ThisIsFamily, and Google Pride. Sounds like a flow chart. Not only does it sound like a flow chart, it sounds vaguely similar to…SoPi-H.

->Pride Month = Fuzzy, Vague, Overlap, Mysterious, Leading, “a rabbit to chase” of sorts.

->ThisIsFamily = Focused, Pointed, Direct, “Look Here” kinds of thought, representative via representation(s), tangible.

->Google Pride = Focused yet Fuzzy/Fuzzy yet Focused, it is what it is, take it or leave it, “the messenger” kind of vibe, more reflective of the viewer than what is being viewed.

Gotta have connections in order to be connected, and gotta have systems and flows to have connections/be connected. So I see a bunch of charts, spreadsheets, dry-erase boards, lots of circles, squares, lines, and explanatory text(s)…blueprints.

It must get confusing when mechanical things and the mechanics they provide help us to work through less tangible things. We look at these mechanical things and marvel at how they helped us to work through our issues, and can prolly even become somewhat dependent upon them to further define and describe our lives. I mean, after all, they were the missing link(s)…right? They are the bridge that helped us span these otherwise impassable and/or uncrossable obstacles?

Q: Where were you going?

A: !!!

Yeah…before you needed that bridge, where were you headed?

^Owl City – Fireflies (Said The Sky Remix)^

I’ve been a bit depressed lately, and I really don’t care who knows it.

Wait…no one knows I’ve been depressed…except….ME!


Welp, that’s one issue solved!

Depression = GONE! Next!


(le sigh)

^Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby HQ^

What is the point of tags? What is their function?

So lets us assume, that there is a more or less hidden dynamic to The Universe that is completely out of kilter and/or out of synch with the rest of our universe. It is as much a part of our universe as anything else, but it is for the most part “off-limits” due to it’s conflicted nature that more or less opposes anything and everything that we know and/or most of what we can understand. That sounds like two things to me, and in no particular order…

  1. Hell
  2. Antimatter

Something to keep in mind regarding chaos, or those things that seem chaotic, and that is that within the realm(s) of chaos…”antimatter” is matter and “matter” is antimatter. Or in reality, is that even close to correct? We stand rather firmly planted on one side of the fence or the other, while dabbling in the bits from the other side, so to assume that there are constants from a different perspective seems to ignore a few things. Time being a biggie.

I’m thinking more physics here than metaphysics. But that’s because I personally make no distinction between the two. They are the same fucking thing up until someone else wanders into the equation and starts discussing their own viewpoints and distinctions. It’s been my experience that with respect to physics/metaphysics, most people prefer one side or the other …a level of removal… so to speak. I make no such distinction(s).

(cept when and where I have to…so yeah…I guess I do make such distinctions)


^Blondie – 06.I Know But I Don’t Know^

So what are some “constants” that can change over time? Let’s take a gander at that tree up there. You think that tree popped out of its seed holding a smoke and a beer? Or was this particular tree’s slide into depravity a gradual thing based on time(s) and experience(s) over time.

Ya know, the more I look at that pic, the more the eye on the right starts to look like a duck or horse’s head, and the more the one on the left looks like some serpentine sea creature swimming upwards from the depths of the abyss. Digress.

In terms of “the sun”, it shines on us every single day. In some parts of the world during certain parts of the year, the sun shines all day every day. But for some people, that’s not good enough. We want that same power, and we want it when we want it, and where we want it, how we want it.

What could that POSSIBLY have to do with Morgellon’s? I dunno. Is it your intention to create a big sun, or a little sun? Not only that, but what effect(s) is that going to have over time with respect to this new entity you are creating?

It is the contention of science that like charges repel, and unlike charges attract. Do you have a good bead on what our sun would consider this new offshoot/offspring? Because either way, whether they repel or attract, both sound equally…not good.

So to cross the streams further, if you are able to perform an experiment, and the results are favorable, are you likely to repeat that experiment again and again?

You got away with it the first time, so it’s likely that you can get away with it again and again, ad-infinitum, as long as you keep the conditions the same.

Q: What have you forgotten already?

A: Time

You could be handing the future a ticking time-bomb, and not even know it.

Or maybe you do know it and just don’t give a fuck. And if you don’t give a fuck, neither do I. (as far as you know)

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When a tree is harvested or cut down or whatever, what is the lifespan of those roots that are left underground?

How Roots Know Where to Grow

Hrmm…that’s not what I was looking for, but I recall reading about that earlier in the year. Let’s keep digging. (ba da ching)

Deep Roots in Plants Driven by Soil Hydrology

THAT…is not what I was looking for either. But I do wonder about the contextual merging of resonances. Not only that, but an antimerging of resonance(s). Yeah, separation. What about that? Tree grows, makes room for it’s roots by creating some space for itself, then goes on and about living it’s life. Simple.

What Happens to the Roots After Cutting Down a Tree?

Methinks we are getting closer. Not that we didn’t need to lay a groundwork of sorts for this particular journey, and we appear to be covering some ground and putting down some roots.

How long does it take for plant roots to break down?

I wonder if heavy forestry can cause the soil to start to move in ways not previously anticipated. And if the soil is moving, that means that everything else is prolly moving as well. Tilling the soil can prolly stir some shit up as well. I wonder where that stirred up and moving stuff goes? What does it take along with it?

Are roots of cut trees a landscape problem?

Did you know that there are large swaths of old, dead trees that are sticking out of the water in certain places within the Panama Canal? Welp, there are. Didn’t really surprise me when I saw them because we’ve loads of manmade reservoirs around here, and you’d be hard pressed to find a lake that doesn’t have an area with a bunch of old, dead trees  sticking out of the water.

^Ashley Eriksson’s Colours Olympia #3: “Colours”^

So we’ve moved in, laid down some roots…

Q: Now what?

A: ¿?¿

Oh…right…we need to cut down the tree so we can get next year’s saplings planted ASAP.

Can I Plant a Tree in the Same Place I Just Removed a Stump of Another Tree From?

BLOOPS!!! Looks like planting trees in the same spot is going to be a major pain in the ass. I guess it’s likely to assume, that planting trees within the proximity of felled trees is likely to be at minimum a minor pain in the ass.

Tree Roots: Facts and Fallacies

Now here’s an interesting bit…

Attempts to examine the depth and extent of the larger roots of an entire tree were not really possible until bulldozers, backhoes, front-end loaders, and fire pumps became available (Stout, 1956; Berndt and Gibbons, 1958; and Kostler et al., 1968). Unfortunately, most tree roots are less than one millimeter in diameter and are destroyed by the rough action of such heavy equipment.

It continues…

Examination of the small non-woody roots of trees and their relationship to the larger roots requires years of study, infinite patience, and the gentle use of heavy equipment.

We don’t have that kind of time. We’ve got commitments and quotas. Families to feed. Cars to buy. Vacations to take. Axes to grind.

^Angelina Full Song With Lyrics – Kandireega Songs – Ram, Hansika, Aksha^

Let’s take a detour an think about electron transfer so we can better ponder the movement of protons and neutrons.

I got a question…

Q: How long does it take for a single electron to move 1 cm?

A: ?¿?

That’s kind of a loaded question since there are going to be a fuckton of variables. Plus, we all know that electricity moves at the speed of light…right?

Resistance is futile. (Star Trek)

Resistance is useless. (Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy)

Resistance is…pointless? (???)

Resistance is necessary. (cFa)


So let’s us assume for a moment, and we are going to need a certain proven concept in order to make this assumption we are about to make.

Let’s bring another concept along with us as well.

Let’s us assume, that The Universe has a method of temporarily dealing with the garbage that may be a byproduct of tinkering and tampering and whatnot. You don’t know that this shit is a byproduct of whatever it is that you are doing, but it is. You also don’t know that there are forces at work that are collecting and collating this crap, but there are. SO!!! Can we think of any forces that are at work cleaning up and/or processing certain messes?

That wasn’t such a long walk now was it? But let’s think about some particulate that we didn’t know about, but now do.

Are We Eating Our Fleece Jackets? Microfibers Are Migrating Into Field And Food

Now that we’ve got our scale(s) more or less in order, let’s us scale down even further.

How Earth’s magnetic field is changing

Now lets us add some time into our thinking, and we’ll add three of them.

  1. Prior to discovery
  2. Discovery
  3. Post discovery

Gotta keep in mind that each of those times are, in and of themselves, their own entity. Plus there’s gonna be a fourth one that is an aggregate of the three. Not to mention, that if you follow in chronological order, one and two create an entity of their own.

A change in the magnetosphere and/or our magnetic field(s) could be a blip of sorts. Much like “The Bloop“, this blip is just a temporary thing, and everything returns to normal. Problem solved…right?

Welp, what about the things going on where we cannot see them. And more than that, what about the things going on in areas where we are likely to never EVER see them.

EX: The core of the sun.

Wait just a damn second hear. We’ve got more senses than just sight…right?

^Loituma – Ievas Polkka (The Full Leekspin Song)^

So if we’ve got all of these wires and wireless systems that are pushing electrons here and there, it’s safe to assume that they are having some effect(s) on Protons and Neutrons of all kinds of other shit. Electrons zooming here, and pulling Protons there. Doesn’t have to be much, and even the smallest of effects, when viewed at the proper scale, is likely quite pronounced and even dramatic.

I mean, if someone shoves me on a single occasion, but I look at that single shove over the course of my entire lifespan, that shove is going to seem quite insignificant. May even seem irrelevant. But that is dependent on what else transpired/may have transpired. Someone shoving you is likely quite significant in your life. No telling what can come of it.

Q: Dude…are you thinking Cancer here?

A: Yep.

But I’m thinking about some other shit as well. We are still thinking about garbage and midden(s)…right? Still got those concepts on your brain?

Revolt over Moscow's garbage could threaten Vladimir Putin's governance

Ever lived near someone that was in the habit of dumping their garbage in any and every yard but theirs? I mean, SURELY you keep all of your garbage on your own property.

‘When a City of 40,000 People Gets Poisoned, They Don’t Care’

No way you would pay someone to handle all your garbage for you. That would make you…dependent.

Not to mention, that if you live in some place that has a representative government, you are basically paying yourself to clean up your own mess.

Self-representation via proxy.

Confusing concept to ponder, but sounds like a safe bet. I mean, if shit gets sideways, you can blame it all on the “mess”enger.

^Halo Yadata by Rebecca Weiler (w/ lyrics+translation)^

On Friday, my daughter got her final report card.

6 -A’s

1 – B

Kinda unfortunate as to how I found out she got her final report card, but at least I found out.


Some shit only happens once in a lifetime.

^Oh, 5773^

Now that we’ve got that report card business covered and I’ve expressed my dismay at the unfortunate way in which I learned my daughter had gotten her final report card, let’s think about Protons and/or Neutrons amassing in certain areas without our knowledge. Think it’s possible? Or do you actually need to see it.

Q: What if you could feel it?

A: ???

But wait a minute. I was just pondering the notion of those that are perceived to have bad attitudes, and it got me to thinking about the concept of skeptics and skepticism.

Aren’t scientists pretty much taught to be skeptical about pretty much anything and everything?

Two names on that list jumped right the fuck out at me. One I know, one I don’t know, but the name rings a bell.

The second name jumped out at me because of this…

Meh…what’s in a name. Gotta get back to our festering stew pot of Neutrons and Protons. But before we do, I got a query for you…

Q: What is something that you/we fight for?

A: Freedom?

Dunno about you, but everywhere I look, “fight” and “freedom” go together like open wounds and infections. That said, if freedom is the only thing you are fighting for, and you see freedom as a doorway to doing everything else you want to do…

Q: How in the hell do you get so many through a single doorway?


I’m guessing you’ll need to charge admission. Prolly need a toll-taker, and prolly some security. Likely need a maintenance crew, which means that you’ll need a management structure + a governing body. You’ll need queues and you’ll need someone there to keep people in line as well as to handle special cases in the event a more urgent need arises. Authorized line-jumping ONLY! All others will be sent to the back of the line, or removed from the line completely and barred entry.

Wait…wasn’t this what we were just trying to get away from?

^Dhivehi song Rah mai vey^

So how quick can we create garbage, and how fast are we to marvel at the amount of trash being created?

LHC smashes old collision records

Let’s figure this, and see how proactive we are being with respect to lessons learned in previous instances of creating garbage without accompanying and proactive garbage collection plan(s) and process(es)…

There are 86,400 seconds in a day

86,400,000,000,000 protons smashed per day

31,536,000 seconds in a year. (non-leap year)

27,247,100,400,000,000,000,000 smashed per year

That number may be incorrect. 2.7247104e+21 was what the calculator said, and I get confused since I don’t work with numbers much. Not trying to add to the garbage or anything, but at least I’m good at it.

Anyway, that sounds like a lot of garbage being created. Even if the collectors on these machines “capture” a portion of the material generated during these collisions…

Q: Where do these collectors wind up?

A: !!!

Yeah…more garbage.

BTW…Collision Record? Sounds…not so appealing. Maybe some flowery rhetoric would be in order. How bout…

HEPT – High-Energy Processed Transactions


Or maybe…

HEPCTHigh-Energy Proton Collision(s) Transacted


BLOOPS!!! Prolly too close to Hep-C.

Meh…prolly got a bunch of internal globledy gook to keep anyone from understanding what you are working on. Not that you know what you are working on or anything.

^Maahi Ve (Full Video Song) – Faakhir Mantra^

Are we learning?

O RLY????

Wut we learnin’ bout?

We gettin’ us sum learninz on mull-tie-task-king yet?

Or we too biz-e runnin’ shit to be con-cern-ed bouts shiz like dat.

If you don’t know, neither do I.

^Tumre bhavan mein^

There’s likely all kinds of shielding and protections and protocols in place to protect certain segments from certain things. And not just only these reactions that are being generated. I mean, this shit does have an effect of cascading in all kinds of ways.

Titles are a good thing to hide behind.

That said, thinking in this and these terms reminds me of a story from Idries Shah’s book called “A Veiled Gazelle: Seeing How To See“.

The story is about an elder, a Sufi, who lives in the wilderness. A nearby village has an issue to solve…a court to hold, and a man to try. But the village is indecisive. They are divided and feel they need counsel, and wish to ask the Sufi to come and oversee the trial. They ask…

You’ll just have to read the story yourself. It’s a great read, and very telling about how best to sometimes proceed, because sometimes we don’t want to and maybe even don’t know how to…so…we do the best we can.

That said, the journey undertaken by the Sufi depicted in this particular tale, is quite revealing as to how it is sometimes best to proceed…or not…whatevz.

^TU JO KAHEY – From Brand New Punjabi Album – MAAHI VEY – Official^


I guess that ever since I first started following the goings on at the LHC and elsewhere, the biggest question that I have had is the goings on between the fireworks that we are shown in these fancy and impressive graphics. Yeah…the blank areas…they’ve grabbed me from the start, and continue to hold my rapt attention.

Sure, the whiz-bang stuff is amazing. But those dark areas? Amazing. Especially when you stop to consider that even the light areas were dark prior to being illuminated.

^ជ្រោះអូរយ៉ាដាវ – Jrous o yadav | jros o yadav | Chros o yadav – Ros Sereysothea – រស់ សេរីសុទ្ធា^

If science has made so many strides and gains, then why is the answer “we don’t know” so goddamn prevalent with respect to new technology and techniques? Seems to me, that at some point, if “garbage produced” and “garbage handling” doesn’t work themselves into the scientific method(s), we are going to be in some deep shit at some point.


What am I talking about?

We’re already in deep shit…right?

Nevermind…it’s all under control.

Bilderberg 2018: new tech helps oil the wheels of the global elite

Big wheels are turning as I write this, and they’ve got a good bead on anything and everything.

I guess now it’s just a matter of waiting for them to pull the trigger.

^Ja veriya ve ja veriya HD^

Don’t try and sell me on the idea that this shit has no trickle-down effect and/or doesn’t propagate. You think it coincidence that some nobody from nowhere is thinking and writing about this bullshit? Maybe it is coincidence…I’m still on the fence.

/me shrugs

Yeah…we can’t choose our station in life…right?

Wait…I fucked that up. What I meant to say was…we can’t choose our family.

Sorry. I not vary smartz. Not much with brainz. Butt I triedz.

Butt YEAH!!! Shit trickles down. Reaches out. Gets all grabby and touchy feely.

I sure hope it doesn’t decide to get all stabby.

^Kadi Aa Mil Sanwal Yaar Ve^

I’ve decided that I’m going to go back and edit every post that I’ve made on this here WordPress blogs, and remove the embedded YouTube videos. I can’t even load my admin panel so that I can edit my blog template and get the embedded shit to stop breaking table borders.

Ya rly.

I tried to load the admin panel to edit the template, and my browser crashed. Pretty sure it’s the embedded videos that are causing most of the problem(s), so I’m gonna edit them and just include the links. Hopefully, that’ll allow me to get in to edit the template, then I can see how things go from there.

Prolly not going to be writing any blog posts for a while. Not here and not at my Blogger blog. If I write anything, it’ll be for RooBeeDoo and her blog.

Still can’t find a job, nor have I worked out how to get to a job if I could even find one, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t work.



My sister texted me yesterday, and said that I missed something called “The ROT Rally” that went on in Austin over the weekend. She also mentioned something about…bicycles? Bicyclists? People on bikes. A group of people…on bicycles…I guess riding around…on bikes….in a group of about 75 to 100.

Um…that don’t sound like what she described to me.

She mentioned “The ROT Rally”, and seeing a group of 75-100 bicyclists, almost all men, and they were…(gasp)…NAKED!!!!

This is Austin we are talking about, so I guess I was a shade perplexed as to what exactly she was talking about. Although, I had just read something about some “Free Tommy” somehow coinciding with some nude bicycle ride through London, so I figured it was some worldwide “ride your bike naked day” or something.

So I’m guessing, that what I “missed” was getting to attend the ROT Rally and prolly a bunch of live music and beer, and I also just so happened to miss seeing a bunch of naked dudes free-balling on bikes.


^Judas Priest – Hell Bent for Leather^

K…it’s 00:44 am on Monday June 11th, 2018…and I’ve just spent the past several hours editing all posts, and removing the embedded YouTube videos. Seems to make a pretty fucking huge difference on loading times, but I’ve not tried to visit the blog from the root yet…we’ll see how that goes in a bit.

Vids appear to still be breaking the tables in the comments, so yeah, gotta figure out how to fix this bullshit. Hopefully actually being able to load my blog from the root will help.

I’ve never been big on embedded vids. Yeah, it’s cool, but it’s also a major resource hog. If I’ve got to choose between vids and images, images will always come first. I figure if you wanna spend 3-10 minutes to listening to a song I’ve recommended, you’re prolly willing to click on a link.

Anyway, gonna get gone for while, but that’s one less thing on my plate to think about.

Hooray me.

And speaking of hooray me, in 12 days, it’ll be four years off all pain meds. I’ve not taken any meds at all in over two years, not even antacids. My stomach is MUCH better these days. Mesh is still pulling like hell, but I can’t do anything about that.


Have a great week.

Catch ya’ll on the flipside.

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/ – CADE – \

/ — F.O.N — \


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